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  1. No. It's 'decent' against infested and corpus if that counts as anything.
  2. End with toxin, it's the most versatile. It can make viral, corrosive and gas which are the best damage types right now. Cold is bad because there's primed cryo rounds and cold isn't as versatile. Electric is bad because corrosive isn't as good anymore and elec isn't as versatile. Quartakk wants to build viral hm anyways so elec isn't good.
  3. Hey instead of making most of the heals a super low heal per second, why not make it way higher but cap it at a % of the targets Max hp per second? For example, make it 1000 hp/s but can't heal more than 5% of the targets max hp per second.
  4. Title. Because she doesn't actually "step" and instead glides, these ephemeras don't have any effect on her unless crouch walking. This includes seeding step, fae path, eidolon step.
  5. Remove it, move it or add confirmation to the button. Accidentally clicking it and losing all the fashion frame you've been doing is annoying.
  6. Please make Corinth Prime have the same reload mechanic as the regular Corinth
  7. Any plans to let us switch Frotilla instances while on the Frotilla?
  8. How many players played raids/trials daily vs how many players played conclaive daily? And which one got removed? Why?
  9. Title. So we don't have to leave the Flotilla if it's an undesirable one. Which by the way is also an issue where certain Flotillas are empty and there's no way it's going to hit 100/100 so people just look for a new one.
  10. Hey. Instead of making it requiring 100 Murex per instance to get the victory reward, why not make it a higher total Murex of all tenno combined? Where if all the tenno complete a combined certain amount of Murex, everyone who participated during the wave gets the victory reward. This way you don't have to pick which Fortilla to go into to get the victory reward and you can instead just play the game. The worst feeling is joining a Fortilla that looks like it's going to complete but it doesn't so you don't get the victory reward for doing the same thing as everyone else.
  11. The current Scarlet Spear, you don't get a bonus if you don't reach 100/100 Murex completed. The Fortilla instances that have low amounts of players cannot complete the 100/100 Murex and don't get the bonus. WHY? Do the same sh*t as everyone else, do the same grind as everyone else, get rewarded less because you got unlucky and joined a bad Fortilla? Just make it into one big Murex goal per wave. And if the goal is completed, everyone who participated that wave will get the extra scarlet credits. This way we don't have to look for a specific Fortilla instance that actually has players in it. - - - Like this No ones gonna join Scarlet Spear 73 because it's never going to finish in time. And say you join Scarlet Spear 73 because you were unaware of how this works and you do the exact same thing as someone joining a 90/100. Except his completes 100/100 and yours doesn't. Well guess what you did the same thing as him but you don't get a bonus because f*ck you.
  12. Murex sometimes doesn't count. Scanners don't show up on the UI, after Murex is complete, counter does not go up. Does not grant scarlet credits or score either. Please fix. Happens more often than not. Not sure why this is a thing. Basically means: people should all do one fortilla and if you do one that doesn't finish you get nothing. Why? I guess doing the same S#&$ but getting 100/100 gives you 3x credits and doing the same S#&$ but not getting 100/100 gives you 1x credits. xd good one.
  13. This is taken straight from the wiki and I'm just baffled that DE can't implement something like this in the ability menu. This ability page from the wiki comprehensively shows the player quick information that one would want to know at a glance. But the important thing is that it has a little arrow that expands the ability page to show the player more information about the ability that may not be immediately clear to the player. A good example to illustrate some problems with the current UI is Chroma's Elemental Ward. The player only gets information on the current selected element in the abilities window which makes sense because the window is far too small to give that much information. To solve this problem, let us click the ability icon for "more information" to show the player what ALL the elements for Elemental Ward do since it can't all the fit on such a small window. In addition, let us click on both Passive and Tips to open up a bigger window to explain more about the passive and to show all the tips on one screen. To let everybody know about these features, there could be something like "click ability icon for more information" at the bottom of the screen. Look at what Riot has done with recent champions in League of Legends. Upon hovering over an ability, the ability information pops up like usual. However, you can hold shift to see additional ability details and exact numbers. In League of Legends, vital information about the basic functions of the ability are not nested and for everyone to see. More nerdy information is nested and shift is needed to be pressed in order to show this information. As is stands right now in Warframe, basic information is shown but additional information does not even exist. Warframe is inherently a more complicated game in that there are so many more factors than a game like League of Legends so that information is even more valuable for ALL players and thus should be given to players like what League of Legends and the wiki does.
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