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  1. I agree with OP. The Nightwave system is an "OK-ish" design that has some variety of challenges that you can accomplish anywhere. Alerts did not have to die because of the Nightwave mechanisms. Navigation seems more dead than before.
  2. As a Veteran, I dislike the system only because It removed the alerts completely (exception is Gift from Lotus, but I bet this will go away too). The system itself is an "okay" addition to the game, but It DID NOT had to remove alerts.
  3. Do you seriously Believe what Nora Night says is "connected" to the "Story" ? It's just a text, same level of text that Darvo is saying , or whatever LOTUS is saying on the normal mission. Alerts were a thing that made the Universe a bit alive. #BringBackAlerts
  4. You DO realize that DE did not had to kill ALERTS? There is no reason why Alerts had to go, If you could just add a system next to It. The Alerts could complement the Nightwave. Alerts that could give you Wolf Credits. Alerts that could have higher spawn rate of Wolfs.
  5. From technician side, It was a normal mission with a better reward. From gamer side, It was part of a simple way of brining life to the game. That is a atmosphere that the world changes, lives. Word and voices can build the world, but little things makes the world alive.
  6. The FPP genre is my jam. Destiny 2 for me is fun because of the Public Events that are quick n fun. I haven't touched the raids in my ~600h playtime , but I wish that Xur could sell me new goodies. Honestly, what keeps me in Destiny 2 is the gunplay and Public Events.
  7. Then why are we here? Just to suffer? On side note, I'll move to Destiny 2.
  8. This guy gets it. Warframe has LOST the fun factor. Everything old has been replaced with new , more grindy-grind mechanisms. If someone can point out the Fun in Warframe, please do because I lost the taste of It (maybe except Void titleset)
  9. Nightwave is possibly the 3rd worst implementation to the Warframe I've seen. Alert missions had its own charm, quick in n out. Those were completely optional, but fun nonetheless. Nightwave is just a BattlePass under freemium layer that adds more Grinding to already Grindy game. You need to focus on grinding those challenges to get enough points/creds to buy catalyst or whatever. Its not fun, Its a chore. Warframe should be FUN again, but isnt.
  10. As a Vet, I don't find this system to be great or interesting at all. This system is like a Battle Pass from Fortnite. Good on paper but "meh" in theory. The Nightwave introduces yet ANOTHER syndicates-like with "RESPECT POINTS" , we certainly need more. Those extra challenges are kinda ok, but the reward doesn't seem to be balanced. While I like the little detail that Nora Night uses our radio to communicate and tell some "imagined-lore", everything else is just rough.
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