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  1. As the title says, I've wanted to ask What are the colors used by the disc weapons? Those being the Azima, Zenistar, Zenith and Sigma & Octantis
  2. Passive: Rearrange: When the Warframe goes into a bleedout state, Parts of the frame will scatter nearby; The frame can slowly crawl towards each piece to collect them and revive themselves. I see this as a very fitting passive for a frame composed or broken parts and would make him possibly a very unique warframe similarly to Inaros and his tomb passive. It would also make mods deemed useless by some like Undying Will into a more viable mod when it comes to them at least. 1st Ability: Limb Throw: The frame will toss one of it's body parts (Most likely an arm) at an opponent and immobilize them in place, Opening them up to finishers. Once the finisher ends, Or the limb misses, The frame can pick it back up by running into it, Giving it a boost depending on the picked limb (More reload/casting speed if arm, More running speed or jump height with leg). Missing arms or legs will make the frame slower on it's respective area, Like melee swings speed on missing arm or slower running speed on missing leg On a different take of the ability, The frame can throw it's arm carrying a melee, Causing damage equal to the melee weapon plus a small multiplier and a higher chance of slash procs, Helping it's 2nd ability. 2nd Ability: Assimilation: The frame absorbs all nearby bodies into itself, Giving itself a defensive boost/Immunity towards a certain number of hits depending on how many bodies were absorbed. If casted on enemies currently alive, It'll only pull them close while dealing damage. This is the frame's main survival tool and also a manner of CC on higher levels, Similar to Mag's pull. 3rd Ability: Arm for a Leg: The frame throws it's arm at an ally, Attaching itself onto them. This acts as something akin to a mobile shield on the ally. It will attack any enemies closing onto them by hitting them or just pushing them away, It also works similar to Zephyr's Turbulence, Redirecting some bullets away from the ally. Just the usual ability made to contribute to a team. This however makes melee swing speed a bit slower on the main frame. 4th Ability: 1000 Limbs: A duration self-boost. This summons multiple limbs around the frame, Letting it utilize it's 1st and 3rd limbs with no negative drawbacks at all. Think of it as similar to Gauss's Redline. It's an ability that most players will want to keep up to maximize the frame's potential
  3. I have already done 3 Murex raids successfully And I got 0 Scarlet Credits What now
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