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  1. Hi there @BloodyTides ^-^ I have to agree: under normal circumstances, it takes simply wayyy toooo loooong to farm intrinsics. (as you mentioned: Finding other players aswell as getting a good enough railjack to start farming is a very long process - doing that stuff sorta solo is another thing that takes time) The only tip I can give atm: You should use the double affinity weekend + booster and play the current Event Scarlett Spear! Focus on the Space-Railjack missions there. Get a Mesa in your team together with a limbo or whatnot and start killing the enemies on your ship...and everywhere else too^^' It works to get at least some more intrinsics - try your luck~ Hope it helps...maybe DE will consider changing the way to aquire intrinsics when the command skill gets released. Cheers, Fabpsi~
  2. Hi there @Iffeonline-EN- ^-^ As the ingame-names of those sigils suggest, they will look the same as your Clan-Logo! Welll...in theory^^' So that huge, golden, strong looking...ehhhm..middle part that is showing on your Warframe-Chassis is just part of your Clan-Logo, Elysium Noire. You might wanna change it's positioning & size... Atm it just looks like your Warframe fell asleep during a mission and some crafty-Grineer decided to scribble a *you know what* right on it. 😛
  3. I guess they wanted to do it in the same way they did it back in the day with the first Community Warframe: Nova? They sorta have to do a pre-pick a few choices on their own because if there isn't an early selection process, there would be too many topics and possible votes would go all over the place. We shouldn't be surprised that the devs pick a few Warframe-Themes beforehand for their game. It still remains a community choice because all the ideas came from the community, there is no way to change that - no matter what themes they could've picked ^^' It is not a valid representation, never said that. That's why you have all the reason to 'blame' the Design Council (= part of the Community) if you want to. However, over the past years there were always polls and whatnot happening for the Design Council-people to decide upcoming stuff. Specially in the beginning of open beta. The members are iirc Founder & people who are very active or helpful in the Warframe Forums. It still remains a community vote, and it isn't a real suprise that DE sticks to old-fashion-ways and use the Design Council again for a vote...even if the Community has grown a lot since 'the good old days' As you can see in my spoiler, the votes are focused on a few specific themes, but some of them are just all over the place. I do not know what was in mind of the Design Council members who voted on this theme. Maybe they wanted to see a "meme" come to life in game and thought "loL, I bEt thEy woN't do tHiS 1 Xd", maybe this Warframe-theme has the most potential to be creative and new and unique - your guess is as good as mine. All I can say is that there was already a more or less heated discussion between some Design Council members in the specific Thread in the Design Council. You are not alone with your opinion if that makes you feel better 🙂 Sooooooo overall they could have changed the voting progress a little bit in my opinion so this aftermath wouldn't exist in the first place. Here is an idea: Maybe (next time, heh... ) they could stick to their own 10 or 15 picks (no way to change that a pre-pick by DE needs to be there), but could do 2 polls. The 1st poll is for all, so everyone can be involved. After this poll, the top 5 picks with the most votes go into the 2nd poll. The 2nd poll is for the Design Council members who now have a smaller poll that contains the top themes picked by the complete Community. Furthermore the Design Council members would be able to see possible favorites/tendencies and discussions about the different themes of other players that happened during the 1st poll. Would that work better for you? I totally agree btw, there were many ideas and Warframes out there that already looked amazing! Like, wow, seeing a full-fleshed out theme well written with beautiful Concept-Art always blows me away every single time. Some Tenno out there are truly amazing artists and put a lot of time & effort into their ideas. Or even the players who reminded of us older Warframe-Themes that were already out there for a long time. Instead the "Broken Warframe submitted by @eaterofstorms" won, containing only 1 sentence. I get it that this can create a feeling like "that's not fair! That's not true!"... Buuuuuuuut DE said that they are only interested in a theme atm. Maybe there is no use in picking a basically already finished Warframe if there are still other steps left in the creation process, idk. Btw here the other steps: All in all: I think the "Broken Warframe"-idea has a lot of potential. The true potential of this Warframe comes with the "Ability Design"-phase. Those can be very unique and creative, stuff we have never seen before! So the only thing left for us is to try our luck during that phase... ^^' Let's wait and see how it goes~
  4. Hi there @(PS4)Raven-Ghosthawk ^^ Just in Case some people do not know what message you are talking about, here it is: (took this screenshot from the update 27.20 notes when it was implemented) It shouldn't appear every single time if I remember correctly...that's strange. (but i do not trade very often, sry^^') Overall I think that the unskippable 15-second trade notice is there so the players can no longer say "oh I didn't know that you couldn't trade a Loki Prime Set for my real life car keys!" Or in other words: With those few lines DE can assure that the majority of players trade in a safe manner & less players fall for "strange trades" (e.g. Platinum for Amazon-GiftCard, or as an example for something that happened on consoles very often: "trading discounts") All of that weird stuff was&will be considered a violation of the ToS/EULA = is not allowed. Maybe there were a lot of "Yea, but where does it say that I cannot do that?!" support tickets in the past, or maybe there is hope that new players will use those 15 seconds to read the text right in front of them and not just stare at the screen. All in all I think that 15 seconds for a 1 time only message are totally fine and give enough time for players to focus on the text before just skipping it. If the message appears before every single trade, it really could be reduced after the 1st time to 5 sec or something like that imo. Cheers, ~Fabpsi
