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  1. i miss the codex quests. they need to bring those back.
  2. Warframe Name: Qual, Quanta, Quantum, Qutrit, “Q” The Quanta transporter that curves time and space bending the fabric of the cosmos at the snap of his fingers. The master manipulator thats is able to shape-shift and cause devistation from transference. Origin: Formed from recorded matter passing through a Orokin time-travel Void Gates, This warframe enbodies all that pass through the void gates of time, bringing forth any frame he desires. Lore: Quills learned of some digital riesidue that remained inside the secretly rebuilt Void Gates that connect the Quills with Vox Solaris. With this gathered information, they were able to capture an oscillating energy, harvesting a distinct frequency, between the two void gates. While multiple Operator Amps were used to isolate this energy, it created a distorted form, an oscillating silhouette image in the gate. This X-ray image of Void Energy required a shell to contain it. So a blank empty frame was placed, by the operator, into the Quills void gate. The operator then rushed over, in his orbitor, to the other void gate at Vox Solaris. What came out was an entirly new type of frame. This oscillating energy frame, Qual, embodies every warframe that has passed through the void gate and updates every other new warframe passing through this Portal. The Quills named it “Qual” (which) for short, of qualis (singular, one) or qualium (plural, many) which the natives have refer to this warframe in its many shifting forms, both Female/Male respectively. This frames structure fused the feminine and masculine frame design together as one while in the void gate. Its power and ability was further enhanced by Unum at the tower of cetus. Unum attached a peice of herself onto the warframe, and with her biology gave life to this new frame Abilities: Health 125 Shields 125 Armor 125 Energy 125 (all equipoise with 2 frames in fourth ability giving it a completly new set of Health Shield Armor Energy loadout) Wormhole Portal – A Void Gate warframe’s can escape into, and enemies dare not follow. Void Gate Porthole – A whirlpool of energy causing havoc to any enemy it Touches. Photon Brackets – A barrier of energy that seizes unwilling passersby. Biomimmicry Fuse – A merging experience that will transform muliforms of execution. 1. First Ability- Wormhole Portal: Sets a pair of separate Wormhole Portals (enterering one portal and exited through the second portal– respecfully to both, any frame passing through will allow Qual to use in its fourth ability) which causes damages to enemies and enhances buffs for other warframes (Qual cycles through four portals: armor, health and elemental damage to enemies and an elemental buff to frames with a chance to drop an energy or health orb). These pair of portals can be independantly placed on floors, walls and ceilings: Floor portals cause body to fall into hole when entered and be thrown out when exiting through other portal (causing damage to enemies when violently thrown out hitting nearby enemies/suroundings and enhanceing warframe’s aim glide weapons damage as it flies/hoovers out), Wall portals allow bodies to go in and come out other portal or reverse its trek back like a tunnel, Ceiling portals drop bodies causing damage to enemies when hitting the ground (expanding the damage to nearby enemies) and enhancing warfrme’s power slam radial damage set to frame, with an enhanced damage buff. (set in pairs and a floor or wall portal must be set first before a ceiling portal is placed) 2. Second Ability- Void Gate Porthole: Creates a stable Void Gate of pulsating energy that follows behind Qual.The area affected creates a degradable circular shock-wave wall made up of X-Rays to Gamma Rays, like an energy parachute/sonar. The more enemies Qual kills, the stronger the porthole becomes. Enemies passing through the wall are blinded by light, causing them to shoot one another and are then weighed down to the floor (when observed by another player, other wise they continue to be blinded and shoot eachother) and pushed back, out of Quals way. (Think Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and Schrodinger's law) 3. Third Ability - Photon Brackets: An energy bracket ability thats cycles through critical (curly brackets { } ) or status (square brackets [ ] ) damage effects. This bracket can be streched to cover a great distance (like a lazer grid fence similar to the cetus energy field 😞 the shorter the distance the stronger the effect (energy moliculs vibrate faster at the shorter distance). Any Warframes passing through, either bracket, gain abity buffs of that type (stacking up with each time they pass through, while shlightly lowing armor. As this effect wears off, the frame regenerates). Qual can place only one pair of wall brackets with no time limit and can be altered by stratching or compacting at anytime. Enemies that come close to the wall of the brackets placed are pulled in slowly, through teleportation. This uses small amouts of Quals health (for critical damage) and energy (for status effects damage). Each ememies death has a chance to refuel Qual’s energy. 4. Forth Ability - Biomimicry Fuse: Creates the capability for Qual to merge with two of the closest warframe’s and fuse their abilities for a short time, combining and creating a new effect for Qual. (This fourth ability uses small amounts of health, shield and energy depending on the frames its attached to, and creates many ability combinations for Qual. restructuring the combined abilities of the two frames connected.) Qual Augments: These augments are collected through a quest Unum sends the operator on. Portalysis- Portals that paralyze enemies and transport frames enhanceing companions passing through. Split-Shift- Creates an unescapable blackhole transforming emenies into infested byproducts. Dupli-Shifter Screen- Duplications leave a deadly trail that no enemy can escape. Qutrit- Transmutes Qual into a merged entity fused from two frames with four new abilities. 1. Qual Augment Mod: Portalysis – This augment mod allows Qual to place one of each set of Portals and adds a paralyze ability to all enemies passing through. (recharges companion 100% completly every 90 seconds) 2. Qual Augment Mod: Split-Shift – This augment mod transforms Qual’s Void Gate Porthole into a stationary black hole of dark energy where all light and bio matter are sucked in. Enemies sucked into the black hole come out as infested to fight for Qual. Any warframe sucked in will spawn a duplicate frame and companion. If Qual is able to produce enough energy, a recorded sentient copy emurges form the black hole to fight along side Qual. (to produce a sentient, Operator must perform a small quest from the Quills, visit Unum's at the tower and recieve an Adaptor Key, transmuted from a Janus Key. This will unlock Qual’s sentiant ability which is locked inside the frame body and must be taken through a void gate to activate.) By placing a Photon Bracket that intersects the center of the blackhole, a whirlpool quantum void blast is also created. It swallows up enemies and extinguishs all of Quals abilities, to itself and frames enhanced by quals abilities. (Quantum energy meter is dropped down to zero.) 3. Qual Augment Mod: Dupli-Shiftor Screen – This augment mod allow anything passing through Photon Brackets to be copied, causing a shifting effect of slow and fast vibrating movements. This causes enemies to tire and die in convulsions as it splits them in two and a frame passing through will not ba at a loss of anything. It will null the original negative effects of the third ablity to all warframes. Reversing the health and energy depletion and increasing chances of health and energy orbs drops, the player must cancel the duplicate warframe created (pressing both L & R toggle sticks simultaneously for it to take effect. only one time per wall activation). 4. Qual Augment Mod: Qutrit – This augment mod gives Qual the ability to choose and interlock any two of the specific frames in the squad. Transformed into one brand new frame, with a set of four completly new abilities, Qual combines both frames into one new skin design as well. The link can be used throughout the entire mission. Concept By: JesMunQuin PS working on concept art design for this warframe
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