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  1. this, disruption is the only mode id consider going longer because it stays at permanent C rotation, if other mods did that it would be considered to stay longer, but other modes also have trash rewards like ammo drum and 42 credits
  2. rng being rng I think im about 100 runs without the last part needed for Ivara, but I did have some good luck with Gauss,Nidus and Khora Gauss I got within 30 minutes or so Nidus took 10 rounds roughly and oddly I had all the parts for Khora even though I wasn't specifically farming for her, just trying to level up and do nightwave stuff my luck is spy missions is terrible, harrow took about 50 runs
  3. war cry and resonator are two that I like so far, sevagoths ability seems good too, but managing the energy drain could be tough
  4. revenant skin needs to come quick, so sad
  5. nope, changed mines and everything is fine
  6. baruuk completely destroys everything in the game, don't need to worry about armour with him revenant can also one shot the enemies if they are enthralled ash can ignore the armour with all his deadly slashes but he can also strip it
  7. nooo, i don't have arcane energise yet and some frames struggle with energy for me
  8. over frame has a Lott of good builds to look at https://overframe.gg/items/arsenal/53/saryn-prime/
  9. Nidus,Revenant,Baruuk,Inaros and Wukong I just like a lazy tank playstyle in general and gauss if I feel like being active
  10. only time single player isn't slightly viable is when opening relics, although you can open it quicker you can get many rare parts and more traces in coop
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