  5. Noooot sure if you get the point of the term "Community Warframe" when you are saying "the devs weren't listening to the community". Really not sure about it^^' Wellllll, in case you (or some other Tenno out there) really do not know how the "Community-Created Warframe Theme Winner" was selected: DE picked 10 Warframe-Themes and the Design Council ( = part of the Community) was able to vote. The Theme with the most votes won. All in all: If you do not like the winner = blame the Community. If you do not want to blame the complete Community, blame the Design Council. Or blame DE for... something. You do you, I don't judge. In the end DE put it up to vote and part of the Community decided on this Warframe Theme, that's how I see it~ Don't get me wrong, I personally voted for a different theme...but that's how it goes sometimes....I am still looking forward to how exactly this upcoming Warframe will show up ingame. Maybe we get a hotfix that includes more bugs for this Warframe? Maybe it can lag out of the map....maybe it will show "ability in use" even if you are not using one of your abilities at all... or maybe it will force a hostmigration, who knows how much mayhem this Warframe will cause^^' Those (totally not serious) ideas aside, I have no idea how that Warframe will turn out. It could be fun. I hope so. And yay, first Home Time! Let's hope things go back to normal rather sooner than later, even if it was fun to watch^^ (Oh and I like the name Home Time! A little bit funny, it reminded me of "Home alone" and I thought that the other name "Prime Alone" would have been toooo dark, sooo there is that in my head...i digress) Cheers, Fabpsi~
  6. Hi there Spaceninjas ^-^ Here is my entry. Note: Sorry if this sort of idea already came up, but I simply did not look at all the other ~150 pages in this thread. Still, the few entries I saw were already pretty darn amazing. Good luck to all! Warframe-Theme: CREDITS/ FINANCE! (hear me out, this can be fun) Investing. Betting/Gambling. Spending. Supporting other Tenno. The Theme of this Warframe is about the most essential ressource that you can get in every mission: Credits. Credits can be found...well... all over the Solarsystem! Everywhere. They are always around us. We know that every single Tenno always gathers a few Credits during a Mission & we know that we want (and need) more Credits so we can keep on playing. This Warframe is based on 3 simple, but very effective ideas: The more Credits you have - the stronger you get! Sometimes you have to invest/bet Credits and take a risk to make even more profit! You can support others by spending Credits! Those three points are the main foundation when it comes to the "how to play this Warframe"-ways "Credits? How is that suppose to work out?" (Note: Since Helen said "We aren’t considering Abilities during this design phase" I will try to refrain from posting any exact ability-ideas in this thread as good as possible. I have this Warframe&the Abilities more in depth written... but this is not the right place or time to share those ideas.) All in all the player could decide wether they want only personal profits, more credits and more positive effects for him/her alone or if they want to support the complete Squad during the Mission. I would consider this overall a mix of Support and Solodmgdealer-Warframe. That's it so far! Hope some of you Tenno out there like the idea 🙂 Cheers, Fabpsi~ Edit 1: added "Spoiler" for the longer description, fixed some typos (not all)
  7. So it begins... Thank you for the information! (maybe there will be more stuff like that in the future? Let's see^-^) Edit: Here the ingame Spirit: (sry for the quality, just a quick picture taken with a smartphone) oh and you can evolve it intoooo:
  8. well, I do not know how it is on xbox, but on PC you only see this when you scroll down after just opening the market: (You see that I have nothing activated, so nothing is hidden there and just dismiss the weird german text^^') You do not see the bows when you open up the market. You really have to search for them on PC. You only see the Valentine's Day stuff when you SCROLL DOWN (<-- to use your caps here aswell^^). So yea, it is a little bit hard to find out that bows are on sale~ Hope this clears things up for you 🙂
  9. Hi there @Kahrain ^^ There are currently 2 bigger things on sale. On the one hand: - Valentine's day stuff! This includes some nice Glyphs if you do not like your pretty duckling^^' And on the other hand: - ALLLLL the bows!!! yes, all the bows you can buy in the market are currently reduced. Here a few of them: But yes, it is currently very hard to find them in the market. A new "On Sale button in the market menu could be very helpful imo, i agree! ^-^ Have fun playing Amor 🙂 Cheers, Fabpsi~
  10. Hi there @dyewithasmile ^-^ mhmhmh..... To keep it short (and..well..to answer your question somewhat serious) It is not an "abuse by DE". the Stalker is an enemy who can show up randomly during certain missions. It is not trolling nor bullying. It is an ingame mechanic. If you are having trouble with the stalker showing up while trying to do a riven challenge, I suggest you just do 1 more mission. (it is very unlikely that he will show up 2 times in a row) And here even aaaaa TL&DR: No, it is not. Try another mission. Stalker is not always around you. Or just Tenno'up and kill him too - I believe in you! They are called "Riven-Challenge" for a reason, so imo it shouldn't be always done in 2 min without a problem 😉 Good luck & have fun Cheers, Fabpsi~ PS: that's all the serious stuff I can say about that question^^'
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