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  1. As it stands, yes. You can press x to hack reactor and immediately press esc to instant hack, similar to a cipher but faster; even faster than auto-hack mod on parazon.
  2. This bug can be replicated an infinite number of times and must be fixed asap. In duplicating cats, during my tests, I was able to amass a dozen smeeta kavats. All of which would periodically give me buffs. This lead to quadruple stacking affinity/loot buff at a near constant rate.
  3. additional edit: i had found all 3 caches i was in a full squad my lich was the second lich to spawn
  4. Managed to get all 3 requiem mods in order and final hit on lich during sabotage on cervantes, earth when the vanquish/convert ui was supposed to pop up, there was no ui and input commands from all sources stopped working because none of the input commands were working, i had to end process in task manager this resulted in the lich neither being converted or vanquished, but showing me i had completed the formula for requiem mods
  5. Synoid Heliocor scans should work for nightwave
  6. Just some stats for y'all: It took me 34 liches to get all of the new kuva weapons, prior to the trading update. In these 34 liches, I received 3 ephemera. Highest damage bonus 59%, lowest damage bonus 25% Prior to the trading update I've killed the majority of my liches, 5 of 34. I plan to convert all liches going forward that do not have significant damage bonuses (55%+). Cheers.
  7. yet again, i've done a flood and not received a requiem relic
  8. just ran a flood today and didn't get a relic, again
  9. naeglar hive kuva flood on eris did not reward a requiem relic it seems that kuva floods have the same drop rate as siphons, rather than having the 100% intended
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