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  1. Campaigner

    Umbra and his scarf...

    Maybe you should just respect Umbra's fashion sense and thank him for adopting your color scheme?
  2. They had to make their own energy effects because they couldn't use Nvidia's anymore so these are side effects of that switch. The light intensity does seem to need to be toned down on a number of things. For example, I was using Redeemer Prime with my usual turquoise energy color... BLINDING with every charged shot. Had to change energy color to black.
  3. Campaigner

    Where is the vacuum apocalypse?

    Haha yeah, grats to Scott and the devs that allied with him against Glen and the loot squatters.
  4. I remember one of the devs saying they start out with high grind numbers in case an unintended method of obtaining everything and blowing through all content in a single day is discovered. Chill.
  5. Campaigner

    tried my best to replicate Rhino prime

    There's this game called Pit People...
  6. I guess this macro I just made to turn my semi-autos into autos must make you mad then, huh? Overwatch, which just won the 2018 award for best Esports game, has had this feature as the default for years! But alas, I'm sure that if they had a genius like you on their dev team to swoop in and remove that feature Overwatch would be even better!
  7. That sounds like a rework and I'm asking for something that is way easier to implement. Rather than spamming Warframe servers with fire imputs and having some of them get through to trigger shots whenever fire rate allows why not just have the player choose (in options menu) to have their warframe shoot the semi auto as fast as the weapon allows?! If this really too difficult for people to understand? How is binding "fire weapon" to mouse scroll or making a macro to spam for you somehow better than just implementing some common sense QoL for everyone?
  8. It's a horde shooter as in you kill hundreds (if not thousands) of enemies swarming you. That's a lot of clicking! Also, no, it would not make the different categories of triggers irrelevant. The delay between shots would be unchanged and the strengths of each trigger type would likewise remain unchanged. All that would change is how much your finger hurts from spamming clicks so damned much.
  9. This is a "horde shooter" and I tend not to use semi-autos with high fire rate because I really don't want to wear out my mouse and the tendons in my pointer finger. Other games out there (lesser games) like Overwatch have this and it's one of the few QoL features missing in Warframe.
  10. Campaigner

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.2 +

    Tier 3 K-drive's back bit looks fine in arsenal but has bugged placement upon using launcher in the Orb Vallis.
  11. Campaigner

    Warframe on Nintendo Switch: ACCOUNT MIGRATION!

    Because PS4 and Xbox are competitors with the Switch and are far too greedy to let your Warframe account slip out of their fingers. Don't blame DE for Sony and Microsoft console greed.
  12. It might be better that the dumber players quit warframe and stick to COD, etc. This community is one of the best for a reason.
  13. Campaigner

    TennoLive 2018 - Ash Prime Twitch Drop!

    Yeah because they're going to have a huge convention in Canada at a time that is convenient only for people who aren't at the convention just to make you happy.
  14. Campaigner

    TennoLive 2018 - Ash Prime Twitch Drop!

    Ah yes, the "I'm lucky and don't have responsibilities during this hour" exclusive syandana. Great idea, LOOOOOL!