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  1. If you have re-linked and it says you claimed it, try closing the game and reopening it and/or going to a relay
  2. I had no idea you had to relink ☹ Where do you check if you're eligible for the drop? EDIT: Found it, it's in my inventory thankfully. twitch tv/drops/inventory for anyone else struggling to find it.
  3. I don't understand why they keep neutering Vazarin and being so stingy with letting you heal things. Warframes IMO should have innate health regen even if slow, and constantly nerfing vazarin from being able to do its intended thing makes NO sense. There's no reason healing should be at a premium because at a certain point if you stay in endless missions enemies have the ability to melt you instantly anyway.
  4. Came into this thread wondering if there was anything more to this feature other than just tokens, and I see both of you spending way too much effort arguing about something that really doesn't matter at all. 😭 I don't mean to be rude, but surely there's better things you both can do than have some 🍆-jousting contest over things completely irrelevant to the subject?
  5. There's a difference between playing the game and rotting your brain in a poorly designed game mode that you gain nothing of importance for except a slim chance at getting the one crafting component you need. I'm not "too stuck up" to trade for the parts, I'm frustrated because I WANT TO play the new content to get the rewards for it, but it's currently in a sorry af state. The fact you can buy or trade for it through plat doesn't change the fact the iso vaults and necramech fights in their current state are like a crappy tech demo.
  6. Equinox grind was better than this crap, the tyl regor fight you could do really quickly and it had just one step to it, and the fight itself actually worked as it should. Both in mission design and enemy design, Tyl Regor bossfight is lightyears ahead of both the isovault mission in its entirety and especially the necramech enemies.
  7. That isn't the issue, the issue is that DE are just selling you the necramech (or at worst demanding you buy it) instead of making the effort to make the iso vaults actually half decent to play through. These are the types of MTX that are insidious, it will only get worse from here. It always does.
  8. "few hours" Is this a joke? Do you really think slogging through the same janky crappy bossfight mission for a SINGLE sub-3% drop rate part for hours on end is insignificant? I'd have a more productive experience if I spent the same time yanking my pubes out one by one
  9. Because sitting for hours hoping for an infinitesimal drop rate in a slog of a repetitive mission is so much fun. Some of us actually value our time. I'd love to make my own necramech, but they insist on forcing people to slog through a 💩 buggy bossfight in a boring repetitive mission that doesn't even have a guaranteed drop of one of the parts you need. It's clear DE either are sipping their own kool aid, or they flat out don't respect their players time. That's if Bungie locked the new destiny subclasses behind a sub-single digit drop rate, and then made an event where it was required. I
  10. Only a 2 minute time limit, and in a huge area where you can't tell if it's in caves or not, and is asking you to find things that completely blend in with the environment is just a bit too much. Even with a full squad, but especially solo, this bounty step feels extremely difficult if not impossible. Just changing their glow to something other than orange would help a lot.
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