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  1. Yes. This is the problem. Balance is key but do not mess with the man who works hard to get the peak power fo a gun for the endgame. It is disrespectful and against the player.
  2. They nerfed rivens the first time,they nerfed them again now. I believe they simply do not listen at all at what we all say. They have money because we play their game,yet apparently this does not matter to them. Sad. Really sad.
  3. It's not the rivens that is the problem,it is the weapons themselves that need buffing,a riven's power is given by the base stats of the gun or blade. You had rebalanced weapons in 22.12, why not doing it now again.. besides, if you slightly buff some rivens dispos on bad weapons,they will not get more usage,and if you nerf the rivens on good,competitive guns, they will still be popular just because they are good. We do not need nerfs in places people invest time and kuva, the weapons that are weak need to be brought in line or near the line of competitiveness. There is a site which says what weapon are the most viable or not,and which depend on rivens to be somewhat viable. Bring diversity by creating more choices,not ruining the high end. I know that weapons are made by MR so that progression exists. But eventually you end up in end game anyway,and you need the best gear(Eidolon, Arbitration, endurance runs,Sorties,and probably more to come.)
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