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  1. will download it soon, cant wait to see how the weapons feel with the dual sense
  2. oh the trophies are annoying didn't see that, thankfully they aren't too hard to complete, I'm shivering thinking about my witcher 3 playthrough that I'll have to earn again for the platinum oh well, more PS xp
  3. nope, people move at different paces, I'm a completionist so I try get everything done asap most of the times, I think i'm at MR20 with 400 or so hours
  4. 60fps, wow finally I won't have to struggle with the sluggish gameplay in public lobbies, cant wait
  5. If it’s not a popular weapon you could get a good roll for relatively cheap. wether it’s trash or not, a riven for a popular weapon will always be expensive(probably a couple hundred) and good rivens are in the thousands and If it’s a popular weapon,(unless you need to minmax eidolon hunting) you probably won’t need it
  6. Hate has slash as it’s highest proc, so when you go viral make sure it’s less than slash cause you don’t want viral proccing more than slash
  7. Hmm so the clone does a heavy attack instead of a finisher?
  8. Getting revenant as the boosted Warframe in arbitrations is the best feeling in the world
  9. Yeah this happened to me too, you don’t need to do that mission, just hop in any mission and quit it
  10. Limbo is the most controversial frame.. well Nezha might be behind him. I like topics about him, very interesting to read
  11. I doubt people will stop playing the game, bit of a stretch
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