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  1. I find Revenant really good for solo missions I used him a couple of times in steel path Mobile defence and I didn’t need to kill anything, they all killed each other
  2. Riven is for plague keewar +140% crit chance +127% melee damage any possible good heavy attack builds? scythe or polearm
  3. huh, opposite for me, I always find people who clear the room instantly and zoom throw everything
  4. I was shocked that I was needing to activate the life support capsules and thought what am I doing wrong, then I realized I was always using Nekros in survival so I forgot the capsules existed
  5. I’ve only found people in missions like Interception and Defence, everything else is dead
  6. Dokrahm +Status Duration +Attack speed +melee damage Dread +Corpus Damage +toxin +critical damage Dual Ichor +Finisher damage +damage -critical damage Fragor +Damage +Additional combo Chance -critical chance Latron +crit damage +heat +corpus damage Mewan +crit damage +combo duration -crit Chance on slide Plague Keewar +Crit chance + Damage Plague Kripath +Crit damage +status chance + crit damage Sepfahn + damage +crit damage + additional combo Chance -impact Supra +damage +grineer damage +reload speed -status duration Tombfinger +multi shot +damage +crit Chance War +crit damage +electricity +infested damage War +Electricity +cold +infested damage
  7. can I see the full stats for the Gaze Panthera Rattleguts and the price
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