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  1. In that case I do the same. CCing them is not worth the time it takes to just kill them.
  2. Dash I use since I change position and break their resistance. Void mode I use only when I'm outnumbered in close combat. Amp blast I can agree to an extent. But not going into operator mode? Come on, you can't be serious? It's really not that bad. Sometimes I want to see others play just to point out what they can do better. It's usually a very very small fix to add to your gameplay.
  3. Only need to do it twice at most. Magus Lockdown and I bring a loadout for mission type.
  4. I dont play with randoms. Most don't understand what it takes to farm and get the most out of a mission. For example, I can easily kill anything out there from my Railjack or Away team. But one time I would never forget, another MR28 with a youtuber loadout joined thinking her was going to own the skies. He could not keep up with me in kills so he decides to stop collecting resources. People repairing my ship needed resources so now I was forced to pick up his slack. When the mission ended, he didn't restock, refined, then sent us back to the dojo. He said something offensive and left. My ship was on empty and I had go come out my own resources instead of shared resources to restock. Everyone else in the squad wanted to stay and collect resources but he had other plans. I either play solo or with friends now.
  5. Dash around in operator with arcanes dude. I use Lockdown and I strip resistance and now they can't move. I wouldn't mind a survival with the same numbers coming at me.
  6. I'm going to just lay it out up front then explain. Players that don't meet requirements to play certain parts or aspects of the game should not be allowed go vote on it. For example and the most recent headache. Players voted on Railjack but DE had players with less than intrinsic level 7 vote on Veil Proxima. If you can't get there without a taxi, you shouldn't be allowed to vote. It's hard for a reason(or the many other reasons you may not have 7 intrinsics in a tree) and you shouldn't be allowed to vote when others worked their way up and are playing at their level. Or sometimes I even feel like you shouldn't even be allowed to wear, collect, or trade gear if you don't have the intrinsics required in the area the item drops. A person without 7 intrinsics shouldn't allowed keep anything from Veil. I just don't agree with people saying it's too easy but when DE makes it more difficult, anyone can vote. Syndicate standing, Intrinsics, Mastery, and a built Railjack should reward us with something. Change is good BUT not from someone who can't even reach a node or location on their own, should not have a say in it.
  7. Mods get cut in half and can't be read. Thus has happened to me a few times since the latest update. The only east to fix it is by closing Warframe completely out and restarting. Pic 1 Pic 2
  8. Mine is working now. I reinstalled and did a hard reset before I launched the game.
  9. Keep the Emphemera hard to farm. I don't really care what decision you make but if someone wants it bad enough, they'll play enough to get it.
  10. I would have left the enemies armor alone. They should be harder to kill. The community asked for harder content and now they are saying it's too difficult? If you aren't ready to go to Railjack, don't go. If you can't make it past a node on your own, that's where you belong. Don't say it's too hard and needs to be changed.
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