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    here you go: (spoiler: you cannot see it correctly, but I had to make that joke - sorry ^-^') Cheers, ~Fabpsi
  2. Hi there @HatedByLifeItself ^^ I see that you created a thread in general discussions about your anticipation for the upcoming next big PC Update! (there is no real reason to create another thread about this topic, but oh welllll) You might be interested in this fancy thread: Crazy that there already is a thread out there where people can show their feelings&thoughts about the estimated Release date of the next update, right? But specially this comment&part of the thread could be interesting for you: Cheers, Fabpsi~
  3. Hallo @Revet92 und herzlich willkommen im Warframe Forum ^-^ deine Frage bzw. Beanspruchung auf personenbezogene Daten fällt hier in Warframe unter die Datenschutzerklärung (ruhig mal draufklicken, da stehen alle notwendigen Informationen ausführlich aufgelistet) Alle folgenden Screenshots oder Zitate stammen aus Textabschnitten, die auf der verlinkten Internet-Seite gefunden werden können. Ich werde hier jetzt nicht alles 1 zu 1 aufzählen, was auf dieser Seite sehr schön beschrieben steht, sondern mich auf die wahrscheinlich wichtige Information zu deiner Frage beschränken: "Wo kann ich meine persönlichen Daten anfragen?" Siehe hier: [...] [...] In anderen Worten: Der Support ist wie schon vermutet der korrekte&perfekte Ansprechpartner für deine Anfrage! Einfach ein Ticket für den Support erstellen und dort dein Anliegen freundlich, ausführlich und verständlich erklären. Die Bearbeitung eines Tickets kann je nach Situation mehrere Wochen in Anspruch nehmen. ^^ Alternativ dazu kannst du, wie auch unter dem Punkt "Kontaktaufnahme" erwähnt wird, eine E-Mail an "Privacy@digitalextremes.com" schicken. (Ich empfehle persönlich allerdings eher den Weg über das Support Ticket, da du dort auch ohne Probleme auf deutsch schreiben kannst 🙂 ) Hier geht es zur deutschen Support-Ticket-Erstellung: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/de/requests/new Wie gesagt, lese dir ruhig mal die gesamte Datenschutzerklärung durch falls du noch Fragen hast. (Es ist ganz praktisch zu wissen was da drin steht - meiner Meinung nach - ) Ich hoffe, dass ich dir damit weiterhelfen konnte und wünsche dir weiterhin viel Spaß mit Warframe ^-^ Cheers, Fabpsi~ edit: achja: auf die Gründe warum du dies beanspruchen möchtest, oder allgemein "wieso weshalb warum", werde ich hier nicht eingehen. Allerdings weise ich ebenfalls nochmal daraufhin, dass du ein solches Ticket mit deinem Hauptaccount erstellen solltest.
  4. yeeeeeaaaah i know i know xD Still: i wanted to give you the obvious information ^^' We all have to wait, this is not the first bigger update and it won't be the last for sure. There is always the possibility for DE to change the time an update arrived. I just wanted to show you 2 places that already exist where you can go instead of creating a complete new thread about it :3 Because I have to agree with this comment: or in other words:
  5. Hi there @Ephemiel ^-^ If you want to know when the next bigger Update will hit the PC-version of Warframe I suggest you take a look at this thread: or maybe even this one: You probably already know about those threads, but they are the best place to get early information on "is it there yet? is it there yet? is it there yet?" There is no real need for another anticipation Thread - even if it is always nice to share that sort of feeling with others :3 Cheers, ~Fabpsi edit: riiight, I almost forgot the hype gifs!
