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  1. The idea was to increase the damage of the controlled enemies by his 3, while they are standing in the gas bubble (Which is proccing Gas status every few second to all enemies within.) The increased damage can indeed be neglected, but it does create some nice CC and is just an extra gimmick. But when the bubble is still active and you use the fourth ability again. The cluster of cyst will explode, removing the Gas bubble and create a giant Corrosive puddle. The enemies standing in the corrosive puss will be slowed and their armor (slowly) striped away because of the corrosive procs. This is where the increase health absorption from the controlled enemies by his 3 can be usefull. Since all enemies within the puddle are slowed, so will their damage output and 'Morbus' can Heal even faster. I like this, sounds like a cool way to start his quest.
  2. Celebrating Nidus Prime arrival with a new infested warframe concept! Infested Warframe: MORBUS aka (The Pimple Popper), Sacrificing and regenerating his own body parts to use his abilities. Theme: Infestation, Juggernaut and Cysts Name: Morbus Passive: Slowly regenerates Health overtime. When hit the egg-sac on his back erupts, spawning a maggot emitting Viral spores (cool-down 15sec) Shield: 0 Health: 1050 (R30) Armor: 350 (R30) Energy: 0 Abilities: 1 - Cost 25 Health, Kicks one cyst out of his leg onto a surface (up to 4 total) HOLD to explode them in a Corrosive puddle, standing in the puddle will clear status effects. 2 - Cost 50 Health, Explode his head in a small radius to get covered in Toxin; increases Morbus armor by xx%. Enemies hit by the explosion will be striped xx% of their defences. 3 - Cost 75 Health, Erupts 3 cysts on his chest to spawn 3 Tendril Drones which will each seek out a target to control. While being attached to the mind controlled enemy they will steal health overtime and heal Morbus by xx% per second. RECAST while the Tendril drones are still active will let them explode in a cloud of spores dealing Viral damage in a X radius. 4 - Cost 100 Health, Spawn a giant cyst creating a Gas bubble in a X radius emitting Gas status. Mind controlled enemies will deal xx% extra damage while standing in the gas bubble. HOLD to explode in a X radius creating a Corrosive puddle slowing enemies. If a mind controlled enemy stands in the puddle health absorption will be doubled.
  3. A longbow where on headshot the arrow seeks 3 or 5 other enemies heads, simular to Yondu’s arrow in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’
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