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  1. Liacu

    Thanks for Watching Devstream #120!

    Baruuk looks fantastic, really hitting it out of the park with these warframes. My only issue is that the third ability seems a little redundant with there being another dmg reduction ability and sleep. Maybe incorporate some kind of life/energy drain? Convert the enemy's strength into healing and energy. Make love, not war, that sort of thing. Would be especially helpful since the third ability also attaches to allies.
  2. Wow, I didn't know you guys could do last minute entries. IgnusDei even had a part in this. I hope to see more work from him. Also glad you're bringing in some of Yatus' work. It feels like he's been overlooked despite the quality of his work. He hasn't had a submission being accepted in a very long time. You think next round he could get a lot more attention?
  3. Everything looks pretty good! I have about 3 notes I want to mention though. 1. Combining both Channeling and Blocking seems like a good idea. You could buff blocking to be more absolute in it's defense (prevent one shots) while making it a finite resource. My suggestion would be to have some kind of channeling buff once you stop blocking, akin to the Operator Madurai Void Strike but with more. 2. Will we get some kind of aerial combo or at least something to make hitting airborne enemies not a complete pain? We've had the same aerial attack for a while and it has become outdated ever since the parkour update. 3. What will happen with weapons with very few combos in the first place? (notably Whips) Aside from that, I'm very glad for the unification. Making combos more difficult to use doesn't actually make them more fun. We should be fighting enemies, not the controls. Looking forward to all the changes.
  4. Liacu

    Khora's Planned Changes

    Thank you for the official response! No one in this industry is as communicative as you guys :) Back on topic, these changes do sound good but I do have a few thoughts. Whipclaw benefiting from the combo counter would help it scale much better. Do you think it could get some kind of Atlas Landslide-esque combo where you can spam the button for quicker attacks? Will Ensnare still expire on enemy death? That's probably the most major problem with it. It'd be nice if it was given the Mag Magnetize treatment where it can still exist when the target dies. I don't fully understand the Venari revive comment. Does that mean you have to die in order to have her out again? Being able to override her behaviour sounds like the right direction though.
  5. Liacu

    Devstream 109 - Overview!

    That didn't mean it had to be completely removed though. Even without IPS, there still should've been a melee stance. They could've even added a new mechanic in the same vein as the other Exalteds. (Excalibur Sword Projectile, Wukong Range Increase, Ivara Multishot, etc) What I was most interested in was a stance strong enough to compete with Maiming Strike builds.
  6. Liacu

    Devstream 109 - Overview!

    Incredibly disappointed with the Khora changes, specifically to her 4th ability as it looks like it has a lot of overlap with her 2nd ability. Almost every warframe gets 4 abilities so you have to make each one count. I was really looking forward to having another Exalted weapon be introduced into the game, especially since it was for my favourite melee, whips. I was even going to have her as my new main but those hopes have been dashed with this devstream. Is there a specific reason for this change? I'd really like to hear it at least for some closure. I haven't felt this bad since the Pull nerf many years ago :X (Aside from Pull, Mag is mostly fine now)
  7. Looking forward to playing this but I'm a bit disappointed there's no scaling for rewards or excavators. Didn't the team always desire implementing scaling rewards for longer runs? They've worked immensely well for Void Fissures so I don't know why there's still reluctance. People already run extra long runs with no incentive but it'd certainly be more fun if we did get scaling rewards. I also think it's a problem that the excavators (both Kuva Survival and Excavation modes) don't have scaling health which causes them to end up being shot down in mere seconds. It makes certain frames too mandatory when such a thing isn't necessary. (Most defense and CC frames are very strong and see regular use everywhere) One of the joys of this game is its very loose meta, allowing for everyone to play anyone they want without extreme ridicule. Would be even happier if there was scaling for both rewards and defense health.
  8. Liacu

    This year so far...

