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  1. Hope to see similar change to Shields and Engines Also please take a look at the crit chance avionic drop rate (predator?) It seems extremely low
  2. This, the sigma stats of an equivalent MK number should be a baseline especially considering how sigma parts cost less and build instantly
  3. Just remove all non-railjack resources (other than orokin cells which should probably be in packs of 5 instead of 3) from railjack rewards, anyone with a railjack built already has more nano spores and ferrite than they will ever use Also please take a look at the drop rates of the active avionics, many people haven't seen a single one
  4. Hold to heavy attack is broken as hell and goes off randomly Wise razor is incredibly clunky now Crimson dervish seems to have a duplicate combo and the hold forward+block attack moves you forward maybe 2 feet Hysteria combos all feel similar and the heavy attack stomp no longer seems to open enemies to finishers
  5. Weirdly my zaw using crimson dervish cannot charge attack at all except when middle mouse is pressed. Everything else is plagued by it
  6. Can sentinel survivability mods be looked at along with their generally laughably bad weapons?
  7. Heavy attack on my Sword Zaw feels extremely clunky due to how long it takes and it feels more effective to just keep mashing E
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