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  1. Keep going. Still A LOT to fix. Cheers.
  2. Orb bounties and fight itself are so broken I cannot express my disapointment without being borderline rude. I'll try though. We get it. You clearly rushed this update to make it before Christmas, but come on. This plays like it's still early alpha of this content. 1. FPS - repossessed (pun intended). 12 fps during bounties, bad frames (below 45) in Orb Vallis in general. In the "old world" (pre-fortuna) around 144 as normal. (Optimization seems to be a consistent theme in issues with Fortuna's update saga. Almost every patch undoes what previous optimized. It is better, but keep working on it please.) 2. 11/12 times orb bounties don't trigger next phase on bounty 1 (especially fishing for codes). 3. Profit-Taker is often stuck in invunerable state. Only extracting and re-entering seems to be an option. 4. Warframes with ability to go into stealth cannot benefit from it at all during PT fight. Silent weapons and invisibility don't protect them from being targeted directly despite whether or not there are other squad members unstealthed. 5. Numerous times cutscenes were still unskippable for my squad mates even though the fact I wasn't the host. (host couldn't skip either; I could) 6. Amount of enemies in presence of PT is un-dealable with under circumstances of severe fps drops. Not to mention over the top amount of knockbacks, knockdowns and ragdoll replacements in addition to PT's mechanics including, but not limited to: Magnetic waves, traveling shields and missiles. 7. PT's damage intake type telegraph works with a delay (3~5 seconds) giving false information to the players. 8. Noticeable unsync when it comes to both enemies and allies. What I mean by that is that enemies (and squad members) are jumping around and teleporting like fleas. 9. Weird behaviour when joining orb bounties in progress. For example joining when squad is done and pretty much extracting back to Fortuna. 10. Game design flaw regarding fluency of heist's gamplay that is really annoying. To be exact: forced return to the Fortuna. Why can't we have Little Duck stand outside a little longer and let us do all 4 bounties without leaving? I'm just curious here. Is there a technical reason for this? 11. Deploying resource extractor to Sedna crashed game client. 12. In last 48 hours huge connection issues, often disconnects, long time to get into the game after logging in, long times to establish game session, long times in squad PUG (pick-up-group; aka random squad) search system before it yields any results. 13. When you said: "We all lift together" I'm pretty sure you didn't mean being stuck in the lift to Orb Vallis for several minutes, but yeah, that happens too. Loading time Fortuna-OV has increased since Fortuna part 2 launched by a large margin. At last something that bothers me that is not necessarily directly connected to the technical issues of the game. When game is in total disarray and mess You announced the Discord thingy and have Prime Access going. How do I put it... I understand it's coming from good will and heart, but... you know. The timing might be a bit oof. I'm not going to elaborate on that, because I know You can add 2 to 2. Don't get me wrong we want to support You and we will, but this is a mutual relationship. I'm not stating the above to upset You or be rude for the sake of landing a blow on You. I'm harsh when needed, but give credit where it's due. I hope my feedback will allow you to address these issues as soon as possible, so we all can have peaceful holidays and enjoy bunch of new content in the game we all love deeply. Thank you for reading.
  3. You cannot buy it without paying for Discord memebership (Nitro). That's a no for me.
  4. @[DE]Rebecca, @[DE]Steve, @[DE]ScottP I'd like feedback/answers to my topic regarding and connecting the New War and comeback of trials. Thanks.
  5. It's existence is probably the reason why we can't log in now. So they yeeted it.
  6. Connection to the game servers is iffy. Game doesn't start up after the update. When it does (after ~5 minutes) cannot log into the game. Requesting invesigation.
  7. Optimization on x64 is also scuffed. Droping frames in orb vallis like rain in the rainforest. Enemies AND allies are desync jumping around and teleporting like fleas. Requesting investigation on the matter.
  8. Hey @[DE]Rebecca and Crew, any chance I could get a feedback on a feedback post I made few weeks ago about future of Trials? Or at the least could You forward my little idea to [DE]Steve and [DE]Scott? I think it's something worth looking at. It would mean world to me. Thank you either way. Cheers.
  9. So I have even lower FPS in Orb Vallis now. From 144 --> 40 --> 9 (after 24.1.3). Can you look into this?
  10. I'm not sure what exactly you did, but you managed to undo any performance fixes you made so far. Yesterday I had acceptable performance. Here is what I found today: 1. Disabling options (including high shader, which disabling does nothing btw) deincrease performance. 2. UI in Orb Vallis pretty much doesn't exist. Bounties, markers, objective progress, loot and squad members' glyphs don't load at all even after host change. 3. Loading to Orb Vallis from Fortuna is a 'lift to the center of the Solar system' aka takes forever and cause game client to stutter on transition. 4. Entering Fortuna works fine on init, but then it takes another 3 minutes to load other players' models butchering smoothness of the experience. 5. K-drive camera is directly on top of frames and really up close to the point where either warframe is invisible or you only see the very top of the helmet. 6. Often and random stutters when traveling across Orb Vallis. 7. Changing game settings changes DPI and look sensitivity to some wierd preset, only thing that seems to fix it is to close client entirely and start it back up. P.S. Before Fortuna update I had around 140 smooth FPS, but now it goes as low as 40 even in old content and my orbiter. Plus bunch of stutters and wierd client behaviour. It's not a potato PC problem. P.P.S. If I find more things I will update this post. Update #1: 8. Whenever I'm not hosting or my ping with host is above 50 ms all enemies are out of sync. It results in inability to aim, because they just teleport around and are blurred out due to frequent position change. 9. Localization displays text in host's client language when they are not playing game in english which is confusing and contains a lot of special sign errors like '*' in the middle of some words. Only noticed this in Orb Vallis.
  11. Optmalization still poop. Dropping frames all around. Including old content and orbiter. Requesting investigation. Thanks.
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