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  1. Very interesting! The movement & animation look fluid and the overall low-poly-style is a nice & refreshing approach for this "3D FrameFighter"! The different "abilities" the Warframes cast seem also unique - quite different from the ingame-abilities but still fitting for this 1 vs 1 fighting "arena/map". (okay, the giant purple skulls Saryn created might be a little bit over the top, but they're still fun to look at ๐Ÿ˜„ ) Sooo first impression, going by the trailer: Nice work! Can't wait to hear&see more about this in the future :) Cheers, Fabpsi
  2. I was waiting for this announcement ๐Ÿ˜„ Thank you very much for this information! edit: Also I just wanted to say that - Server issues aside - this years Tennocon was near perfect for me! Great reveals, amazing Community Art, huuuge surprises, fun & interesting Dev-Talk. Thank you all at DE for keeping it up, even after all those years. I cannot wait for more time with "Khal of Duty", sending out Robots as a Corpus (why do the little lovely robo-chickens have to explode ;A;) & slashing/slicing enemies as Teshin with his breathtaking dual-nikana-skills! Just...well done. Cheers, Fabpsi~
  3. I simply hold my left-mouse button while in her "Sister-menu" (now that's a new term I just invented) and drag my mouse around, that's all! Not sure if it works on an active Sister - I went in the Codex and took a look at my past converted/killed Parvos-Sister-Collection ๐Ÿ˜… Codex -- Universe -- Sister of Parvos -- select Sis -- click&hold left mousebutton Hope this helps & works for you too!
  4. Hi there @(PSN)GingyGreen^^ There are a few variations out there...but if you get unlucky, you will get a "wait, I have seen this girl before!"-feeling frequently ๐Ÿ˜… some examples for different Sisters of Parvos: So I think the head & upper part is fine (specially when they have an ephemera) The "problem" is the 1:1 body on each Sister! I personally think that there could be more suits with different armor-pieces. Since Corpus don't have big&tough armor (compared to Grineer), their body-shapes are pretty much the same. Some miiiiight have a big shiny backpack -as seen in the spoiler - but that's about it. Nothing noticable on their shoulders/legs/chest,... I mean of course it wouldn't really "fit" to put them in big-bulky-gear....but we have a some "light/small"-corpus armor around...oh and "Corpus color palette" - I would like to see "both of those things combined" being used by the Sisters^^ Oh and yea Having the progenitor hologram on them even after finishing the Sister would be a reallllly nice touch! TL&DR: There are quite a few variations out there, but the small changes are barely noticable imo. (Most noticable are head/shoulder/backpack changes, not the style of their upper/lower body for example) Cheers, Fabpsi~
  5. Hi there @ReappRaiseR^^ I would suggest that you take a close look in your arsenal! Maybe your Excalibur Prime isn't lvl 10 (or higher) so you don't have the 4th ability unlocked. This would be the only option that comes to my mind if you can't see the "exalted prime blade" in your arsenal. (btw, it would be very strange to have an Excali Prime not on max rank after all this time, but I digress) Soooo...yea... it exists, just take a look in your arsenal. Cheers, Fabpsi~
  6. Hi there @ShadowPlagueXx ^^ as a few other people already said here: RNG! Yes...this is never the answer players are looking for, but it still is a very valid point to make. e.g. I did so far 12 Sisters of Parvos, and got 4 Ephemera: But I don't go around and say "look the ephemera-dropchance is even higher than I thought it would be/ than they said!" (because that's not how it works ๐Ÿ˜…) I got lucky so far, and other people got unlucky. There really is nothing more to it. TL&DR: RNG, nothing unusual, working as intended. Still I hope that you will get some of the new ephemera soon! Best of luck & happy hunting Tenno! Cheers, Fabpsi~
  7. Hi there @XX.Hinata ๐Ÿ˜„ If you want to trade a Kuva Lich: - Both players completed the Quest "The War within" - you need a Dojo with the "Crimson Branch" Room - You need to "convert" your lich when you finish him, not "vanquish"! - the other player can't have an active Lich already! - it must be your Lich (not a lich you got from another player) - in the trading menu, search for "Lich" or click on the Lich-category/symbol Hope this helps! Cheers, Fabpsi~
