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  1. I was wondering how the AI pathing is coming along. Because I have noticed that the AI can get stuck behind walls or just stays put in their spawn point and doesn't go out and search for the player. Also, are the AI spawns being tweaked? Because I have also noticed that mobs still spawn in walls or behind things that we players can't get into.
  2. I don't see the discord pack in my market even if I launch it from discord desktop client.
  3. Pretty awesome contest and I know mine is basic, but this is a whole lot of fun.
  4. I know this is fortuna related, but when will the AI pathing and spawning be coming to rest of the content? Getting annoying when mobs spawn in walls or get stuck on terrain elements.
  5. Glad these AI bugs are getting fixed. I just hope yall fix the AI where they'll stay in their spawn randomly. Had it happen last night during a defense mission. (I know yall are working on this, so thanks for these fixes as the come :D)
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