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  1. Yea finally someone gets it. The worst one is on the Zenistar. Zenistar needs so many mod slots and if I want to go Gas/Cold, I waste a mod slot for heat even though I already have heat innately on the Zenistar. This mod slot could be used for better things like attack speed or amalgam organ shatter.
  2. Again, it's mod slots I'm needing. A mod slot used for an elemental I already have on the weapon is a waste.
  3. The issue is not mod points. It's mod slots. I could care less about throwing another forma onto my weapon, but wasting a mod slot for an elemental damage type I already have? Not optimal.
  4. As the title suggests, just let us choose what elements we want on a weapon based on what elemental mods are equipped. For example, if you have infected clip, stormbringer and hellfire on a Soma, you can choose between: corrosive heat, radiation toxin or gas electric without having to move mod positions. You might be asking, well this sounds useless! Well on a Soma.. yes it's quite useless. But on SINGLE elemental weapons and rivens, it makes a huge difference. Now let's say we have an Ignis with innate heat. Let's say you want gas cold. Guess what? If you put on infected clip and cryo rounds, it will result in viral heat even though you have the necessary elements to create gas and cold (fire from Ignis innate, toxin and cold from mods). To create gas cold, you would need infected clip, hellfire and cryo rounds. But why? We already have heat innately on the Ignis and is now wasting one mod slot! As for rivens, it's the riven mods that have 2+ elementals on that make modding like hell. Say we have a Rubico riven with Electric (first) and Heat (second). If you put it on with no other elements, it will make radiation, pretty obvious. However, if you put infected clip before the riven, it would combine electric and toxin for corrosive and heat. And if you put infected clip after the riven, it would make radiation toxin. If you want to make gas, you would need both infected clip and hellfire even though your riven has heat on it. This is dumb because you have all the elements necessary to create gas and electric (riven has fire/electric and infected clip has toxin) but you can't due to how modding I'd programmed. Please DE, this shouldn't be how it works. Thanks.
  5. Leveling K-drives is already a pain in the a** and losing all these points after doing a sick trick just makes it super tedious. And buff them too, they suck.
  6. Saryn is one of the older Warframes and I think she deserves a Miasma augment! I thought of some ideas and thought I'd share them. 1. Spores in the AoE of Miasma will be instantly popped. 2. Miasma consumes 50% of spores' current damage and deals additional damage equal to the amount of spore damage consumed. 3. Enemies that die while under the effects of Miasma will increase spores' damage by X. 4. Enemies killed under the effects of Miasma will restore X health and X energy to Saryn. 5. Enemies affected by Miasma will take 100% more damage from Spores. Vote for your favorite ---> https://www.strawpoll.me/17801667
  7. My 2018 Saryn guide. It's not updated for this year. I'm waiting for a 4 augment to make another guide.
  8. Thanks for the update! Any chance side quests will ever be replayable? Been wanting to scan stuff from Patient Zero, Sands of Inaros and some other quests for a while now.
  9. Range: whips Range + DPS: polearms DPS: redeemer prime or heavy blades Hold up. DPS: CL dagger
  10. Signs

    Equinox Rework

    Passive - Equilibrium When Equinox picks up health/energy orbs, she also gains the same amount of energy/health (Basically current equinox passive buff). New Effect: when Equinox casts an ability, she gains health equal to the energy used. New Effect: affecting an enemy or Ally with an ability will grant Equinox a stack of day/night (up to 25) depending on the ability (day abilities generates day stacks, night abilities generates night stacks). New Effect: each stack of day/night gives equinox stats. Day stack: 1% weapon damage (up to 25%) and 0.6% movement speed (up to 15%) per stack. Night stack: 10 armor (up to 250) and 6 max health (up to 150) per stack. 1 - Metamorphosis Switches forms. No longer gives stats based on the type of form changed into (stats moved to passive). New Effect: Hold skill button at 25 of both stacks to consume the stacks and transform into the Equilibrium Form for 30 seconds. Equilibrium Form — Cannot be nullified. Gain 25% weapon damage, 15% movement speed, 250 armor and 150 max health (the stats from passive day/night stacks). 1. Cast to leave Equilibrium Form. 2. Casts both versions of the ability at once. Will both sleep enemies and increase their damage taken. 3. Casts both versions of the ability at once. Will both increases nearby allies' power strength and also decrease nearby enemy damage. 4. Casts both versions of the ability at once. Will both deal damage to nearby enemies and give shields per kill. Cost: all abilities will act like both are cast. 2 will cost both abilities' energy cost. 3 will cost energy over time and also drain energy per ability cast in the radius. 4 will cost energy over time for maim and mend. Think of it like literally both abilities used at the same time when pressing button.
  11. Yeah, maybe with this "affecting enemy" mechanic, the number of glyphs required would be increased from like 5 to 25? Since affecting 25 enemies with your abilities isn't very difficult. Slash procs would not grant stacks. Only the initial "affecting the enemy" would count as 1 stack. You will also not be able to get a stack from the same enemy using the same ability (like walking out of the radius of maim and then back in will not grant another stack).
  12. Good point... The activation that I thought of is quite hard to achieve I suppose. Maybe it could be changed to: Affecting an enemy or ally with an ability will grant a Glyph of Shadow or Light depending on the nature of the ability used. Affecting an enemy or ally can be anything from putting them asleep with rest or damaging an enemy with maim. EDIT: "Affecting an enemy or ally with an ability...." EDIT: "Affecting an enemy or ally can be anything..."
  13. I like the double cost because it's kinda doubling the ability. But I'm not sure about half strength.. Perhaps either double cost OR half strength.
  14. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Gyromag_Systems Use these resources that are given to you.
  15. These two are sorta useless though... I've thought about it being a channel/toggle but she already has 2 toggles (mend/maim and pacify/provoke) and I don't know if adding a third is a good idea..
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