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  1. RIP endgame firequake CC ember; it was already risky to play as it was. Into the garbage with yet another frame. Be sure to buy the ember prime access though so your trash bin can sparkle!
  2. Am I the only one who feels like you shouldn't have to strip armor for heavy weapons to be useful in endgame? They already have charging time, projectile travel time, low ammo counts, and the potential to blow up in your face. It makes sense for small arms to require corrosive procs to whittle down on a target's armor, but for the big weapons like opticor, ogris, lenz, etc. it would be nice to have innate armor ignore or more powerful corrosive debuffs per proc. We have so many tiny weapons with amazing crit and status chances where all you need to do is hold down the fire button to take
  3. Like all other heavy weapons it doesn't do jack to armor so... it's more of a "fun against weak enemies" weapon than an OP one.
  4. Naramon. That garbage needs to go. It basically turns the game into Vader vs. Younglings. They never even see it coming!
  5. Who is the OP complaining to? The Orokin are long dead!
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