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  1. Warframe disappears; dying as operator results in immediate mission fail. In isolation vaults (2nd) my warframe (nekros) randomly disappeared while is was in necramech. This became apparent when i was trying to use transference to return to warframe, but kept getting an 'invalid target' error on my UI. Tried dying as operator to force returning to warframe, only to be met with a mission failed screen.
  2. Gaining affinity for Arquebex exalted archgun when using any archgun. Image is Ceres dark sector survival on steel path, while using Velocitus.
  3. Using Resonator while any channeled ability is active locks the use Warframe weapons.
  4. Necramech, with 1 forma, cannot exceed 28 ranks. Necramech hasn't died in mission, or been resummoned. Shows rank 30 in mission, but rank 28 in extract and arsenal thereafter.
  5. Using Resonator while Nyx's Absorb is active (with Assimilate) locks the use of Warframe weapons
  6. Using Resonator while invisible on Ivara disables your Warframe's weapons
  7. While piloting a Necramech, if you use transference within close proximity to an active, roaming, Excalibur Umbra the transference will result in your input being locked. This requires you to esc > abort mission, as no other methods will negate this issue (e.g. /unstuck, kdrive, archwing, etc.).
  8. Unsure as to how this happened, so reproduction steps I don't have. May be related to transferring back to frame from operator, but I really couldn't say. I'm in Cambion Drift, fishing, and suddenly unable to do any of the following: WASD Move, Crouch, Jump, Roll, Fire Weapon (Fishing Spear), use gear items (bait/dye,kdrive,archwing), operator, /unstuck. I CAN perform the following functions: Esc, Tab mission menu, P mission menu, toggle mini map, toggle full map, mark waypoint. Running with an ungilded Sly Vulpaphyla, which may be involved. Had to Esc > Abort Missio
  9. Add credit booster, quadruple credits in mission rewards
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