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  1. I would just like to AT LEAST have the OPTION to switch between the two modes.
  2. I myself were a massive user of quick melee back in the day, i kinda miss it, don't get me wrong! I like the new system, i just wish there were at least a switch/button so i could choose to utilize it again. In my opinion quick melee was a pretty good system, and i would gladly pay some plat for the option, and DE would gain some more experience with having multiple systems ready to change at the (metaphorical for i know that it will never happen) flick of a button, kinda like the option to enable 'experimental flight' i archwing. Growth+Profit=GROFIT
  3. 1. The thing with the Helminth charger, i understand since i have one, but i wanted a seperate entity that is bsaically a suicide bomber. 2. I agree completely 3. They could also just allow us to buy (with large amounts of credits) eidolon shards, wich would make getting focus (almost) child's play. 4. I am not sure i understand what this has to do with my suggestion, but it would be nice aswell.
  4. 1. First off let me get this out of the way (and yes i know i'm super salty at times) The SMOKING BODY EPHEMERA DROP CHANCE is absoloute bull**it, i've farmed the stalker so much that i had at one point around 50 dread BP 1 WAR BP and nothing, NOTHING else from him, why can't DE just make it so it is a guaranteed drop by the time that you have mercilessly butt**cked him 50 times or something 2. focus farming takes forever, make it more user friendly by for an example reducing the amount of focus needed to get each "skill/skill point" (i know this could make things horribly unbalanced, but c'mon this is a co-op game, remember what they did to ember!) 3. AMPS are one of the most tedius thing to try and farm, mainly beacause you have to assemble 3-4 parts that you will then have to assemble into THE ACTUAL AMP wich takes forever just to get the materials for let alone grind standing just for the BP's, so here's my suggestion: why not add a way to buy a rondomly constructed amp (like with zaw's) or alter the way that AMP making works, by for an example only needing to gather materials for the ENTIRE AMP rather than each individual part, ok picture this: you just got over to onnko (or the lady in fortuna) and you want a new amp, now you would go to the 'ASSEMBLE AMP' tab, and in there you would basically create a BP for your new AMP, now all you need to do is gather the materials, construct the BP and bring it back to onnko (or the lady in fortuna) and have it made there for a SMALL FEE, and there you have it a new AMP, no bull**it just you new AMP. Now for the idea i had: what if we could get a sort of larvae companion/sentinel that would have the same ability as djinn where it would re-spawn 90-40 seconds after death. (also it would'nt need DNA stabiliser's) here is it's abilities/precepts (it will be compatible with shade's 'ghost' precept since it will mostly sit on you shoulder as a good little larvae) 1. Sacrifice: Larvae runs to the closest enemy and violently explodes when on low-medium HP dealing random toxic-based damage (i:e toxic, corrosive, gas, viral, etc) 2. Scout: Larvae turns invisible and gives enemy radar +60 for 30 seconds 3. Leach: Larvea runs to the strongest enemy in sight and burrows into their chest, leaching HP and ENERGY to owner here is it's stats HP: 275 SHIELD: 0 ARMOR: 350 here is it's weapon Organic decomposer: Fires a projectile akin to that of infested chargers with a guaranteed but relatively weak toxic proc AUGMENT: Volatile bile: alters projectile into becoming a short ranged version of the thing that some of the infested MOA's can do (y'know the yellow stuff that slows and damages thing it touches) that explodes dealing 500 explosive damage to anything in a 20 meter radius (this includes allies, so watch out!) AUGMENT: Embolism: alters the Organic decomposer into becoming basically an embolist, but slightly weaker (with viral damage aswell as gas) with a relatively high base proc chance of 40% and lastly it's name: Plagius
  5. All you people sitting here speaking as of farming focus is the easiest thing in the world, let me tell you... it's not. I personally would like to have an overall increase in the gathering/farming of focus since i'm kinda new to all the focus stuff, then it would be nice to get more than 1-2k a mission with 2 greater lenses (one on my frame and one on my primary) since i currently need about 120k for my next "skill point"
  6. now that i have seen what most people think of it, allow me to explain why i thought it was underwhelming. i was expecting an awesome conic release of sonic energy (kinda like when you fire an ignis but on semi-automatic fire, and well... more sonic... i guess) that would send enemies flying, and stagger bosses, possibly even annihilate entire squads of bombards in a single shot, when modded correctly.
  7. I feel like the sonicor needs a rework since it's item description is VERY misleading, here's it's item description: Blasts targets with a massive wave of sonic energy. Results reported to be: 'Very Satisfying'. Here is my description of it: Sends out a small ball of impact damage with VERY LIMITED RANGE that ricochet of walls, cielings and floors, and deals next to no damage, and is generally useless. So please if anyone sees this from DE please make a rework, by for an example making it *do* what it says in it's *description*
  8. I'm mainly just infuryated at the fact that my beloved revenant can't do anything in this EXTREMELY UNFAIR FIGHT
  9. I know that this may be a rare occurance but i have massive amounts of trouble with the wolf since i don't run META BUILDS like everyone else at this point
  10. I understand that the tactical alert just came online but really!? an assasination mission that is sortie level in difficulty!? WTF! IS THIS A SORTIE: NO IS THIS AN ASSASINATION MISSION: YES I tried to give this a fair shot and got absolutely #*!%ED! Here's the reason why... I went in did as the mission demanded and at the end there were an endless amount of fire everywhere, i even tried bringing amy prized revenant and his 1 did basically nothing at all his 2 was useless his 3 saved me like 40 times during the BOSS fight and his 4 was the only thing that was keeping me afloat (mainly because of energy siphon) amongst the endless amount of rape during the BOSS FIGHT! I CAN'T EVEN DO ACTUAL CO-OP BECAUSE MY PING IS TOO #*!%ING HIGH WICH LEAVES ME #*!%ED BEYOND MEASUREMENT! And yes i know i'm salty! and possibly a little toxic.
  11. I just thought it would be nice to actually be able to stand listening to who/whatever is in charge of the missions instead how having glitchy lotus but hey that's just my oppinion.
  12. I would personally like for it to be Palladino because she gives off a certain"Feeling"
  13. Ok thank you for suggesting that, now i may never need to do INDEX ever again! YAY!
  14. It appears that people don't understand what i'm complaining about, what i'm on about is the amount of points you need in order to actually make a profit, 50 points in low risk!? NANI THE #*!% IS THIS!? ESO? and the fact that if you get let's say 49 points out of 50 then you get NOTHING (other than the 30k credits you invested back) at all, what i really want is a seperate thing from the actual index where the rewards are lesser and the matches are easier. (I swear if anyone comes in here with 'it's easy if do 300k damage with this paticular weapon that you have to forma 9999 times' then i will kill myself or well not really but still...)
  15. the one thing i hate the most is farming credits, and one of the "best" ways to get them is by doing INDEX runs, but really... how come we don't have an easier version of this for the more casual players who have'nt yet min-maxed the sh!t out of their weapons and warframes, i mean really...
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