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  1. Same thing here, I managed to get 2 Spinal Cores the first time I cut fish (I had 3, got only 2 Spinal Cores) and then after that when I cut VItreospina no Spinal Core is yielded
  2. You have to link your Warframe Account with your Twitch Account on warframe.com/user
  3. I think there's something wrong with the drop chance for Steel Essence. I did a 70 minute survival mission on Gabii Ceres and got 13 Oberon components blueprints but only 7 Steel Essence drops, and after 70 minutes I think statistically the numbers should be somewhat consistent with the actual drop chances (1% for Oberon component blueprint and 2% for Steel Essence). Sadly I don't have any screenshots of the end of mission screen. Did the drop chance for Steel Essence change with yesterday's hotfix? Also, Khora's emissive colors with the Urushu skin are still bugged, as seen h
  4. When you convert a lich it can spawn in missions to help you, or you can trade it to other players (if you do it won't spawn anymore since it's been passed to another player); if the lich has an ephemera you still get it by converting it. Vanquishing a lich gives you the weapon and the ephemera in case it has it.
  5. These all look so good!! I really like this kinda-watercolor / muted colors style you use! Also, now I ship Darvo and Baro too
  6. Thank you so much 😄 Heya, thank you 🙂
  7. This year's theme really reflects what I've percieved this year: the dev team listening to the community. You gave us a new warframe with its own quest, Railjack revisited and hard mode. This really goes to show that you care about us the players. Thank you for all your hard work, especially now with the added work-from-home difficulty. I'm really excited to see what you have in store for us on August 1st 💜
  8. Same problem here. The color never seems to apply to the energy part in the Urushu helmet and the color resets to default when exiting the arsenal (despite still showing the custom color assigned previously upon reentering the arsenal). Screenshots for reference. Here the color is showing correctly on the energy parts Exit the arsenal, resets to default Then if you reenter the arsenal it shows the default color on the model but the color you assigned in the selection menu
  9. I managed to finish it in time for the TennoCon Art Show deadline 😄 I'm quite happy of how it turned out, and I think the red ribbon really complements the overall look 🙂
  10. Primed the pipe with gray matte primer Blocked out the various parts with basecoats PS: I promise once it's finished I'm gonna take better photos (possibly a 60 second video for the Tenncon Art Show submission) with my dslr
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