    Really appreciate the team being on top with addressing community concerns. The recent changes and revamps have been fantastic but it is true that there has been something that's lacking so far this year. Getting Khora, the Grineer Tank boss and an Endless Kuva mission would definitely be a good injection of content to tide us over till the Sacrifice and Venus Landscape comes out. Warframe Touch Up Suggestions Ember EDIT: Probably should've added this but Ember is probably the warframe that's in the worst spot. She could do with a major revamp. I guess she kind of always needed this, even back when she had Overheat. For comparison, look at Oberon's Hallowed Ground (can be built for massive ranged CC and damage overtime) and then look at Ember's Fire Blast. (one time knockback with weird donut-shaped firewall) Also should consider that she's a damage frame without the scaling conveniences of future, better designed frames. (Nidus, Atlas, Gara, etc) Zephyr Zephyr could also use a slight touch up. Remove Hover and give infinite Aim Glide as passive which will basically be a more intuitive hover. Also improve Tornado's vacuum a bit more so enemies don't fall out of it. It's far better than before but it could still use more. Atlas Also add melee scaling to Atlas' Tectonics Boulder so it'll be a ranged, slower version of Landslide. Hydroid Also also, maybe give Hydroid's Undertow tentacle pull an easier control scheme? Something like Mesa's Peacemaker instead of needed to precisely aim at each enemy, you can hold down in the general direction of the enemy. Mag One last also, maybe look at making Mag's Pull more consistent? Mag is in a pretty good spot now thanks to the recent changes but her Pull tends to send enemies past Magnetize instead of in it. One part of the problem is that the distance enemies are thrown isn't fixed but is affected by Power Strength.
  9. A lot of great changes, especially for Chroma. I think Banshee's Augment should come with a quicker cast speed for Soundquake since it's supposed to be a quick burst. Unfortunately, I'm still incredibly negative about the Mag changes. She currently has some of the worst augments in the game now. We have Greedy Pull which is a glorified Sentinel Vacuum that costs an entire warframe mod slot that also already exists as her own passive. (Which is also crap) Magnetized Discharge which allows us to blow up our Magnetize bubbles (why isn't this a base capability?) and Disarms enemies, (not even a 100% chance disarm) even though we want them to shoot into other bubbles that should be around. Now we have a very short duration CC (4 seconds, really?) that costs 75 energy from Polarize on top of it doing very little against any high level armour or shields due to no scaling. Shouldn't Pull be our CC go to? Why isn't that just improved? Crush is now a somewhat nice shield restore and boost and although it has a decent augment in the form of Fracturing Crush, it's laughable that it caps out at 80% armour removal when Oberon and Frost can achieve 100% removal without an augment. When is it that Mag will no longer be a meme? orz
  10. Many of these are fantastic changes and I'm really glad you went back to fixing previous changes (namely Ash and Gara) but why is it that Mag always gets the dumpster fire treatment? These buffs almost do nothing for her. Buffing Polarize shards is both necessary and pointless because Magnetize is already strong so Mag's power level as a whole is unchanged. It's a good change that we don't need right now. What Polarize needs was a portion of her old percent damage so it actually scales instead of being useless at higher levels. I'm not asking for 100% shield/armour removal that instagibs the entire map. 50% or even 25% + non-scaling number (like Oberon) would make it always useful but within reason. Crush giving shields means it has significant overlap with Polarize. Isn't restoration Polarize's job? Crush should've been some kind of high damage finisher. Give it the Limbo Cataclysm treatment but put a cap on health damage and make it improve based on amount of enemies to fit with her playstyle where she wants to pull everyone into her bubbles. What I want the most is a change to Pull. Her ragdoll pulling is affected by Power Strength, making it too inconsistent and is often a hindrance when trying to kill enemies. Why is it that Nidus gets such god-like pulling and CC but Mag gets this inconsistent crap that used to be just as reliable at pulling in the older days during her golden age. Give back some of her old pulling please /_\ I've been asking for years upon years. Other than my feelings regarding Mag, is Chroma expected to get the ability to change elements inbattle like Khora?
  11. Liacu

    Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.10.1

    Still no fix for Nidus' Larva making enemies invulnerable during ragdoll. Specifically, it seems like ragdolling in general is bugged where enemies are mostly invulnerable when you're the client. Tested as a client with Operator Void Blast and Vauban's Vortex. Image below shows Vortex dealing damage but not the Corinth grenade explosion.
  12. Liacu

    Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.3.5

    Praise DE \o/ Two-handed Zaws now have the same range as a Guandao or Orthos Prime, making them the absolute best melees.
  13. Liacu

    Thanks For Watching Devstream #98!

    I'm suddenly much more excited for the new Glass Warframe now that it has been shown in-game. On conception, I wasn't all that interested because nothing really stuck out in its design (It was basically a female Rhino with glass bits tacked on) but the visuals of the glass shattering and the sound effects have really piqued my interest. (Strongly reminded me of Guild Wars 2 Mesmer shatters) I was also feeling the same way with Harrow and now he's one of my mains. One misgiving I have is the kit seems a little directionless so I hope it will be designed as some kind of Ice Shatter Mage. (Freeze enemies and shatter them for major damage) That seems like what would fit the current kit.
  14. Liacu

    Devstream #98 Overview

    Hoping for some Mag love when her deluxe comes out. I want the reliability of the old Pull back so I can stop playing Nidus all the time x_x
  15. Liacu

    Oberon Prime: Update 20.7.0

    Well, Excalibur's Augment is probably one of the most interesting in the game. Also, why does DE hate Mag so much? Literally one of the worst augments.