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  1. Even if it is a bandaid,it would bring back some utility mods,but must be only utility. I had asked a while ago for the same thing,obviously because we never use most of them, even the newer sets are subjected to dust because they do not compete at all, maybe one or two,still most of them have no usage. It is a "not great,not terrible" fix to mod usage if you ask me
  2. Ah hell no, we disagree this in the current riven system mod,we do not need for more salt,cause it is already salty,99% of all mods that are released are not used because they lack the benefit compared to base mods,that is where the problem resides..the idea of slots for utility mods,and make them "exilus" types,except some that really increase burst dps like fire rate,would be a better idea,not ideal but better. For example,these new sets they released,many of them will have no use or be part of a niche use,where others work in any case,thus, you can guess what happens,yet if they had their own individual slot, then there would probably be more usage,a small,but existent usage of other mods.
  3. That is because PS is the Bread and butter for crit build rifles,thus,it is common and found everywhere,and its stats are made to have relative impact on the weapons,CD however,is optional to boost it even more,but not by much,and it is found only in orokin vaults,equipping it however,brings a tradeoff in firerate for added crit chance. You are right though, rarity doesn't matter most of the time,eg. Vital Sense is rare yet it drops often,such as other mods.
  4. Yes! Finally someone who thinks like me 😀 definately we need more of those.we should not forget we are space ninjas,and stealth is an option,plus,one extra mod slot that would have been spent for silent mods would go for something else.
  5. Finally something else than snipers can be used against eidos,but i feel that a fulmin riven nerf is coming because of this.
  6. To complete what he said,generally hitscan weapons,that deal high damage,all in all,snipers or semi autos with good damage.
  7. But the weapon works fine,atleast for its MR, would probably ask for some range increase to 30m max,otherwise its great as is.
  8. I can see that dark split sword has a lot of versatility in playstyle,depends on how you want to play it,like dual swords,based on crit,or as a heavy melee with decent status,and has 6 stances that can equip, but... When you build it it has only one compatible stance: -Swirling Tiger for dual swords.. and if you want to make it as a heavy blade you must change polarity,that rises another problem.What if you want to play as dual swords again? You would have to re-forma it back to a dual sword stance,and level it up again,or one alternative would be building 2 of these,using another slot and another catalyst... I would suggest changing one stance polarity,either from heavy blades or dual swords so that it has a common counterpart such as: Change Carving Mantis to a D polarity so you can switch with Tempo Royale or Cleaving Whirlwind, Or.. Change Cleaving Whirlwind to dash polarity so you can equip Carving Mantis or Crossing Snake.(could be any stance in their pool,it's an example) In this case you have a counterpart and you do not have to build another one or re-forma yours.
  9. Can relate to that, had a vectis riven in which i rolled 317 times,that is 1.1 mil kuva. When i got my actual decent roll, i said "I hope they won't nerf it again,i worked really hard for this" and yet it happened,and never played with it again,not because it is a bad weapon,it is a great one...it's just that the kuva farming killed me from inside and playing with it brings a sour taste of hard work spoiled.
  10. Snipers got nerfed because they are popular in eidolon hunting,yet nobody uses them outside that because the tilesets are not made for snipers,they were tailored for AR/Shotguns,and their zoom hampers players. Possibly they nerfed them because they introduced Archwing rivens? Still would not make too much sense,you can 1 shot eidolons with a well charged Void Strike.
  11. The idea is to avoid detection in those vaults,and in my opinion lua has those puzzles and portals,which make them challenging with other frames than Infiltrate Ivara,her kit makes them trivial,i wish to see some stealth paths to bypass some of the stuff like i had discovered in other tilesets,like the grineer ones on the galleon or kuva
  12. Made my day with this😂 yet its true,they are fast toasters that always try to face you,not to mention that grapple moa from vallis,that is painfully annoying
  13. They could also increase the drop rate of a legendary core,yet creds and endo can be farmed quickly nowadays anyway,plus i play sorties since their introduction and never gotten one legendary core.
  14. ShaKaL95

    Suppressed guns

    Even a pistol would be nice,would fit well with the feel of a "hush puppy" assassin sidearm, yet i keep dreaming until we ever get one
  15. I don't know about you but i could kill lvl 132 fodder in 10-15 shots and 20-25 on them bombards and heavy gunners in arbitration with rivenless Imperator Vandal, they are clearly not underpowered as you stated,the exception would be velocitus which is inconsistent about critting, big numbers on crit but so "OOF" when is not,and to fix it you need a riven. They are fine,and fill that role of powerplay when needed,to shred a hallway full of enemies when your weapons stop being effective enough at times.
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