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  1. ??? What? I don't have the idle unlocked so I have no idea what this thread is about.
  2. Pay a bit more attention to the game? IT'S A #*!%ING CONTENT DROUGHT RIGHT NOW. Checking Warframe.com's front page and logging in wasn't enough?! How much S#&$ do I have to check just to know something I grinded for isn't going to disappear? Sometimes they use in-game mail, sometimes they use tactical alert/event countdowns on the navigation menu, and sometimes it's in the news console. FFS, it's like a god damned easter egg hunt.
  3. Like, why couldn't they have just left Nora and the store for a few days and just removed any new rewards and missions after the last week ended?? Why wasn't there an in-game mail like you get from Baro? Nora had enough time to mail out tactical alert rewards but couldn't mention she was going to leave?
  4. I was going to but I realized I had logged in about an hour after the arbitrary "STORE GOES POOF NOW" cutoff. If it hadn't been for a message in the guild discord I never would have realized that the wolf credits were going to be deleted because why the heck would a recurring event's tokens be deleted in the first place?? Steve even said you would be able to go back and earn the wolf stuff again!! Literally every time I log in I'm reminded of all the time I wasted doing Nightwave after hitting the last reward and I just don't feel like playing.
  5. It's really not too big of a deal, but having spent a considerable amount of time getting the credits and not being able to spend them because of artifical scarcity BS is really irritating, especially since there isn't anything new in the game to do. Literally every time I log in I'm reminded of all the time I wasted doing Nightwave after I had already hit the cap and promptly find myself logging off.
  6. Been working through the weekend so I didn't spend the hundreds of wolf credits I had. HAHAHHA! #*!%.
  7. Yeah, it's always either a 10 year old, someone vaping, or just some pleb that spends no effort cultivating a good speaking voice. I have it permanently turned off at this point because listening to bad voices is literally something I only force myself to do when I'm working out in public.
  8. That comic legitimately made my day.
  9. And let's not even mention that her abilities are too slow without natural talent. It's like she was designed to be tedious and slow. She should have been the tortoise warframe, not the gore warframe.
  10. I maxed out Garuda's damage potential with a full-range nuke build that will melt everything within the medium-large radius. The problem is that in order to use that nuke (throwing her 1 after marking the enemies with her 4) you have to use 3 twice (to get energy) and then 1 (to pick up orb shield), then 2 to heal for the next batch of 3's later, then charge and release your 4 after positioning yourself towards a group of enemies, and FINALLY releasing your 1 on the enemies. In other words, even with the min-maxed Garuda AOE dps build you need to press: 3 3 1 2 4 1 in order to nuke. That's 6 buttons plus charging-cast time just to do what other dps frames do with only 1 or 2 buttons. Garuda looks cool, and she can do OK damage, but she's so slow that she gets left in the dust.
  11. Tried with myself and 3 random pugs as host. Broken every time.
  12. "Press 4 to win" is reserved to volt, equinox, and other 1 button nukers.
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