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  1. Not necessary, but pretty damn useful. And, as of right now it is the cap stone reward. I believe thye did speak of releasing more umbra mods, so this will make umbra forma more necessary in the future. As in terms of assumptions, fair, but I believe DE doesn't plan to deviate from their current system to much. So I do find the Nightwave to be a proper foundation for my current assumption. It was an example, nothing more. I'm sure you can list all sorts of stuff that would be challenging that you can think of and get a reward for. As of right now there really isn't any incentive to do any high level play. So why shoot down the idea if it may or may not be easy for you? DE has all the data/metrics of the game. I'm sure they can create challenges based around highest fail rates. Let me elaborate on my point, not many people like doing the same thing over and over again. This is what makes the grind in Warframe tedious not to mention the vast amount of grindy content in the game. For us veterans we've experience most if not all the content in the game. So there is no challenge making doing the same task over and over again mundane. In other words I don't feel incentivized to put in the hours into the game, which is what DE wants. I know of around 10 people personally who feel the same. Not much, but I'm the vocal minority of a group and I wouldn't be surprised if there are more who feel the same. IMO, seeing the concurrent players rise with content releases and drop afterwards, tells me that new content is great for the new experience, but once experienced it is business as usual, IMO of course. Again DE has the data, so they can definitely figure out more than I can. In sort DE should welcome all player types. But this is off topic. I'm also not advocating casualization or dumbing down of the game, I'm offering a happy middle ground of a merit system were earnings are determined by actual skill and not the amount of hrs put in, although that can be a merit within itself.
  2. I believe XArch meant it as an eventuality, as making obtaining the umbra forma only available in the night wave system and whatever the next one is. I feel you, I have 1.3k hrs in this game and use to play all the time, now I can barely put a few hrs a week. I did manage to get the Umbra Forma tho. But before Night wave I was just logging in and logging out most of the time. Now with its removal and the feeling of the burn I a hven't really logged in. It is disheartening.... This is unfortunately for us, likely going to happen. IMO, I believe switching to a merit system for some of these items would be ideal. Most of us veterans have the gear to complete almost anything, so why force us into the repetition/grind that we may or may not have the time for? Beat certain bosses with all the void keys equipped, Speed runs, survival duration, combination of these and more. And reward us accordingly. They have a lot of stuff in the loot tables, it can be anything from rare mods to frame/weapon parts. I don't see the harm. If anything it'll incentivize people to actually be good at the game, while maintaining that clear divide between new and veteran players.
  3. That would be interesting addition it would reward exploration and not simply running to the end as it is generally pointless to explore. As getting resources is generally more efficent to just do survival. Might take some time to develop tho. In the meantime I say making rare and reinforced containers more common, in my 1.3k hrs of playing I've seen very little. I also recommend changing the mini-map icon and/or making them more noticeable
  4. I agree taking into consideration, that there are different kinds of players, casual, new, returning, limited play times, players who can only play on the weekends, etc. It can make getting this item specifically extremely difficult. You also have to take into consideration of when to bother doing the event, because players who start late into the event late are very unlikely to get anything worth while and having it reset and a wait period till the next event and whatever that grind will entail as well... This may take months to earn. Do we the players now have to plan when to play Warframe to get the best out of it? One argument would be Well this is only for veterans and to reward people's hard work. I would say that's fine, but this is a limited time event were you're earnings and progression are reset at the end of it. Meaning there will be many players who are left in the dust not due to skill, merit. etc. but due to allocated time put into the game. Solution, don't have it reset. I imagine the next event will be modeled similarly. So why not just model this around the tribute system of getting rewards every tier and make it so you get an umbra mod every 25th tier or something? Not to mention all the other items like aura mods, nitain, reactors, catalyst etc. That we don't reasonably have access to anymore.... That I've discussed in a previous threads.
  5. @Campaigner The exact problem I'm having, how many times are people going to do this have there stuff reset and repeat? I don't believe people will put up with it for long.
  6. I'm not sure why people keep holding this view, just cause you saw it doesn't mean everyone did. Do you notice everything when you walk into a room? be honest, somethings maybe more apparent than others. What about the misleading information like this? The fact that so many people didn't know gives off that the news projection wasn't sufficient enough, was it for you, yes good for you, but it wasn't for these people. They posted the announcement in most places, but not all places like the launcher, event window, inbox. Is this our fault too? I'm not excusing us of the blame, but we can't have the full blame either.
