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 "Always look on the bright side of life" 

Hi there, I am one of multiple ingame Chat-Moderators here in Warframe. Before the implementation of Chat-Moderators in Warframe I was a Guide of the Lotus from the very beginning^^ (The "Guide of The Lotus" program does no longer exist, but still, it was great to be a part of it!)

Credit for this amazing and very very cute piece of art goes to TayTay!  XctPENl.gif

Again special Thanks to TayTay XctPENl.gif
You want to know more about Chat-Moderators or other Volunteer-stuff? Try out this link!



Hey there, Spaceninja^^
If you need help in a mission or don't know what to do in Warframe feel free to send me a pm.
I normally watch every Devstream/Primetime and read a lot about past/current/future plans (not only the Forum.... reddit and other sites too)

oh, I almost forgot:
I have a weird humor...not weird weird, more like Leslie Nielsen/ Monty Python weird ^-^


Heyho ihr Spaceninjas^^
Wer Fragen hat oder in Warframe mal nicht weiterkommt kann mich gerne hier im Forum oder im Spiel anschreiben.
Ich versuche überall zu helfen ^^



ja, ich benutze zu viele "emotes" '>_>....(._. ) .... ^-^.... o3o
ja, ich flausche sehr gerne :3
ja, ich befinde mich mehr im Chat als im eigtl. Spiel (wobei sich das auch ändern kann wenn für mich interessante Updates und damit Neuerungen kommen 😉 )

wir sehen uns im Spiel^^ 
bis dahin

--- FαႦρʂι ---

I am able to understand/read other languages too (french, russian) but I don't talk in those languages a lot (= I don't speak french/russian very well.) Please use english or german if you want to contact me and if you want a fast answer that is easy to understand ❤️

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