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  1. It's a legit question, why are we not allowed to favorite legacy colours? why would DE do this, why would DE restrict something as essential as customization?. I rcently had to 'cut and paste' all my settings due to a support ticket, so i've lost all my favorite colours and i am no longer allowed to favorite them, even though they were favorited before. therefore i ask: "DE why u no let us favorite legacy colours!?"
  2. I reall would like this change to titania since i recently started playing with her (i've had her in my armoury for years tho) and i feel the same as you when i look at your post, i feel that it would be a welcom change to a semi-outdated frame.
  3. ok, thanks for your input. but alas i'll never be able to do sorties.
  4. I'm asking about this because i currently can't du high level content i.e arbitrations, orbs etc. Wich has lead me here in pusuit of the knowledge of the best place(s) to farm endo. I really hope someone can tell me...
  5. I have multiple friends on PS4 and they have the same problems since railjack 😢
  6. I did that and now i can't use ANY abilities while in archwing, and it still didn't fix my shawzin 😢 ...
  7. I honesly don't like where DE is going with warframe right now, since they keep adding RNG on RNG on RNG... first we got the kuva lich system wich is RNG based (to hell and back) and now we got railjack wich has EVEN MORE RNG THAN EVER! I would advise DE to watch the video below (and read the comments, they have some valid points), along with anyone that feels that warframe is becoming too grindy. In case anyone is wondering about the comments that i mentioned, look up the video on youtube. P.S I'm one of the few people that uses a controller for warframe (through steam) and i would like to point out that the control scheme for archwing, as it is currently is almost unuseable, the "blink" function doesn't work on ALL archwings, the arch-melee weapons have become useless due to the lack of "lock-on" that disappaered after the new control scheme was launched and all the arch-guns deal next-to-no damage to the new railjack enemies.
  8. So you know that feeling when you want something really bad, and then you get it? yeah well this is that feeling except that the thing that you wanted is broken. I have to have one hand on my keyboard and my other grasping my controller since railjack f**ked the control scheme that was barely working in the first place, one of the biggest problems is the fact that now after railjack has been released then suddenly i can't "blink" anymore without having to do what i mentioned above, wich is not something you want to do in a combat area, since y'know it's gonna get you killed. another issue (that's not linked to using a controller) is the absurd amount of damage that the new railjack exclusive enemies deal, i have just about 1k health on my itzal and i get 1-shot by a LVL 1 enemy (of course this is an exaggeration) and then there is the speed of wich the enemies move, why do i need do i need a maxed [hyperion thrusters] just to keep up!? it's (again) absurd that these supposedly "easy" areas around EARTH (F**KING EARTH) is infested with enemies that can (more-or-less) 1-shot you (again this is slightly exaggerated, but only slightly). What are even supposed to use a rip-off grappel-hook for in space? how about giving itzal some love instead of NER*ahem* RE-WORKS, i've never seen nor heard of anyone using the new 1st ability on the itzal for anything other than the meme, so why not give itzal back it's blik ability but slightly better than the knock-off version that the other arch-wings have? or just give a new ability, y'know something ACTUALLY USEFULL. All in all i'm super salty about some of the things that has been intrudused and honsetly i think railjack may be a bit too difficult when you consider that most normal arch-wing enemies barely do any damage and have barely any health, and you should also take the control scheme for arch-wing into consideration, since (at least in my opinion) it's much worse than what we had before. Thanks for reading and being able to stand my mountain of salt, please leave a comment with your thoughts on the matter.
  9. I've seen a few posts regarding the "bullet-jump" mods i mentioned... the one i was referring to was mainly "firewalker" and mods of the same general nature.
  10. all this is purely informational (from my point of view).
  11. I'm always glad to see others who (at least in some regard) agrees with me.
  12. Here will be posted about mods that is either outdated or have not been updated as per melee change 3.0. (in my honest opinion) 1. Reflection - has not been updated to current system "melee 3.0" for use of channeling. 2. Covert lethality - has been made obsolete thanks to the new melee system (RIP daggers). 3. Daimond skin - is simply outdated and would need a "rework" (same goes for every other elemental resistance mod). 4. "bullet jump" augmenting mods due to them being either outdated or obsolete. 5. melee prowess - is obsolete due to other mods that give higher status chance. 6. rifle aptitude - same reason as the one above. 7. fast deflection - is outdated and requires a buff. 8. sure shot - see rifle aptitude. more will be added as new updates come out
  13. Well... the MR bit was only a suggestion, but the message was about balance in one way or another while ultimately reducing the cost(s) of making the railjack in the first place, anything affter that was just my own thoughts on the matter, but your reply has made me consider that we may need a new way of getting the required amount of resources needed for the railjack instead of reducing the cost, then we could get a new type of mission where the rewards would be resources (credits in large amounts, and the associated resouces needed for the railjack) that you would need for your railjack, along with other things, like arch-wing mods that will soon be essential for the railjack content if what was revealed at tennocon is any indication to go by.
  14. I beg to disagree, not all who starts on the railjack would be able to... say do the profit taker, sorties, ESO and so forth, i believe the credit cost should be lowered, but in a responsible way by directly tying it to the players mastery rank, say.. a MR 15 player would pay (for the whole railjack) about 600k credits, while say... a MR 28 would pay (again, for the whole railjack) about 6-7 million credits, this way it would be more favourable to newer players while the higher MR players pay more since they obviously have more than that if they do INDEX, PROFIT TAKER, SORTIES and so on. Still though, the credits themselves are becoming more and more irrellevant as new resources (that drops in VERY low amounts) are in need of farming as well. These are just the thoughts and opinions of one man, and i would love to others opinion.
  15. I really like the new update but could the required amount of credits needed to repair the railjack "fragments" be lowered? since doing nothing but index is REALLY BORING, 6 million credits to make the new ship seems a bit out of some players league, and the new unreliable resource drops really slows people down in doing the actual biulding of their new awesome ship. I was thinking that maybe the credits cost could be reduced down to 600.000 credits per part instead? and a boost in the amount of the new resources we get i.e instead of 2-6 pustrels crank it up to maybe around 10-15 per node? these are just the thoughts (and hopes) and opinions of one individual.
  16. I've realized something, since DE wants to push more and more kuva related things... I can't help but think of the players that's going to be left behind, i mean the players that can't do eidolons, kuva siphons/floods, sorties and many other things... I for one can't do any of the aforementioned things, and i probably wont be able to do it for at least 2 more years, mainly because of the sheer "difficulty curve" i've done every quest (except "mask of the revenant") and i've got some ok-ish gear by now, but here's the thing... I'm not the only one, there's a lot of players that just get thrown into all this and decide "F this i'll do something else" and proceeds to never go any further because of the "curve" i mentioned earlier. I realize that what i've written only applies to a fraction of players but still... We fight as one, lest we perish alone...
  17. Well... here i am... finally posting ACTUAL feedback. My current experience with this update is... well... not a particularly good, this is caused by the (as have been pointed out by noumerus other individuals) GRIND, don't get me wron, i really like the lich system BUT it needs some SERIOUS changes. 1. Make the Requiem mods permanent, in order to (at least somewhat) justify the IMMENSE GRIND! 2. Decrease the amount of murmurs needed. (i was thinking maybe 25 for each mod to be revealed) 3. Make it so that we have an actual CHANCE of killing our lich before he/she reaches level 5, by... let's say removing: THE RANDOM COMBINATION OF MODS NEEDED TO KILL IT! otherwise i think the update is pretty good... well... except for all the nerf's.
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