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  1. TheNasky

    Gauss toughts

    his 2 makes him really tanky, you can literally afk on lvl 70s and not die. if properly built (specially with adaptation and double arcane guardians) but the problem is that on higher levels, you are left with only 1 ability, because his 1 and 3 are totally irrelevant. and his 4 is meaningless if you dont have any battery. wich you shouldnt have if kinetic plating is up. i have being doing some endurance runs lately and he seems okey. im using the spin2win tactic to just run around the map in a second while killing everything on my path. and it moves so fast that it seems to be charging his battery a little bit. but it is just too little to make a difference (around 20% permanently) if they at least increased the ammount of battery you get per meter moved (at least x3) then he would at least have a chance to proc his ult. wich is what he needs the most imo.
  2. TheNasky

    Gauss toughts

    we are not many, and i have the impression that, if DE doesnt fix gauss's ult we are going to be less and less with each day.
  3. not a terrible a idea, but it would be just too hard to balance, and too much work on the devs. and anyway most of the community is not into that kind of stuff. warframe is all about powercreep. while skill is clearly not one of the things the community is interested in.
  4. TheNasky

    Gauss toughts

    this exactly. he has a really cool concept but it feels as if they wanted to prevent him from being op, and as a result ended up releasing a weak warframe with no true identity to his kit. he does nothing well besides being cool and fast,
  5. TheNasky

    Gauss toughts

    you are talking about his advantages, but in reality he doesnt have any, his 3 is a small radius- low damage, cc area. wich is fine, but gets outclassed by pretty much all other similar abilities, his 1 makes him run fast, but not as fast as other warframes, while also making him unable to attack wich imo is pretty bad for the overall playstyle, and his 4 is unusable with kinetic plating, wich again takes me to the same point, ofc you could play without kinetic plating, and have a warframe with a weird kit with no identity, but imo it would be much better if his kit worked better as a whole. as for the passive i dont know if you are joking or not. you are talking about tanking with shields, wich is really really stupid. shields take around 70/80% more damage than health due to the lack of armor, making his passive totally meaningless unless you are fighting weaklings. you might do good in lowie level 80s, but past that he will blow up if not using kinetic plating, just as a quick note, even tho he doesnt seem like it,he is actually pretty tanky, with my tanky build i can literally afk on the sanctuary (lvl 70s) as long as i have my kinetic plating, and they wont be able to kill me because of the Kinetic plating - Quick thinking interaction. my only issue with gauss is that his kit doesnt make sense at all, none of his abilities sinergyse well with each other, wich is a clear design flaw. that could be fixed pretty easily with the change i propposed. in the end it just feels like they designed him with redline being his master trick, but in reality not only is the rest of his kit poor, but his one cool trick doesnt work. wich is just sad.
  6. TheNasky

    Gauss toughts

    thats also a big thing, as it currently stands, not only is redline not meant to be used all the time but, on the contrary, there is absolutely no reason to use it, because it kinda sucks.
  7. TheNasky

    Gauss toughts

    what do you mean? i would appreciate you tell me what "details" am i missing.
  8. TheNasky

    Gauss toughts

    the idea of gauss you have is pretty cool, but this is warframe, no matter how fast you run, enemies can still hit you, because their attacks are all hitscan (except melee of course) so no matter how fast you run, you are going to get hit, and it is going to quickly shred you battery to 0% now, on low level gameplay he might work like that, but im talking about the real game, high level enemies will kill you in seconds if you dont have Kinectic plating active at all times, and even if you do, you are still going to have trouble if you dont move and kill them fast enough, so thats why im asking for this change. it will encourage people to quickly run in for the kill, not only rewarding him for being fast, but also making him more reliable and fun to play. again, the "guerrilla fighter" you talk about sounds, really fun, but it is never going to work, past level 40
  9. I dont understand what do you mean. aura formas are available to buy with ingame currency, there is no need to pay at all. they cost 80 platinum each, wich is not much if you really need one for some reason. like, new players can farm 80 platinum in a couple hours with no problem. and anyway, is not like aura formas make you win anything. so i have to ask, what do you mean with "pay2win"?
  10. TheNasky

    Gauss toughts

    Hello fellow tennos. i have been playing gauss for the last few days, and i got to admit i fell in love with his playstyle as soon as i saw him, i like that he is a speedy melee tank, kinda like inaros, but faster and more melee oriented, wich is great specially for players like me, who like to focus specifically on melee gameplay but... he definitely has some core issues on his kit. to begin with, a lot of his real power is directly tied to his 2 "Kinetic Plating" his 4 "Redline" and overall his battery level. now, he has a lot of cool mechanics and powers that make him a really fun and strong warframe, except... he doesnt have any way of using them, because keeping his battery above 0% is just impossible, the drain from his kinetic plating makes it literally impossible to accummulate battery, preventing him from using any of the nice tools he has, like: *Fast cc on his 3 *Increased attack speed/fire rate/reload speed on his 4 *increased melee damage on his 2 *better damage reduction on his 2 so TL-DR: he has a lot of good stuff on his kit, but no way to use it. now, what i proppose to "Fix" him is something that i discussed with a lot of gauss mains, and we all agreed it would make his kit a lot more fun and rewarding, while also making him a bit stronger, specially in higher levels: Adding a new passive to his 4 "Redline" making it so he gets 5% battery whenever he strikes an enemy with a melee attack, (and maybe 1% or 2% per ranged attack) but increase the drain by a little bit or make it drain energy or health instead of battery, now what does this mean? it means that as long as he keeps hitting enemies fast enough, he will get access to all the cool mechanics on his kit, rewarding players for "being fast" (wich is kinda his thing, right?) some other cool changes i think he could get use are: * Increasing energy return on Kinetic plating from 5% to 8% and maybe up to 10% while redline is active. * Make it so his battery charges up to 100% at a fixed speed, instead of it scaling with duration, because if you build him for duration, on a 90 second redline, it will actually take 60 seconds to charge it for a 30 second duration afterwards, wich is extremely dumb and renders the interaction pretty much unusable. * Reducing Redline's Cast speed considerably. he is meant to be a fast moving, fast attacking warframe, but he cant attack during the really long animation redline has. *Reworking his passive to something usefull like the nullifier immunity he desperately needs or making energy drain effects on him be reduced. or make it so he gets increased energy pool based on missing health, * increasing his base energy by +50: since as of right now with primed flow you get around 640 energy, wich is very meaningfull for gauss, because he needs that energy not only for tanking trough QT, but also his abilities consume quite a lot of energy, having that extra 50 base energy would put him at a solid 850 increasing his overall tankiness by quite a bit. *Making his 3 Scale better damage wise, or increase range by a little bit, 15 to 20 might help him without making him op. i have to admit i have been enjoying gauss a lot, but in the end, most of the fun stuff of his kit is restricted from ever working, so imo he should get a reliable way of using these mechanics or he will never be good at anything, his damage is really bad, his speed is also bad compared to other fast warframes, and even though he is not a bad tank he fades when compared to other tanks. the only thing good about him imo is that he seems to be a bit more melee oriented than the others,
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