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  1. the balefire projectile has some strange hit registration issues so shooting floors and walls is the way to go right now
  2. It's a bug that the "can dash while your 4 is active" patch introduced, after using 4 you can't dash after a bullet jump for the rest of the mission That and the slowdown firing balefire gives you makes her feel extremely clunky
  3. the sound effect on haven in somehow worse for other players. please change it, it is so annoying
  4. Base range on basically everything feels too low. The slow movement on her 1 is annoying Haven has an absurd cost for little payoff and has a obnoxious sound effect D polarity on exilus slot matches very few mods
  5. Farmable potatoes is a definite plus could you consider throwing some sort of Focus point granting item like brilliant eidolon shards into the offerings? i have very bad luck with my play sessions lining up with night time on cetus
  6. Could you please consider some sort of Difficulty limit on unveiling requirements? its kind of obnoxious to get one that would be very difficult to begin with (a lot of the cetus related ones for instance) but then slap a dragon key on it.
  7. Cautious Shot is worthless, most frames will still kill themselves with self damage even with this mod and it has an enormous drawback
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