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  1. Also could we get the Gara relics added to the relic menu? I checked before the hotfix anyway and they weren't showing in the menu. I'm guessing they are still marked as hidden.
  2. I'm not seeing any Zaws on the list. Do those also get updated during these passes?
  3. I know we have clans and alliances, but could we get some kind of pseudo clans? Picture it: you login and when you look at your friends tab your can see via their status message what they're trying to do tonight. I'd love to hop on and post: "Going trapping, anyone want in?". I'd also love to see their form of status messages, like "trying to farm X/Y/Z." It's always the more obscure missions that end up being the most fun. My idea would pretty much be like social networking for friends you've picked up over the years, but without being tied to a clan. The friends list, instead of just being: "Name | Current Mission" would be a lot more fun if it read: "Name | Current Mission | Status"
  4. That'd make sense. One of our group regulars does have spotty internet during peak hours sometimes. Usually any kind of ping warning doesn't last long enough to be noticed in mission, but it does show up. Oddly enough I noticed that less with a Swedish guy than with my friend in Texas (I'm in KY). Just one of those things.
  5. I've seen those two exact same things happen in the U.S at least a night or two ago. Just a very sporadic invite spam and some mission types just ending with none of the usual messages, like host is leaving or the group has disbanded. Not enough to really be annoying to me or anything, but I thought I'd mention it.
  6. Thanks for the constructive posts. I expected some amount of backlash, but some of you added some good ideas. So thanks for that. My major annoyance factor is how easy it is to mistake them as the enemy. Does anyone else remember when you could spawn a nearly infinite amount of shadows? I'm a pretty talkative guy in game as it is, so when I do apologize for breaking them out, with adaptation and an Umbra mod, you can be sure things are getting real, lol. It almost always gets another discussion going. I also have 8 forma on my Nekros as it is, still waiting on picking up another Aura Forma and I'm debating on using an Umbra Forma on him. There's just something about using Ripkas with Amalgam Ripkas True Steel (100% Gore Chance) with the Vermillion Storm stance that makes him play just like Edward Scissorhands and I dig it. Right now I'm built for Strength anyway so I augmented Ash's Shuriken ability that can slice and dice things through walls, while using Despoil it's pretty much a free cast. I could replace his 4 instead though with something like: Ore Gaze with augment for more bonus loot chances, or maybe Blood Altar would be a good fit for AoE healing. When you get down to it though, I'd rather be able to modify the appearance of the summons themselves to make them less offensive and go back to using his natural 1 ability. So, no, dying them neon pink wouldn't be the best of ideas.
  7. I'd love to see some kind of augment [or talent, hello new system] to modify his summons. I've always hated to see them and I even hate to use them, because they look exactly like regular enemies, but in a slightly different hue; maybe with a beam of light connecting to them with [Shield of Shadows]. I did a 60 minute survival earlier and actually apologized to my team once I had to break them out for survivability. Here's around 20 ideas on how to change them: 1) mini-me, they keep their form, but the shadows are a fraction of their current size to differentiate them further. Should work for everything but rollers. without blocking view. 2) Do away with the individual summons and make a new model, it's size and potential depending on how many souls were gathered. I'm imagining tendrils coming out of it, same effect, new format. 3) I guess I only really have two suggestions, but I'd love to be able to modify my summons.
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