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  1. Now I'm only use explosive Primaries (Like Bramma Kuva). My favorite melees (Telos Boltace) now sucks. Welp, time to build the Glaive Prime because it is still good. Thanks DE. My style of play was ruined and I can only play the style that you impose on me for high levels. (With explosives Primaries and Glaives)
  2. Is this Destiny 2 or Warframe? Where is the blade for the space Ninja? Nerfing the mods is not the solution.
  3. Why is this second version not anchored? many people are not seeing it.
  4. So, primary weapons will be the new META? Nerf for the primaries and buff for the poor melee pls. (And then an endless cycle of the same)
  5. Kuva Nukor will be still better than the Gaze xd
  6. Hard disagree. The primaries and secundaries weapons nerfs are needed for sure. These are inconsistent changes. primaries and secundaries weapons will be stupid powerful and it trivializes most of the content.
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