  7. I created a thread in the feedback forum, that I hope presents the problems created with Nightwave gone and possible solutions. I know many of you have reasonable voices of concern and I ask that you read over what I said, its a long read, and add on to the thread. As always, open to discussion, disagreement, etc.
  8. @Pohani_Herkules Insulting again I see, Its not a hard question that I asked. How do we get alert exclusive stuff now? Will it take a month to get it due to the break, grind etc.? If I am a new/returning player wouldn't this be terrible? If you're having trouble answering, I'm here for you bro, no need to insult. @Ced23Ric Thank you, a voice of reason, I agree the blame is on the player here, but not entirely. I'm not going to bother a percentage of the blame as it is pointless. I see were you're coming from, I hardly if ever visit forums let alone active in any discussion so I personally don't share the sentiment, I like to hear people out even when they may initially offer nothing constructive. or majority of the post is nonsense. As accusing them puts them on the defensive and likely to ignore you, or at least in my experience. Fantastic feedback suggestion to prevent all this from happening again I do plan on posting on the feedback forum, not sure on the presentation yet tho so haven't. I also want to hear people opinion of my concern, reason for my thread and my posting here, but people, including me, keep playing the blame game. @Diavoros Read thread, instead of continuing blame game please, there is some, imo, valid problems this creates.
  9. @Pohani_Herkules You can't read either. COPY PASTA Okay, don't know how else to say it Am i suppose to read to get nitain or potatoes now cool thanks for the advice. I will make sure and tell new players to read and this stuff will magically appear in their inventories. @Ced23Ric I agree I just wish people weren't so insulting about it, like why? You, not you directly many in the forum, just come as a dismissive #$&(%.
  10. Do you not see the image bro? It actively contradicts any news given. What am I suppose to listen to the fine print or thing in my face? What am I more likely to see? Answer the other issue this, that you repeatedly gloss over. Than why not the launcher, the event screen, see image above, inbox? Again telling me your taking my money away in advance doesn't make doing so a good idea. We now have to wait upwards to a month to get mods, nitain, etc. Are you cool with that? They warned you right? What if I'm a new player, I would be #*!%ed. Stop glossing over legitimate problems this creates.
  11. Neither can you, you've actively ignored legitimate claims and are cherry picking posts by people that you can counter to support your view point. Tell me what am I suppose to read the news or this, Do I ignore one and not the other? Why is like this?
  12. Okay but its immediately contradicted by something more in your face, whats your point? Are telling me to read some stuff and not other stuff, wtf? Again why should the guys' 350 creds get taken, there no reason for this, Whats the difference between stocking up now instead of later? This is the problem I don't understand why people keep glossing over it, WTF you people accuse us of not reading up on things and here you are doing it on the forums and its in your face too, whats ur excuse?
  13. Misleading players that it will continue, went it wasn't is a huge problem. To use your guys argument, this is like being told that the event will end, than last minute given information that contradicts that, FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE, and than having it end. Than blamed that we didn't follow the news even though we were given contradictory information. Because it was communicated on several other parts inside AND outside of the game. If YOU don't pay attention to anything, it's your own fault. I just hope you will never get a drivers license.  Are you for real? It was communicated on SEVERAL OTHER PARTS inside and outside of the game. Not every part, especially for players who just log in and play. Why not an inbox? why not in the launcher? They have every other event in your face and its expiration and get messages in inbox too. Picture above doesn't help your case. This isn't hand holding its proper delivery, A news person would put their articles on every avenue at their disposal not just Twitter and Instagram and leave out Facebook and youtube. @ZeroZX4 Agreed Getting a warning that I'm going to take your money doesn't mean that it makes it a good thing or fine. If I don't consent it is theft. Plain and simple, this isn't rent or some bill. Telling me it was loaned to me is reasonable, but why not make it more obvious, instead we had go out of our way to be given this information. If this was loan the information we missed is like the fine print in a contract, which is messed up. Than we given contradictory information on top of that.
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