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  1. Being forced to use two different buttons for the same action is a huge detriment to gameplay flow, especially since if you want to heavy attack with a primary out you cant just press the melee button to directly heavy attack, you have to switch weapons and then also switch keys. This issue of splitting heavy melee off on its own binding is worsened by the fact you can't share melee functions with other keys, so you can't have a shared binding on R to be both Reload and Heavy Melee for example. Hold to heavy has its own share of issues, but as it stands swapping the old issues for these new issues arguably hurts more than it helps. Warframe is already starved for good keybinding space without having two different buttons for what used to be on the same key.
  2. This is definitely a good step in the right direction, a few screens still need better presenting though, the abilities screen comes to mind. There's no sense in hiding information behind needless hovers and combination clicks on a screen that is supposed to be 100% dedicated to information on the subject. Also, a nice change for the store previews would be to have (instead of rotating dioramas that you can't interact with) the item model on display that you can rotate 360 degrees on your own. Maybe also an option to play the weapon/ability sounds could be fun
  3. You really need to stop with obfuscating information behind 293842 clicks and hovers, this is infinitely more annoying than having the information be given directly. Like the new end of mission screen, why remove how many you received of an item? That only hurts the end user experience. As well as with the abilities screen, it is the ABILITIES screen. You should be given the information directly when you click there, not have to go through a bunch of tiny sub menus. Like please at least use more of the screen real estate for the information for the information page, and not the panorama. Make them drop down menus or something if you have to
  4. PLEASE improve the resource and reward infrastructure, you NEED to be given the rewards and resources to your account on pickup. This has been one of Warframe's biggest issues for years, and is one of the reasons why people are encouraged to get in and get out as fast as possible. Because staying longer in a mission increases losing ALL that effort due to the constant crashes and disconnects and failed host migrations. EXP, resources, mods, intrinsics, wreckage, etc. This issue is even more prevalent now with railjack having 2 objectives along with killing 90 fighters and 6 crewships AND resource gathering from asteroids and containers. I just did a veil mission and lost EVERYTHING, reactor drops, resources, intrinsics just because the game decided to crash right during the mission countdown when i was warping to my railjack. No one will want to spend any length of time playing the game when you can spend hours in a mission and lose it all like this. You did this reward system for open world bounties, so please do it here and across the entire game too for item drops and not just end of mission rewards.
  5. I'd love for the ability to have engine, emissive and weapon energy colors be separate on the railjack, as well as having multiple appearance slots
  6. Wreckage (Especially tier 1 and 2) feels like a waste of time and resources and a bummer at the moment, they cost arms and legs to repair while also being on a 12hr repair timer (the 40 plat repair drone doesn't help, really sour taste from that p2w crap) when the clan research items are always better AND cost less resources to build. If you want people to experiment with Wreckage, and it is meant to make our railjacks feel special and unique, you need to: 1. Cut crafting costs down significantly (more than by 50% since new wreckage drops often) 2. Completely remove the 12hr timer. Crafting timers work for warframes and weapons because they aren't turned obsolete a mission node away, they don't work with expendable gear. 3. Remove the repair drone or cut its cost down considerably, or make it cost credits instead. When there's a lot of variance, frequency and RNG in the gear drops you can't have timers associated with them. nor can you have insane resource investment in them either. Let people instantly use and experiment with the loot they get. My comparison would be how bungie changed legendary drops in destiny 1, the weapons came usable out of the gate but also had resource investments to fully unlock the weapon perks and stats, and they changed weapons to come with the perks unlocked out of the gate too. They did this to promote players trying the new stuff they got without being deterred from having to invest rare resources and time spent XP grinding just to be able to properly use the weapon at its intended. This is the same issue Wreckage has. Warframes work with resource investment and crafting timers because they're one and done, Wreckage doesn't work with timers and huge investment because it is extremely impermanent gear. People won't want to invest resources into something they know they'll replace soon anyway. And people won't want to repair things because they are on a timer (a timer so long they'll get something better to drop WHILE the thing they just repaired is on the timer) and they can't use the gear they just got anyway. (This is why the expensive repair drone feels extra insidious)
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