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  1. I'm guessing I found a bug then, because in the survival mission (that I did last) I brought Trin/Penta/Tombfinger/Vaykor Sydon, and I had all my mods. I didn't for the excavation or defense missions however. Is there some trick to mod layout that let's you bring them, maybe? I had Trin/Lenz/Prisma Angstrum/Ohma for the first two and didn't have my mods equipped. Interestingly, it seems that augments must work fine, or at least Octavia's "Conductor" augment. As far as the mission itself, I find it a very interesting change of pace to the game to try and work without mods. I don't think a new frame's mission is something that should be easily cheese'd through like most missions, a challenge makes it that much more satisfying when you finish. It's not like you lose anything but time if you don't win, and in a game that's typically "press 4 to win" it makes an exciting change.
  2. It's kinda complicated, but Razorwing is actually Archwing, which is why Aviator only recently was able to work for her. Titania is the only one with this issue, since all other exalted frames are "normal" weapons instead of Archwing
  3. Dex Pixia is considered an Archgun so it won't get that unless they specifically add it. The heavy attack one works fine, but I had to actually select Diwata, and I was ONLY able to attack using heavy attack, regular and quick melee don't work at all. E: I bound melee to also be Numpad +, and somehow that made melee work correctly in Razorwing
  4. Titania is unable to use melee or gear in Razorwing mode, and the Titania Empress skin has her wings floating above her as shown: Also, entering operator while in Razorwing removes your Razorfly counter completely upon return
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