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  1. Swapped Hammer shot with Cryo Rounds since they have the same polarity, is Magnetic good enough? Or should I go for Viral or pure physical? ^ Also missed the acolyte event by a week or so since I came back to the game, so sadly no argon scope for me, someone gave me Bladed rounds which is nice tho.
  2. Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice on which mod to replace ( probably stormbringer ) for a fussilade or heavy caliber This is my current build. I'm mainly stacking crit, anyways, to drop stormbringer or not?
  3. Awww Yusss.
  4. I can confirm, Proto Glaive works with Glaive Prime.
  5. ....
  6. Is it only me or Nekros is going to be a beast in defense missions with that cloning stuff and fear?
  7. Survived for 22 minutes, now i will go for 30 ._.
  8. Updated Warframe abilities to use energy color selected by player. Yeah, SWEET!!!
  9. I enjoyed the stream pretty much, I also can't wait for that new animation on Ash's Bladestorm.
  10. Yes you can remove those, just go to inventory and click on the "Corpus" blueprint and then click on SALE.Hope that helps. On Topic : 1) Are you guys thinking of a way to implement more diversity to the melee combat system? 2) Are you guys thinking of a way to fix some of the lag issues and connection problems? 3) Can we get the couches back? lol. 4) Have you guys thought of adding the "PaySafe Card" as a payment option? please Thanks for taking your time to read this. ~ Rekon
  11. Just got a T2 key today from a defense mission lol.