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  1. Die Mod heißt "Infektion: Konsumieren". Das passt also 🙂 (auch nach dem Fix, finde ich persönlich das Set ganz praktisch^^) Danke für die Übersetzung, find ich mal wieder klasse, Lasse!
  2. yay, thank you for even more information about this! (guess I was only a little bit faster 😅) Nice to see a "Lotus Ephemera" there too (since I already got Nekros P) , yayyy ^^ Can't wait for more reveals during TennoCon! Hype!!
  3. ohhhh my god they are so cute! and alll the little details (just look at those little claws of death&destruction on valkyr ❤️ ) I love all of them! Well done, great job!
  4. Thank you for this really nice devstream ❤️ Specially the upcoming 2 Warframes seem really interesting! "RunningMan", or in other words: Sonic (srsly, the Warframe has even sorta similar colours ^^') And a Kirby Warframe, which was first shown on a Monitor in the background during a different Livestream from Steve! And oh boy, new war stuff...Jupiter is here and I am already getting hyped for the next thing ^^' Keep up the great work! Cheers, Fabpsi~ Edit: Dear God, the picture from Kuez is even better xD (you need to scroll down a little bit to see his comment)
  5. yeeeeeaaaah i know i know xD Still: i wanted to give you the obvious information ^^' We all have to wait, this is not the first bigger update and it won't be the last for sure. There is always the possibility for DE to change the time an update arrived. I just wanted to show you 2 places that already exist where you can go instead of creating a complete new thread about it :3 Because I have to agree with this comment: or in other words:
  6. Hi there @Ephemiel ^-^ If you want to know when the next bigger Update will hit the PC-version of Warframe I suggest you take a look at this thread: or maybe even this one: You probably already know about those threads, but they are the best place to get early information on "is it there yet? is it there yet? is it there yet?" There is no real need for another anticipation Thread - even if it is always nice to share that sort of feeling with others :3 Cheers, ~Fabpsi edit: riiight, I almost forgot the hype gifs!
  7. here you go ^-^ Probably the reason behind those 7day-long Lotus-alerts ingame. Still: Thank you DE for the free stuff (I like the new Sigil, the 2 skins are already in my collection^^')
  8. yea, sounds like a good reason for me aswell tbh^^' But good to see this addition to the Accessoires pack! Ty for the information Bear 🙂
  9. Yay, Mesa Prime is around the corner~ (SOONTM) But like most of the other players here already mentioned: The current Operator-Accessoires are...well, okay...yea...just okay imo :s edit: In Case people want to take a look at the complete Mesa-picture from the 1st comment in this thread: @NightmareT12 (since you asked for the full pic - here you go - it's 1920x1080 🙂 )
  10. Great Devstream, I really liked the first look at Mesa Prime: and the Wukong-Skin...just wow (can't wait for the rework too!) Thank you so much for this Devstream, the only thing that was missing imo is this: But hey, we already got 1million Nintenno out there, that's nice 😄 MAKE IT HAPPEN DE..well... that's more on Nintendo but still xD (and keep up the good work 🙂 )
  11. http://i.imgur.com/ZFRDaew.gif
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