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  1. It's the same dude. All the rivens on the new account on rivenmarket are the same as the old one as. Once they run out of goodwill, they pay and change their name every couple of weeks.
  2. Guess I got a deal of a life time for my Vectis then. P.S. My kohm sold for my asking earlier today.
  3. Yea, I'm going to have to see these 450k trades before I call BS. Primed chamber maybe, but for a riven? What was it?
  4. I don't know what kind of riven manipulation there is going on, but the high end riven traders aren't hoarding rivens that don't contain desirable attributes. They really don't buy rubicos with damage to infest, +ammo and -firerate rivens and try to sell them for absurd amounts, they are scraping semlar/discord/rivenmarket for the multishot/critical chance/critical damage/-zoom ones. The "riven traders" do acquire the best rolls, but they also have a tendency to resell them for 2-10x what they paid for them but only if they acquire them on pennies to the dollar (aka trade chat).. They, however, rarely trade within their circle for this reason. Here's a pro tip - if someone spams their rivens for the same price or PMO and it goes unsold after a few days, stay away from them. They're just looking for suckers.
  5. Guess we know what Baro's bringing next
  6. IGN: Prisma-Ivara MR 26 4800+ hours Country: USA Language: English my current clan: The Pantsu Bandits (after my return, previously Quasars) Discord ID: Ivara#9970 I was part of Quasars for close to a year before my work schedule took my personal time away in May, at which point I went inactive. As my schedule has lightened, I've been able to catch up on what I was missing out on. I was in a special niche within the clan where I focused on collecting rivens. If re-invited, I would be more than glad to help fellow clanmates on pricing strategies and acquisitions and other miscellaneous info about them.
  7. You turned a mod that would've seen some play to another mod that sees no play. At best at 6 bullets on vasto prime = 33% bonus overall (0% - 0% - 0% - 0% - 0% - 200%). Any gun with more than 6 bullets and this goes down. Welcome back, Augur Pact, you were never missed.
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