  8. Hi there @(PSN)biskuitbauand welcome to the Forums! As the old, wise Fashion-Cephalon once said: "Give a Tenno 1 color, and he will enjoy 1 Fashionframe. Teach a Tenno to see all colors and he will be able to live Fashionframe every day." ...or....something like that? Maybe it was about fishing, I can't remember. Maybe the Cephalon was broken too...i digress Feel free to use the following site if you are looking for certain colors in the future: https://polychrome.seldszar.fr/ This way you can check every color palette at once. The search function works like a charm (even if you just type in "red" for example), here the result when I was looking for your specific color: As you can see, a lot of palettes have some variation of the color, but I would simply suggest to go with the "dojo" or "classic" color palette. Hope this helps! Cheers, Fabpsi~
  9. Hi there @Megas_Hyperios^^ The Chroma Prime Accessories Pack is very fancy imo. However, the shoulder parts are very...well...special. I personally do not use them very often, but I am a total fan of every other part of the armor, specially the leg pieces. Here a Screenshot of my standard Pink-Stealth-Rhino Prime equipped with the Imugi Prime shoulder-armor: I hope this helps a little bit! Cheers, Fabpsi~
  10. Hi there @XX.Hinataand welcome to the Warframe Forum!^^ The Mastery Rank 14 test is a classic Extermination-test. You just have to kill enemies. Here a short video: If you are afraid of failing the test: You can practice the mastery test in any relay! Just visit cephalon simaris in his sanctuary and walk up the stairs on his right. I hope this information helps, good luck! Cheers, Fabpsi~ edit: ninja'd by PsiWarp, oh well ๐Ÿ˜… If you need a list of all current mastery rank-tests, feel free to check out the warframe-wiki https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Mastery_Rank
  11. Ty for the Devstream, it was a blast. I am really looking forward to TennoCon! And I am already interested in the upcoming new stuff! Melee changes/nerfs will be... fun? Nerfs are always difficult for everyone involved, but I guess we all know that by now (I just hope the gun-buffs/changes will be enough to counter them so everything will feel sorta "fun"/"usefull") Corpus-Sister-Lich-Stuff sounds cool too, even if i am personally not a huuuuuge fan when it comes to the Granum void (it is a logical place to use, and I am all for using & improving things that are already ingame available..still, might be a little bit more time consuming compared to grineer lichs) ...oh well, I just can't wait to get my hands on the new stuff. Yarerli looks just kawaii as hell and dear god those corpus weapons are shinyyyy, I love it! Keep up the good work and have a nice week! (so strange to see a Devstream on monday btw) Cheers, Fabpsi
  12. Thank you for the overview (as always!...even if I am usually just reading it and not commenting on it ๐Ÿ˜… ) Let's not forget a new moment during the Devstream for possible future-memes: Cheers, Fabpsi~
  13. Looking forward to a Devstream on Monday, this will be a great start into the week! I only got a few questions, all of them are based on the things I observe/saw in the last Devstream #154: 1. What's up with Yareli? I need to know more about her abilities! (Water-Glaives? Surfboard-K-Drive of Doom?) follow-up: When will kawaii Pablo return? 2. Rebecca mentioned real-life-floofs! (in case people forgot, you can find a fitting picture in this spoiler) I am always interested in new & fitting real Warframe merch. The floof already looks very fluffy & floofy. Here the question: Are you considering releasing other new merch? (maybe "mini-floofs" for keychains or other types of smaller collectibles/accessoires?) That's it! Looking forward to the Devstream as always, y'all keep up the good work and enjoy the weekend! :) Cheers, Fabpsi~ (maaaaaybe I just wanted to post those pictures too, but that wasn't the only reason for this post, I swear! ๐Ÿ˜…)
  14. Hi there @ThompFox15^^ This is not intended and currently a bug (probably since the latest Gara-Prime Update). DE is already aware of the issue and will fix it! Feel free to spawn all the specters you have and watch them fighting the enemy hordes while you play with your Shawzin...or...something like that ๐Ÿ˜… Hope this information helps to clear things up for you! Cheers, Fabpsi~
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