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  1. Disregard this as a bug report. I've discovered that some ephemera are prebuilt and a blueprint isn't required for their acquisition. Additionally my lich did have the ephemera visible in the codex, but his armor was bulky enough that I didn't even notice it.
  2. I recently vanquished my latest kuva lich with an impact kuva ayanga. It wasn't sporting an ephemera, at least in the codex, but after the mission one of the recovered items, to my surprise, was the vengeful ephemera. However this seems to have been a bug in which it showed me an ephemera it wasn't actually giving me as it wasn't present in my forge along with the kuva ayanga. I had joined another player whom had a lower level kuva lich with lvl 50 enemies in a sabotage mission on Mars if I recall, sorry I can't be more specific, during which only my level 5 lich presented itself. T
  3. Nice thanks. I kept searching and considered it might be a bonus with the necramech statue, but couldn't find any relevant information.
  4. I recently watched a video someone posted showing off their orbiter decor and noticed a Necramech come into frame. Is it possible to use your necramech while inside the orbiter? Or is this someone showing off the game assets in something else? Time was at 0:54
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