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  1. I was initially a bit mindflooded on how Lavos worked, but when I realized using his kit is basically like playing a rhythm game like Guitar Hero I had another realization that this is really how I'd want Octavia to play. I feel like Octavia, if anyone, should have an interactive kit like Lavos since while the mandachord and having the music incorporated into the abilities is great, I've always felt Octavia is unfortunately really boring and, ironically, monotonous to play. Octavia is basically just 'set it and forget it' while you crouch spam, which gets pretty old quick. 😭

    Don't get me wrong, I don't wanna come across too negative because I absolutely love Lavos' kit from the interactivity to the individual ability designs to how he uses cooldowns instead of energy (something I've wanted to see either in a warframe or across all warframes for a long time). So I'd love to see Octavia reworked, that she was a more engaging warframe to play, and something similar to Lavos would work great IMO

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  2. 10 hours ago, Genitive said:

    Did you relink your Twitch account to your Warframe account after they updated the drops 2 weeks ago?

    I had no idea you had to relink ☹ Where do you check if you're eligible for the drop?

    EDIT: Found it, it's in my inventory thankfully. twitch tv/drops/inventory for anyone else struggling to find it.

  3. I don't understand why they keep neutering Vazarin and being so stingy with letting you heal things. Warframes IMO should have innate health regen even if slow, and constantly nerfing vazarin from being able to do its intended thing makes NO sense. There's no reason healing should be at a premium because at a certain point if you stay in endless missions enemies have the ability to melt you instantly anyway.

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  4. Came into this thread wondering if there was anything more to this feature other than just tokens, and I see both of you spending way too much effort arguing about something that really doesn't matter at all. 😭 I don't mean to be rude, but surely there's better things you both can do than have some 🍆-jousting contest over things completely irrelevant to the subject?

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  5. 20 hours ago, Hobie-wan said:

    Ermagherd, you need to play the game in order to play the game! The nerve!

    You need to play through the archwing mission to be able to do the fomorian event, though you'd do pretty terribly with unleveled archwing stuff without being carried. You need to play through planets to easily make sure you can get to Baro when he comes. As for comparisons to Scarlet Spear and hitching a ride on a railjack if you weren't just doing ground missions, technically as long as you have full spoiler mode, you could tag along on someone else's Orphix missions and not use the mechs at all as long as you had a carry there as well. Amps will damage the Orphix, generators, and other enemies. If the carrier didn't care, you could just see about mostly staying alive while in spoiler mode.

    I'm sure there would be people complaining if they didn't add the ability to buy mechs as well. 🙄

    There's a difference between playing the game and rotting your brain in a poorly designed game mode that you gain nothing of importance for except a slim chance at getting the one crafting component you need. I'm not "too stuck up" to trade for the parts, I'm frustrated because I WANT TO play the new content to get the rewards for it, but it's currently in a sorry af state. The fact you can buy or trade for it through plat doesn't change the fact the iso vaults and necramech fights in their current state are like a crappy tech demo.

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  6. Just now, motorfirebox said:

    Yes, it's just pure madness to expect that existing game content might be used in future game content.


    Don't know what to tell you, guy. I managed to put mine together playing an hour or two a day for 3-4 days. By the time Bonewidow came out, I had enough spare parts to build her immediately. Now Equinox, THAT was a grind.


    Equinox grind was better than this crap, the tyl regor fight you could do really quickly and it had just one step to it, and the fight itself actually worked as it should.

    Both in mission design and enemy design, Tyl Regor bossfight is lightyears ahead of both the isovault mission in its entirety and especially the necramech enemies. 

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  7. On 2020-12-18 at 10:49 PM, Leyvonne said:

    How does it cheapen it?
    Why does it matter to you if someone buys it?
    How would you even know if someone got it the hard way or by making plat ingame or by spending real money?
    Do you feel the same way about frames and weapons? If not, why?

    I'm sorry, but for me it is just the strangest thing to be upset over how someone acquires something in a game.

    That isn't the issue, the issue is that DE are just selling you the necramech (or at worst demanding you buy it) instead of making the effort to make the iso vaults actually half decent to play through. These are the types of MTX that are insidious, it will only get worse from here. It always does.

  8. 2 hours ago, motorfirebox said:

    Honestly, this is just ridiculous. DE bends over backwards to make sure the game isn't pay-to-win. Getting the parts for one is a few hours' grind, nothing more. You'll spend more time waiting for the forge to finish than you will grinding the components.

    "few hours" Is this a joke? Do you really think slogging through the same janky crappy bossfight mission for a SINGLE sub-3% drop rate part for hours on end is insignificant? I'd have a more productive experience if I spent the same time yanking my pubes out one by one

  9. 2 hours ago, Kylo. said:

    You had plenty of time to get yourself a Necramech, you still do.

    Because sitting for hours hoping for an infinitesimal drop rate in a slog of a repetitive mission is so much fun. Some of us actually value our time. I'd love to make my own necramech, but they insist on forcing people to slog through a 💩 buggy bossfight in a boring repetitive mission that doesn't even have a guaranteed drop of one of the parts you need. 

    It's clear DE either are sipping their own kool aid, or they flat out don't respect their players time. That's if Bungie locked the new destiny subclasses behind a sub-single digit drop rate, and then made an event where it was required. It's asinine

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  10. Any plans on improving the necramech battles by making their damage calculation consistent across both host and clients, properly displaying where the slow field is, and removing the damage reflection that punishes you for trying to counter the infinitely spamming invulnerability shield?

