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  1. Nora Night... It's like a food that you've eaten too many times and now, you hate it. Seriously, alerts mission was way better because we wasn't forced to make them, but the rewards was'nt enough. Now that I'm finaly lvl 30, I feel like I'm free, I can now play to another game (like Joltyboi said). But you know what? When the next serie will be here, it would be the same pain for over 6 weeks. Because we all want an umbra forma... And when the serie of the Wolf will come again, do you realy think that players who have done this the first time would enjoy doing this again, with a Wolf that spawns 3 times in 2 months and force you to trade to have his weapon fully? No, it's not funny at all. We all have others games to play, and we are not all at the same MR. I'm pretty sure that all the people who are actually 30 in Nightwaves are high MR. Low MR have to do it over and over again if they want the umbra forma. Seriously, I really don't want to do the next serie. Farming this wasn't funny at all. I think you've just mispelled Nightmare, instead of Nightwave. It's Nora Night's Nightmare.
  2. Same here, I realy hope the support will help us. I don't do relics anymore.
  3. I had 4 drops for 8 hours so I guess we have to see 2 full hours to have a twitch drop? I'm on Xbox
  4. I'm still waiting to have the Machete BP (I'm at +350 days) which can't be purchase in the market...
  5. Screenshots of my Mag, and Limbo And an extra, but yes I know it, it's not captura
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