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  1. Hotfix 19.13.1

    Awww Yusss.
  2. Hotfix 16.1.2 + Anniversary Gifts

    I can confirm, Proto Glaive works with Glaive Prime.
  3. Update 10.0 Highlights Video! ....
  4. Update 10.0 Highlights Video!

    Is it only me or Nekros is going to be a beast in defense missions with that cloning stuff and fear?
  5. Survival Weekend

    Survived for 22 minutes, now i will go for 30 ._.
  6. Hotfix 8.3

    Updated Warframe abilities to use energy color selected by player. Yeah, SWEET!!!
  7. Thanks For Watching Livestream #8!

    I enjoyed the stream pretty much, I also can't wait for that new animation on Ash's Bladestorm.
  8. Livestream #8: June 19Th @ 2Pm Edt!

    Yes you can remove those, just go to inventory and click on the "Corpus" blueprint and then click on SALE.Hope that helps. On Topic : 1) Are you guys thinking of a way to implement more diversity to the melee combat system? 2) Are you guys thinking of a way to fix some of the lag issues and connection problems? 3) Can we get the couches back? lol. 4) Have you guys thought of adding the "PaySafe Card" as a payment option? please Thanks for taking your time to read this. ~ Rekon
  9. Hotfix 8.0.6

    Just got a T2 key today from a defense mission lol.