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  11. Just now, HelixRook said:

    I like to do those things on my own. I don’t like being told I *have* to in order to progress anywhere. 

    So you're angry you have to play the new content..to progress in the new content? I fully think that conservation and fishing is a hot mess (especially with enemies spawning out of your rectum constantly, and the visibility being awful), but to be angry you have to do the new activities to progress within the syndicate makes no sense. There should be unique requirements for ranking up, and not just a sink where you just deposit bullets for rep.

  12. 3 hours ago, EinheriarJudith said:

    the core princile is to kill enemies and get loot, not go fishing, animal rescue, cave dive for minerals. there is no alternative to ranking up. you need to do mining, fishing, conservasion, and bounties. 

    they should have used what they already made since they updated plains of eidolon to be like fortuna.

    Frankly, if all you want to do is mindless shooting there is plenty of that already in the game. Just because you can't stand the idea of something that doesn't involve shooty shooty does not mean that's the only thing the game should be.

  13. The issue isn't having to do conservation as much as it is conservation being a pain because of different factors.

    1. Enemies spawning on you constantly with cross-map aggro, making it impossible to focus on the task at hand and at worst scaring the animals away or even killing them.
    2. Poor visibility of the tracks and finding the lure points, and poor visibility of seeing the actual animals in the tranq UI with the pulsing silhouette and no indication of which direction they're in. ESPECIALLY in Cambion Drift with everything being orange.
    3. RNG on the rarity of the animal
    4. Not getting extra tags based on the quality of your capture
    5. The flying animals being EXTRA hard to see.
    6. The system being confusing af and not explained AT ALL, and no mention of the fact you can find animals roaming freely

    That being said, at least you can find a lot of animals roaming in the wild (although they always become Weakened because of the constant enemy spawns ruining everything). I managed to snag two of the rare Predasites just roaming, thankfully. 

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  14. Honestly I think having standing be connected to MR is questionable, I wouldn't feel bad about it if standing was universal regardless of MR. I do think it would help if there were other incentives to ranking up your MR though, like armor sets etc.

    And for everyone throwing a fit, DE making it better for people going forward is NOT spitting in the face of people who did it in the previous system. We still got the benefit from having high MR, and thus nothing will change for us but only make things better for new players. If improving the game in any aspect was truly "spitting in the face" of people who played it before that point, the game would never improve. 

    MR really isn't nor should it be a end-all be-all, because at the end of the day it's just like a completion checklist. Like Grimoire score in destiny.

  15. This explains why there was no crystal. I really wish they'd turn off the infinitely and instantly respawning infested miniboss units when you're just trying to look around the area too. Especially getting spammed with the glass enemies, it's just too much.

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  16. Only a 2 minute time limit, and in a huge area where you can't tell if it's in caves or not, and is asking you to find things that completely blend in with the environment is just a bit too much. Even with a full squad, but especially solo, this bounty step feels extremely difficult if not impossible. Just changing their glow to something other than orange would help a lot.

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  17. On 2020-08-14 at 3:54 PM, HomicidalGrouse said:

    I know much more about UI design and accessibility than you think, but bragging about my own knowledge and accomplishments on the internet is about as effective an argument as your baseless assumptions.

    They brought previously obfuscated relevant I formation to the front, and put less relevant information on another page. That is objectively GOOD design, no matter how much you want to kick and scream about it.

    "Actually I have a lot of knowledge about UI design and accessibility than you think, and I have over 300 confirmed commissioned User Interfaces and am trained in User Experience Optimization. So that's why I'm being overly defensive when people complain about the accessibility in a UI made worse." Sure there, Mr Navy Seal copypasta. You certainly aren't just being a contrarian because you can't stand the fact people have an issue with unwanted and unhelpful changes made to the game. And frankly, even if you actually have UI design experience, that does not mean your UIs are any good. Especially considering the fact you're here defending unnecessary, unneeded and unhelpful changes to something that already had a good layout that just needed a fresh coat of paint and minor tweaks.

  18. 5 hours ago, HomicidalGrouse said:


    You mean to tell me that something that used to take 0.4 seconds now takes 0.6 seconds!?

    DE, fix it now! It's too much effort to move my mouse to find irrelevant information!

    Ah yes, lets make the user experience demonstrably worse in a significant way because it looks insignificant to some rando who has no clue about UI design. If you don't realize how big a detriment from an accessibility and end user experience hiding something behind hovers and clicks is, for something that used to be plainly displayed, you have no right to speak on what's insignificant or not. Because, you know, the time and effort wasted adds up. It's unnecessary and a detriment to something that used to work better. 

    It's like if a bus schedule sheet removed all the timetables just to show an image of a bus on half the page, and you had to pull on paper tabs or press a button to get your bus schedule instead of it just being plainly displayed. 

    The difference between just being able to get information at a glance, and having to jump through hoops to get that information is a significant change and obfuscating information that should be, and used to be, plainly displayed is objectively BAD design. And defending it is a god damn awful take.

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  19. Something does feel off, I'm doing tier 1 voids and my rewards so far are;
    6 Stahlta Reciever
    9 Stropha Barrel
    8 Stropha Blade
    13 Velox Barrel
    1 Protea Neuroptics

    Sample size isn't the biggest, but protea part seems to be closer to a 5% drop chance than what's actually advertised. Will update occasionally

    edit2: Finally got Protea Neuroptics after 37 runs
    edit3: Protea Chassis after 7, definitely more reasonable

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