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  1. They're gonna provide early lunch for the crew, obviously.
  2. Yeah scott would love to nerf some more good things! as usual...
  3. Please fix primed firestorm when used on the proboscis cernos, it needs to affect the range of the tentacles!
  4. True, but i myself would love to get some more/better stances especially for scythes and sword+shield since i love those two because it feels fun.
  5. I only liste 2 examples of "classes" that have few stance mods, if anything i would love to see all melee weapon "classes" have around 4-7 stances just so there is a choice.
  6. I honestly think we need more stances, some weapon "classes" only have 2 stances wich to me, feels quite underwhelming, i am aware that DE is currently working hard on Lavos along with Deimos Arcana, but i thought i would voice my concern since some of the "classes" seems to have been forgotten, such as: scythes and sword+shield.
  7. Any news on when account migration may be a thing again?
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