  6. Congratz @FlusteredFerret ! An amazing feeling 😄 That dedication, after 18months, yes, you deserve it ❤️ Be proud and farm/fashion on!~ Cheers, Fabpsi~
  7. Hi there @Zoero ^-^ If you open your "Account Management"-page ( this one here: https://www.warframe.com/user ) you can see if you have succesfully activated 2fa on your account. Furthermore I am pretty sure that we all will get our fancy free Ephemera when the Update hits PC-next week. (I know, I know. this is not mentioned anywhere officially and there is different information in the 2fa-faq ...but still, this is very highly like imo^^') Hope that helps! Cheers, ~Fabpsi
  8. This thread is one of a kind. (sadly I know it's not, but oh well) ...so..yea. I will keep it short and simple, some other players here already said enough: You tried to initiate Spam. It is against the rules to spam or to get other people up against the existing rules (so if you say "type x in chat to get y" it is your fault) And btw, you alone wouldn't spam multiple messages, yes. BUT there would be a "Chat-Spam" happening were multiple people at once type the same/ a similar comment in chat. Therefore the chat would loose its original&official purpose. DE doesn't want that sorta things happening in their game. TL&DR: The kick was imo justified. Do not Spam. Do not try to make multiple other players spam. Just follow the rules and try to stay calm...even if DE makes a tac alert that drastically changes the value of an ingame item ^-^ Cheers Fabpsi~
  9. Really clean and nicely done! Thank you very much for sharing 🙂
  10. Hello @Norbator and Welcome to the Warframe Forum! I will try to answer most of your questions as good as possible 🙂 (Good thing you found the forums on your own, you can find &look for a lot of interesting topics here. Check out the rules if you haven't read them yet^^) In my opinion you need for succesfull, "fast" trades items that the majority of the playerbase wants at the moment too! So in other words: The popular new shiny Prime-Weapon/Warframe-parts are always a good way to get some plat. Rare Mods do the trick too. Buuuuuut you already guessed it: To obtain those things you need good Equipment and most of the Star-Chart unlocked. and you need Relics to farm prime parts. So try to unlock the Starchart - that way you get some really really nice quests and a lot of possibilities to farm things later on~ Yes, you can sell&trade those statues with other players if you want! They are a good way to get Endo for players (Because you can trade an Ayatan Statue ingame with the NPC Maroo at Maroos Bazar for Endo) So start with those if you wanna trade items! You can put the small Ayatan-Stars in the Ayatan-Statues if you are at the Mod-Station on your ship. That way they are a little bit more worth. Warframe.market is a good site to get an overall idea of the current platin-price-situation for a lot of different ingame items. However, each trade ingame can go differently and you should never go with "BUT ON WARFRAME.MARKET IT SAID 27! I DON'T WANT 25 for this, I WANT 27!". Try to watch the trade chat for some other people who might offer the same thing you want to offer and look at warframe.market - aaand look at some trade threads in this forum here too! That way you will get a price that should be overall nice for both sides^^ There is no real important difference imo, but I suggest you get into a "dojo thingy" on your own! That way you will have access to a trading post if you build one/ 1 is already there. Furthermore you can claim&craft some other blueprints in the different rooms. To get access to a Dojo you need to create a Clan or join a Clan! If you are looking for a clan just use the recruit-chat ingame or take a look at - you guessed it - this fancy forum 😄 There are a lot of Clans already out there who are looking for new Members. This game will confuse you. A lot. Some things are not correctly (or not at all) explained ingame. I suggest you take a look at the Warframe Wikia regarding certain things or search a little bit here in the Forums (if you want a more...personal touch^^') The infected tumor thing on your neck was a small thing that you can get if you are in contact with other people who are already infected too. It can be used to create a infested-type-pet-companion. They are fluffy! (and they can kill things) More about that here: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Helminth_Charger Wellll the developer of this Game, Digital Extremes or in short DE, trieeed to make those freeroam-zones something for every player. So new players aswell as old Tenno have options and missions in those zones to enjoy. Sadly, sometimes this will end up in a situation where new players get shot...a lot. Or in short: It's not really endgame-content, but stuff even old players can enjoy if they want to. That's why some stuff there is hard to kill & dangerous for new people. I hope this helps you on your way to become a strong Tenno! (I tried to keep it short. I didn't cover everything, sry) - do not forget to have fun while playing - take some breaks if you have the feeling that the farming is too much for you - always feel free to ask questions here in the forums or in the ingame chat This Community is really nice and most of them will help you out as good as they can ❤️ Cheers, ~Fabpsi
  11. here you go ^-^ Probably the reason behind those 7day-long Lotus-alerts ingame. Still: Thank you DE for the free stuff (I like the new Sigil, the 2 skins are already in my collection^^')
  12. yea, sounds like a good reason for me aswell tbh^^' But good to see this addition to the Accessoires pack! Ty for the information Bear 🙂
  13. Yay, Mesa Prime is around the corner~ (SOONTM) But like most of the other players here already mentioned: The current Operator-Accessoires are...well, okay...yea...just okay imo :s edit: In Case people want to take a look at the complete Mesa-picture from the 1st comment in this thread: @NightmareT12 (since you asked for the full pic - here you go - it's 1920x1080 🙂 )
  14. Great Devstream, I really liked the first look at Mesa Prime: and the Wukong-Skin...just wow (can't wait for the rework too!) Thank you so much for this Devstream, the only thing that was missing imo is this: But hey, we already got 1million Nintenno out there, that's nice 😄 MAKE IT HAPPEN DE..well... that's more on Nintendo but still xD (and keep up the good work 🙂 )
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