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  1. Hi there @Kalarual! The Code for this glyph is "k1llerbarbie" Just click on the link and you should be fine :) https://www.warframe.com/promocode?code=k1llerbarbie Hope this helps! Cheers, Fabpsi~
  2. Hi there @_Anise_^^ As already mentioned: If you have multiple accounts, do not let them interact with each other. If you are not satisfied with the first answer you got in this post, feel free to contact support for an official reply on this matter, or check out the terms ("Account"-section would be a appropriate place to start to get information, even if they are just about accounts in general) https://www.warframe.com/terms You could also search for other threads in this forum about the same topic! There are posts that include for example a ticket-reply of a DE staff-member: Stil
  3. All of them are very beautiful! (How did I miss this thread btw? Shame on me😅) Mine arrived in perfect condition a few weeks ago, and I am overall just absolutely happy about the design. Here a quick picture in case people want to compare the size to other Warframe-pins out there: so I will say it again: Amazing job! Keep up the great work :)
  4. Almost! But we all know: higher Mastery Rank = higher fps! (that's how it works, right?)
  5. Hi there @Schwarzsturm! Oh boy, a slow PC can be a pain * looks at my own potato * ...Sigh....yea, no wonder I tend to play solo (fewer effects around 😅) You could try optimizing your download cache, that can help with load times. Furthermore a few graphic-settings adjustments might be worth a try. You know, some people would use this opportunity to seriously blame DE, or create wild conspiracy theories xD Hug sent! Check your ingame-inbox :) Cheers, Fabpsi~ edit: oh and of course another hug here~ (if hugs can't fix it we need to sacrifice some stuff
  6. Hi there @WH1735S0W^^ I personally really like to use the Syandana. It is slim, noble & fancy. Imo it works great with all kind of Warframes if you don't want to make a huge "look at my back, LOOK AT IT!"-fuss about it. As for the armor: I use the leg armor quite frequently. They work very well with some Warframes & in combination with other prime-armor, specially if you want to go more "spiky". The shoulder armor is, you already said it, a little bit...bulky. Oh and I never use the chest-piece. Not my type of style tbh. Here some Screenshots so you can get a tiny impression o
  7. Really looking forward to Tennocon this year! Hopefully we will see some interesting things & surprising announcements! edit: (btw the glyph picture looks fancy, and I love the t-shirt art...but sadly not as part of clothing if that makes sense 😅 Maybe a small poster or something with a similar design in the future)
  8. Interesting Forum tweaks so far, solid start! Another day, another suggestion for another tag: - Dojo/Clan (for the "Players helping Players"-subforum) I saw some threads where people wanted to discuss dojo-decorating or Clan-size questions or if it is possible to do a solo-clan, yadayadaya. A "Clan" / a "Dojo" tag would probably fit very well for such cases! Cheers & keep up the good work! Fabpsi~
  9. Hi GHOSTP99 und herzlich Willkommen im Forum^^ Es gab nach Update 30 einige Matchmaking-Probleme auf der Xbox, insbesonders Gestern. (dazu zählen auch die "Freunde offline obwohl aktiv im Spiel"-Probleme o.ä.) DE hat über die letzten Tage daher auch fleißig nach einer Lösung gesucht. Nach einigen Änderungen konnte das Problem auch anscheinend behoben werden. Genaueres dazu findest du in diesen beiden englischsprachigen Threads: Oder anders: Bis vor kurzem gab es noch Probleme, aber jetzt sollte alles wieder gehen. Hast du es heute schon einmal probiert mit der Freundesliste/Gru
  10. Hi there @Cerikus! Overall I personally think that DE made a lot of great improvements over the past years/months when it comes to color-customization. However, I totally agree with you: There is still room for improvement when it comes to changes for certain colorblind-people! (you already explained it very good, specially together with the wiki link^^ Basically not all kind of colorblind-people can profit from the latest UI-changes) I think that a few of those changes didn't happen only because of colorblind-people, but because customization in general can be very appealing as a
  11. Well. They start really really small: (smol doggo = cute doggo) And if you love your pet enough, it will grow! ...or...well..like 1 player said in your chat: steroids work too 😅 edit: a little bit more serious: No idea how to reproduce those "size"-bugs succesfully every time, but it is still fun to see them imo^^
  12. Hi there @PhoenixElite! Just to make sure, because a lot of stuff and options changed over time in Warframe: What are your current display-options? Under the "Display"-category is the option "Effects Intensity" (right above the "Graphics Quality"-section) It changes the overall "Energy-Effects" in Warframe. A lot of Syandanas are affected by it. For example: Effects Intensity: 0 Effects Intensity: 200 (don't mind my spaceroomba - he is... weird) You can see why this option came to my mind - it sorta fits/effects the problem you currently have^^ Maybe try cha
  13. Hi there @Atma2862 and welcome to the Forums! Update 30 has not been released yet (the most recent Update is U 29.10.4 on PC) Oh well, maybe you just got the number wrong. I personally do not use a lot of pets, so please explain with more information what changed for you! Are they no longer following you around? Do they run inside enemy groups more often? Or are the overall stats simply not as good as they were before U 29.10. (e.g. less health/shield)? Cheers, Fabpsi~
  14. Taken from this site: https://www.warframe.com/community/volunteers#modscc Worth reading imo. Since you already linked to a similar thread that includes a valid response, I will simply repeat it here: If you have an issue with a ban or you feel a moderator is acting out of guidelines, then please open a ticket with support with supporting evidence. You can open a ticket here: http://support.warframe.com Thank you. Cheers, Fabpsi~
  15. Hi there @Flameend11^^ so first things first: Thank you for taking the time to voice your opinion/concerns in an open & constructive way! Even if you are talking about a, from your point of view, somewhat "exhausting"-topic, you took the time to bring up your different points in a nice way without creating conflict/an agressive tone. This is good to see. Now, back to your topic. My humble opinion: Warframe players never know what they want. We never did in the first place to begin with. I know this may sound harsh, but I have no intend to bash the community or certain players w
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