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  1. I've gotten 800k bleeds with rhino and pre Nerf Lanka with a good tier riven
  2. When Raids? Pepehands. Also Disruption still buggy. Host migrations can cause other peeps to lose all progress (affinity, mods, resources, mission rewards) Nice one DE 😂
  3. Thanks. Please fix the codex (like give everyone scans for enemies that aren't going to be released anymore or remove them from the codex until scanned) , many enemies cannot be scanned or accessed anymore. Nightwatch enemies, artificer, special hives, Normal Stalker, Misery.. Many more still not scanable. P.S Wukong sucks (kill me in these comments)
  4. Thanks for the update! Any chance side quests will ever be replayable? Been wanting to scan stuff from Patient Zero, Sands of Inaros and some other quests for a while now.
  5. oh i can solo it easy alright. but I can see that it may be a sort of issue for some players.
  6. Thanks for the update! Any chance Coolant Raknoid spawns can be decreased on solo mode? I feel like it's a little too much for an average player who either wants to solo it or can't play with other players.
  7. Thanks! A ton of exploiter orb fixes that I've been begging for!
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