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  1. Send me a plat offer or I can trade for another Lich with Vengeful Charge Ephemera or Vengeful Pull Ephemera (I don't really care about the weapon bonus percentage). Feel free to message me in game 😉
  2. 150p or send me an offer (you can also whisper me in game if I'm online) 😉 Also interested in trading for other ephemeras: I still need: Vengeful Charge, Vengeful Flame, Vengeful Pull and Vengeful Shockwave
  3. Regarding "hard mode", I know it's in early stages and what was shown was probably just a temporary implementation of the idea, but instead of adding the "extra click" upon clicking on the node, it might be better to have some kind of universal toggle somewhere on screen to put all the nodes in the chart at a given difficulty level.
  4. Saw this yesterday on youtube! Very nice 😄
  5. I'm back with a little update: sculpted all the little details that I missed. Now I need to add the swirly thing around the rod, add some more details and sand it smooth, then it's onto painting! I'm debating if I should follow the "original" color pallet or go with something slightly different 🤔
  6. They look like teeth lol
  7. A bit of progress today, I finished sculpting the basic shapes, now onto details!
  8. You did a terrific job both getting all the content together and with the gorgeous design. Kudos Tenno!
  9. I just caught up with this thread. You've done an incredible work, I'd love to see these in game because we don't have almost any sentient skins and armor parts. And, as an Oberon main, that Famine Helmet looks insane 😍
  10. Shedu parts drop from Sentient Symbilysts, which spawn in the Murex and Condrix missions (you can see their drop table here https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Symbilyst) Additionally, War parts drop from the new Sentient enemy type. the Aerolyst (drop table here https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Aerolyst)
  11. Absolutely love this! I really like Arana's design
  12. This art looks insane!! Great job ! The male version's helmet made me think of Tron
  13. Thank you! I'll definitely take beauty shots of this when it's finished and send it on Twitter to the comminity team 🙂
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