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  1. The only one from DE that actually PLAYS the game is based-god PABLO and he never plays railjack, the rest just showcase concept art and work-in-progress and even then they play on DEV mode...
  2. It's such complete and utter b*llsh*t that the controller users are being left behind like an after-thought no-one wants to acknowledge. I can't use 'blink' i can't use about 90% of my railjack and i can't even use my shawzin, like WTF is this!? all this time and enegy heh even money and i'm still left behind... it's sad really, don't get me wrong i'm not mad just VERY VERY VERY dissapointed.
  3. Well nothing seems to work for me though... wich REALLY sucks, y'know since i BOUGHT a shawzin and am unable to use it or even switch over to emotes with my (PS4)controller. I can't even do railjack since i don't have the mose ESSENTIAL ability availabe for me to use: 'BLINK' And archwing is just borked, it has been like that since a little before empyrean IMO.
  4. Same bro same... also shawzins don't work with controllers either, nor does the blink function and other asociated abilities (afaik from my own experience) wich is really not cool when you need these things to work! (shawzin is optional)
  5. I have multiple friends on PS4 and they have the same problems since railjack 😢
  6. I did that and now i can't use ANY abilities while in archwing, and it still didn't fix my shawzin 😢 ...
  7. I honesly don't like where DE is going with warframe right now, since they keep adding RNG on RNG on RNG... first we got the kuva lich system wich is RNG based (to hell and back) and now we got railjack wich has EVEN MORE RNG THAN EVER! I would advise DE to watch the video below (and read the comments, they have some valid points), along with anyone that feels that warframe is becoming too grindy. In case anyone is wondering about the comments that i mentioned, look up the video on youtube. P.S I'm one of the few people that uses a controller for warframe (through steam) and i would like to point out that the control scheme for archwing, as it is currently is almost unuseable, the "blink" function doesn't work on ALL archwings, the arch-melee weapons have become useless due to the lack of "lock-on" that disappaered after the new control scheme was launched and all the arch-guns deal next-to-no damage to the new railjack enemies.
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