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  1. What? Where do you pay for Kuva Liches? LMAO tf are you talking about
  2. "Longer lasting story?" Do you realize how long it takes to make story quests relative to how quickly ppl play through story missions? Besides, if all you want is railjack then sit down and play something else until railjack comes out. You're acting as if you'll literally die if you don't sit glued and farm all the new Kuva Lich weapons in the first week. This system is meant to be an addition to the core loop of the game, not something you burn through in a day.
  3. "Playing the game to get new rewards isn't content." Really? I agree the change in this patch is bad but come on... Are you really saying it isn't "content" because it's the same game? 😂
  4. Didn't yall ask for content that lasts though?
  5. The energy drain scaling on Grendel is a bit ridiculous. His ult isn't even super powerful and it drains like 700 energy in less than a minute. 😔
  6. So far Grendels kit feels much too clunky for little payoff. You spend more time juggling than actually getting things done from my experience. Feast's energy drain scaling (when holding just one or two enemies) is much too ridiculous, and honestly shouldn't be a thing in the first place. Nourish has the issue of being unable to reasonably keep track of buff order with no UI indication, and it's hard to tell which ones are currently active. It's near impossible to keep track of which order you ate things in when enemies die super quickly in the gut, and when you're on the move, and/or when you eat a lot of enemies at the same time. The buffs should either be on a scroll selection like Wisp's 1 and/or sequenced 1-2-3 and remove the enemy type condition. I haven't used Regurgitate all that much so I can't comment on it. For now it doesn't feel too special. Pulverize is fun, albeit a little clunky to control (but that's part of the charm I think), but it's a bummer that you can't use it unless you eat something and when you do eat something it sometimes dies super fast (and especially when jumping and rolling around) so you're barely able to use the ult. I saw someone suggest that maybe ult dmg should be stored and dealt when the enemies get regurgitated, and I'd agree w that.
  7. The new Exilus looks really cool, so I think it could be really neat to have both exilus adapters as orbiter decorations 🥺
  8. Maybe, just maybe, it's different people complaining?
  9. How am i changing things you say? You said "If you think it's a slog it's only because you and your squad sucks, or because you can't bother to even play it." LMAO It took less than an hour for YOU, your experiences aren't universal. Besides, a slog doesn't mean "more time spent" it means the time spent is boring af. 1 hour of watching paint dry is still a slog, even if it's "just" 1 hour.
  10. I'd say having to run lv40+ 20minute+ missions with no gear is a slog. "Oh you just think it's a slog bc you need to git gud xd" isn't exactly a great argument. Neither is "oh I got boned by rng for 24hrs straight so you having to do these boring missions for a few hours isn't a REAL slog". aaand saying "Then go farm plat" doesn't exactly change the fact the missions suck, which is the issue at hand.
  11. Can you stop with the logical extreme arguments? There's a difference between having gear restrictions and literally being turned into a lv1 chump with NOTHING to use. "Uh I managed to do it with my tryhard clanmates without problem just git gud xd" isn't exactly productive criticism as it is obvious biased bragging. If you are a person that's like "Ohh don't change this i loved the challenge everyone is just wanting it on a silver platter don't listen to them!XD" 1. there's nothing stopping you from playing the game without any mods equipped if you want that challenge 2. just because people are saying these missions are currently an unfun pain in the ass (especially solo) doesn't mean they want it to be trivialized 3. it doesn't take much to "just use your brain" on what warframe(s) work best, just because someone has tryhard friends that they can squad up with doesn't make them intellectually superior to the people who don't like these missions You can make a challenging mission with gear restrictions without making it a slog that only bored masochist "veterans" and their friends with video game god complexes enjoy.
  12. I'm not opposed to difficult content but Completely neutering our characters feels a bit jarring tbh. I would've been fine with if we kept our gear but unranked or something, because as-is having to deal with lv40+ enemies with no mods or operator is both frustrating and a slog. Especially something like survival where you have to kill enemies quickly for life support modules. I already dislike being at the mercy of Capsule RNG tbh and it's even worse here
  13. Ohh maybe I got the email asking for info bc I already got my shirt and statue then?
  14. I'm unsure if the compensation is legit, it feels odd of DE to ask for personal info they already have just to add some stuff to our accounts. 🤔
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