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  1. half a year ago i thought that emperian will be around october-november...well. Rip hopes. Will be sad nee year with no ships
  2. I mean, maybe im bad or etc, sure. But I really feel safe much more with frames like gauss, Inaros, Valk, where you dont need to worry about positioning, about enemies behind you and you can just think about killing them, without worries 😞 Maybe im to casual for Garuda,dunno. I rly tried to like her, but i failed. But i still bought tennogen skin for her, cause she looks gorgeous :3 One of the best fashionframe in my list
  3. Thats fine. just grind Nightwaves, buy alot of Wolf beacons and summon them in groups who have idiots like this. afor a sweet revenge :3 if they dont want kill their lich - ok, its time to fight with wolfie:) and dont help them. “you donw owe them anything,its pub game”
  4. so tru. Naramon is kinda useless now.(but i will still use it, whine here and use :O )
  5. Well,and you see another way for devs to receive money rather than sell MTX? MTX are not affecting gameplay,so why not. And i mean,we have a stiuation : XXX: farming 20 hours for this MTX is too hard. YYY: you can farm plat for 5 hours and buy this MTX from other player. 5 hours is fine,right? XXX: NO!!! =/ I meant that farming plat is just another way of farming this ephemera. SO instead hunting liches and RNG you can chill in ur relic runs or eidolon hunts and receive it this way :)
  6. there is ephemera in every 1/10 lich (+-,ofcource,i know thats not how % works,but still); there are hundreds of thousand players, MOST of the liches gives to people weak stat/dup weapon. Which means this will cost NOTHING for a player to convert this lich, cause he dont need it anyway (weapon suck) and he will still receive ephemera after convert AND plat for selling. This leads to : "they wont be THAT expensive,just cause alot of supply".
  7. well, i dunno,u cant just add "0.00001% to drop thing" stuff (just for example) and explain this as long term system. Cause nobody will need ur system,when its unrewarding fast enough. but I dunno,10% sounds fine to me. Something between "hard" and "obtainable". Also you can just buy ephemera for plat.
  8. well, thats ballanced. In most normal weapons u still dont have slot for 220% crit mod. bloodrush is much better. MUCH. So, this is a buff for heavy attacks build, which is fine, cause they were weak before. And they couldnt use bloodrush very well. Now they are fine.
  9. Doesnt look like something gamechanging, but syill thx for some usefull things. And dont rly think that those buffs to critmods will make them useful, at least for normal attacks. There is simply not enough slots. But! This is good for heavy attacks. Which now actually made them viable. Thats kinda exciting to test.
  10. Its an object. It can be destroyed,obviously. So this is fair. Its like destroying a tank,when its crew left. Nothing wrong with this.
  11. the #*!%?? how did u read this? I tried but my brain died after 10 seconds of "reading" this..=/
  12. cant really understand the purpose of this frame. Like...she is tanky only when she is hiding behind her KINDA SMALL shield. Without shield - she will die decently fast. Well...its also clunky to always be able to hide behind this shield. Why somebody need this,when we have decent EASY tank frames?? Her passive tells you "here,you have no HP,so u HAVE to use ur shield" Her energy eating skills tells you "here,all im doing - giving you energy for ur shield, cause you HAVE TO use it - because i ate your HP" Her healing ability laughts at you - why do u even need it that much, if you are not hiding behind shield and take enemy dmg - you will die. THis means this ability is again - not for enemies, but just to compensate you killing URSELF with your energy skill. w/e.
  13. Thats fine,devs will fix it next patch,so you will have 6/12 seers (every second :O )
  14. the only problem is people GAVE reasonable feedback and OPTIONS how to easy fix this - and devs ignored this. 😃 they could just gave like 30 credits for dups rewards. Woooh,problem solved! but no 😃 so,its crying not about minor issue, but about devs ignoring minur issue which could be fixed easy.
  15. wait what?? this is nothing :X roll a couple rivens and pooof - no kuva. After i farmed 350k and wasted them - i know about twhat i m speaking ;( T_T there is never too much kuva. Cause rolling is random = u can waste 500k and get nothing
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