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  1. You are quite welcome friend. Sarcasm aside, this happens to help keep things fluid. Complaining will do you no good. Buying rivens with Plat is imo, a poor choice of judgement unless you are totally committed to that weapon. that includes any future changes for better or worse.
  2. As someone said earlier, but with more clarity. Two separate queues, your standard trolls, carebears, and snowflakes. Then a separate queue for the rest of us that want to have a somewhat moderated experience. Don't want to risk being kicked, don't join that queue. If I wasn't clear. I'm 100% in favor of giving the host the power to kick. There does need to be a method of checking that power though. Abusers lose that power. This does need discussion, but saying no, we are not even going to consider vote kick just isn't going to fly. If DE is not going to provide this kind of moderation, then it is up to the players to to provide it themselves.
  3. If I run into a sentient ship and see players divert for it. I will abort the mission as the host. You will play my way, or not at all. Unless I'm running with friends. I'd rather a host kick, but there are too many whiners here. Yeah, I'm that one guy in WOW that would ask you to pass group lead and then kick that one player bringing us down. To me, dead weight is completely unacceptable. You are either focused and engaged, or I will find a way to remove you. Unless you ask first, then I'm willing to carry to an extent.
  4. This threat highlights the need more than ever. Make votekick an option. don't argue. Just do it.
  5. I have been singing the praises of the new stuff, but the mission not recording stuff is a flat out deal breaker. I know it will be fixed, but a special notice for it would be nice.
  6. I think this boils down to "some people" having trouble with long words, on the internet. If they cant roll their face across the keyboard and be showered with loot, its a waste of time. /rant
  7. Meh, give it some time. This is brand new, unfamiliar content in a new direction. Things are getting worked out and in the next week we can expect some hearty fixes to the worst offenders. Don't like it? Go back to the same old, same old, until the fixes hit. No need to be impatient. Personally I'm pretty excited. This is getting much closer to tying the loose threads of the game together when it comes to space.
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