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    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    Can't wait 1000 days, for 300endo. DE this is really bad. Should be min 1000, as expected for the guy staying that long.300 is pure insult.
  2. When a skin is more sought after than cinematic content or major content.
  3. Sorry, I might be a bloke, but will you get refunded if you are already Champion? Like all that work..
  4. Zephnus

    Coming Soon: Devstream #98!

    Q: Will there be a 'sniper position' when using sniper weapons in the plains. Q: With the release of landscapes and further expanding the origin system, will the game finally reach out beyond the void, The Tau System?
  5. Zephnus

    Warframe Builder

    This might have been asked here but are you looking for help or/and providing access to the source. I'm a former front-end developer and would like to help with a design facelift or UI improvements.