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  1. First off i really didn't know where else to post this, so sue me i guess... I recently got a new PS4 controller (since the last one was damaged beyond further use) and suddenly when i want to jam on my shawzin, then i can't for some reason, and let me tell you that it worked with my previus controller and i have not changed my control settings between controllers, so i'm quite miffed over the fact that i can't play my (rather expensive) space guitar anymore (seriusly 40 plat!) wich i love(d) to do between missions, so in conclusion my shazin is broke and i need help trying to fix it since it won't react to any non-keyboard input.
  2. I personally think that this guy has the right idea (i'm fairly new to eidolons) and i believe that what he wrote deserves to be in a future update.
  3. I personally think that hey should remove the energy cost for his 1 and make it use the battery feature instead, so you would charge it only by using his 1 that would'nt use any energy other than perhaps 30 energy for the initial cast, and then as his description says "never stop moving" and all his other abilityies would only use his battery.
  4. I suppose that this topic is not salvageable then?
  5. Oh then i see i that i stand corrected, it's been forever since i've last read the guidelines since a lot of other people also use vauge titles.
  6. I disagree, i am not using a "bait title" rather it is apropriate for what i've written (IMO)
  7. So this is more of a question than anything else, but i felt it should be here under feedback. Q: will account migration/account copying ever be a thing again? because i have a fair amount of freinds on PS4 that wish to play with me, and the one thing that is keeping me from doing it is the MASSIVE loss of progress, essentially because i'll have to go back to "square one" and dedicate another 4 or so years (yes it took me 4 or so years to reach MR14) just to kinda get back to where i am currently here on the PC version, wich leads back to the original question. Will account migration/account copying ever be a thing again, and if so, what would carry over? (Please leave your thoughts on this matter in the comments, i would love to hear them (especially from DE) )
  8. That's actually pretty good advice, because it's true.
  9. ok... i know that i over exagerated with the amount of time that i've been farming for it, it's just that my mind keeps going back to the fact that i've got about 200+ dreads (among the other things he drops) wich is basically useless to me, so again my mind keeps asking "Why would he even bother to drop this?" every time i kill him and get something (kinda) useless.
  10. Why is the drop rate for this thing so low? Why does it need vitus essence? And finally WHY! do people not use it more, since it's so rare!? i've been farming the stalker ever since i discovered that he's got a chance (about 1.3% chance) to drop it, and that was about 1½ years ago! this thing needs you to do arbitrations AND be in the good graces of RNGesus too! this thing is so rare that i'm beginning to think it's a myth more than anything, due to it's excessively low drop rate. So if it could be obtained in any other way than to have the devils own luck and doing arbitrations, then please MAKE IT SO!
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