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  1. whats wrong with u dude..... im saying whole time , its not hard challenge , its annoying.... like you .... jesus
  2. i didnt ment those 2 challenges on same riven Riven nr 1: Kill 5 Dargyns in Flight with Bow Riven nr 2: Kill 3 Dargyn Pilots before they hit the ground Check check ? 😉 hahaha I mean they removed few dargyn challenges since last year , maybe they will do it now too , i hope so
  3. Read what i wrote """ to kill them with bow , or before they hit the ground """ 1 challenge is to kill for example 5 dargyns with bow , and second one is to shoot them before they hit the ground , ofc noone is gonna get bow for that challange, pls mr.internet einstein, read... read..
  4. Can we remove them ? i mean we all can do them , and its not like its a hard challenge , its just anoying... , solo interception mission or any challenges like this one is no problem or anything , its hard , but u can do it .... but these dargyns , to kill them with bow , or before they hit the ground , its just so freakin anoying. Community opinion on this ?
  5. on market there was a set to buy ivara with talons and lacera, dont u think those will be the prime weapons next ?
  6. Hi guys After Atlas , Ivara might be the next prime , what do u think what weapons will come with her ? I tip on Talons , but lacera prime would be pretty bad ass too . What do u think ?
  7. i did so far over 30 runs no atmo systems ....
  8. Just like the title says Broca Prominence Syndana or just Broca looks very odd on Saryn Prime , doesnt matter if Noble or Agile animation Set. Looks very very weird, check it out. Same with the Despot Cape Syndana. Some syndanas on Loki Prime look like they are pulling more to the left side then they are in the middle f.e. Surator Syndana with Loki Noble animation ( when standing still most of the syndanas looks like they are more to the left and also looks odd ) Sometimes Loki keeps breaking his neck to left. happends allot with Harrow noble animation set ( when i move mouse to the left sometimes he just keep starring to left for few seconds , even tho i walk and look arround ) [edit] on zephyr noble animation not harrow There is a bug with when u fall off the k-drive right under the k-drive u cant stand up,firstly u just get dragged on the ground all over the place for few seconds then you cant do anything, i actually got that on video , but not the fall tho. ------> https://youtu.be/srD-NgXANTU There is a bug with the larkspur when equipped as a heavy weapon, when u deploy it and remove it , the larkspur stay on your other weapons ( just the skin )--->https://youtu.be/0iftQ9Qxfzs
  9. can u share with rest of comminity how u do it ?
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