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  1. Horrible changes.. Everything is horrible. Useless arcanes with useless aura modes. No one will use these aura mods..
  2. Oh boy, this is not the first one. Every time when they update the game (aka mainline update), they always ruin the optimization. Steve always excited about the new updates (new lights, shadows etc), but always #*!%ed up with the new stuffs.. every time. Orb of Vallis still bugged af, but no, we make new lightning, new shadow, (and later maybe RTX support). WHY ??? The game is fully bugged right now. I don't understand this... Also if you see "optimization" in the patch note, pray for minimum 10 fps loss, and not more... And this is not funny.. Went in a void mission: Mirage + acceltra = instant -50 fps. If there a mirage in the group i'm always losing 30-40 fps. And this bug is 1 YEAR OLD ! Disruption void mission still halving my fps. When the yellow flash come up instantly loosing 20-30 fps. When i'm shooting same loosing 20-25 fps. Kuva tileset ? Kuva survival ? No problem -30 fps. If there a Nekros in the group ? No problem -50 fps after 10 min. Eso ? Can't do in group, starting with 80-90 fps, after 3 round i have 40 fps... Too much enemy in a small area ? No problem -40 fps.. After Saint of Altra update my fps is lower on Infested tileset too (Eris). Interesting... Longer missions ? (survival, defense etc) No problem, -20fps / 5 min. Arbitration ? No problem 30-40 fps after 10 min. Orb of Vallis and Poe ? XDD, joke.. After almost 1500 playtime i'm tired. They always ruin the game. But be thankful, we got Gauss + 2 new weapon, and later we can get Atlas Prime, instead of optimization fixes. Thx DE. (Sry for bad english) Oh, @[DE]Linkski i hope you will read this. (Pls don't fix these problems, doesn't necessary, the next mainline you guys ruin/break again. Thx)
  3. Steve started stream on Twitch. Incoming Patch.
  4. WTS Smeeta Imprint: Tuffed Ears, Leaf Tail, Mesa Yellow+Asteroid Grey (?); Pink/Liliac energy color; 100p for both Imprints. Msg me in-game /w smebjulak ; or here if i'm offline in-game..
  5. I'm not a "pro" about Companions, but i have this one. If still interest, i think, i can make 2 Imprint. Tufted Ears, Leaf Tail, Mesa yellow (Leave a message here)
  6. I want to sell the imprints, this is my Kitty. Ty :)
  7. Can anyone help me, how much is this Smeeta Kitty ? Looks very beautiful for me, and i'm curios.
  8. WTS Sigma & Octanis Riven: 125-200p Msg here or in-game /w smebjulak
  9. Stopped reading after Nekros and 400-500p. You deserve a permaban. LOL
  10. 13352 page... hooooly...
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