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  1. Literally me coming back to this thread after leaving a nice&comfy looking "let's be nice"-post:
    What on earth happened in this thread? 
    Where is topic? Where is event-talk? Why is the floor on fire? (Okay I still get the picture of what happened because some comments were quoted, but jeeeeeesus)

    I honestly tried to go with the "well no rushing to conclusions, maybe op learned and it was just a bad start"-route.... guess not this time <.<'

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  2. 10 minutes ago, (PSN)Mofojokers said:

    Thanks for the info Fabpsi

    Seems the op meant mission time not littarly started warframe 6 days ago. 

    Yea, I was confused a little bit as well, that's why I took a look ingame 😅 
    But now we all learned something today, yay^^

    Speaking of the event: When I am looking/thinking about the current event I still have in mind what Rebecca said in one of her posts before the event started:

    On 2020-11-27 at 7:25 PM, [DE]Rebecca said:

    Those of you who played our Survival event in 2013 may be used to this type of release (small test before wide release).

    Small test before wide release.
    I still like it! Because the original survival mission back in the day was very different compared to what we have right now. 
    So I have hopes for the maaaaaybe upcoming "Necramech in normal Missions"-missions. Maybe they change a little bit how the mechs work, or how the enemies spawn, or or or or. The mission type has potential, it is not totally 100% no-fun-at-all.

  3. Hi there @BigBossxv1(and maybe a sorta late welcome to the forums!)

    So, after looking at your ingame-profile, I can happily clear things up for our PSN-Tenno @(PSN)Mofojokers here.
    I hope that things calm down a little bit, ok? The majority of this Community is very nice indeed, so let us all keep it that way^^



    it looks like you took a long break after checking the game out in its earlier days. So welcome back, enjoy your stay!
    (note: The date you see here in the forums when you look at a specific profile is the date they started using the forums, not the date the account was created, just fyi)

    Now on topic:
    Imo the "grind" of this event is not as bad as other grinds out there. I personally made my score and moved on, but I can see why other people might see this event as more tedious. Specially the usage of Necramechs might hinder other players out there to enjoy this event as much as possible.
    (Because getting that one without using plat like you did takes time. The event is not something for complete new-ish players this time.) Staying in the event-mission is the usual repetitive feeling most of us get when we do endless-runs. Soooo...yea

    All in all I can see why it feels grindy to some people, but the overall development and "gameplay-feeling" of this event was no surprise for me personally. I liked it (but in the same way I am happy that I don't have to do it again after getting what I wanted)


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  4. Ty for the information!

    7 minutes ago, [DE]CoreyOnline said:

    We accomplish this by giving a 50 Credit reward instead of a previously owned item. This does not apply to items such as Warframe Slots, or consumable items (such as Forma), but rather for owned, unique items such as previous Nightwave Cosmetics.

    This is a very nice idea! - thanks again :
    Can't wait for what comes next~ *mysterious gestures*
    (As much as I like the intermissions, so players have the chance to get some of the older nightwave-rewards,  I hope that the duration of the next one is...well...a little bit different compared to the last nightwave-intermission 😅)

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  5. Hi there @Navloc
    If you come across inappropriate weapon-names / pet-names ingame, there is only one thing to do:

    Create a Support ticket and report it!

    Support will act on it and Support will change the name if the name is inappropriate. (Speaking from experience here: If you report an account+weapon name with evidence/screenshots, they will change it, no doubt)

    That's all you need to do. Really.
    Everything else is unnecessary. For example a complaint thread that contains, oh idk, a sentence that looks something like this

    3 hours ago, Navloc said:

    Maybe among the ToS there's a paragraph where you will allow communist dictator names to be an exception.

    No. That's not it. This is not a witty or funny sentence, sorry to dissappoint you...I don't even. This... well *sigh*

    The "filter" that is active when you name a weapon/a pet is not very good. We all know that. I have seen a lot of pet/kitgun-names that are just wrong on so many levels.
    for example:
    (The following names were all reported. DE dealt with all the accounts/names. The screenshots show pictures of inappropriate names. I am posting them as examples for bad names. They should not be discussed.)


    and just to make sure and go idiot proof I will speak it out loud:
    Do not name your stuff like that.

    So now...using your "communist dictator names are an exception"-logic, I should get to the conclusion:
    Well if I can name my item like that, DE allows&supports it! Yes!

    No. That is not how this works. No. DE doesn't have an exception somewhere that says "yo it is ok to name your thing something xyz".

    The filter when you want to name a companion/k-drive/gun needs a lot of work imo. It does not "catch" a lot of weird terms/words/whatnot.  (it probably never will because...well... languages 😅)

    As long as it is working like it currently is, we - the community - need to take care of it a little bit and keep the game a nice&happy place that the majority can enjoy 😄 (yes I just used "we", #insertcomradmeme)
    That is why if you see something that bothers you, for example the name "Stalin", and you look at the rules and come to the conclusion "wait, that doesn't seem to work out" -- you report it. Support will deal with it.

    If you just want to complain and go with "Oh what did we become, oh the humanity?!"-route...ok?
    But if something truly bothers you ingame, there is always the option to contact support and do something about it if you care.


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  6. Hi there @---No-Mercy---^^
    (edit: threads got merged, so I rewrote a few things)

    There are some helpful ideas and tips and build suggestions right here in this thread!
    e.g: (just gona quote a lot of comments here)



    On 2020-12-31 at 9:13 PM, -AoN-CanoLathra- said:

    There are three things to consider in this fight: arbitration drones, the elite enemies that end the wave, and the hordes that drop life support.

    Bringing an Ignis. Catchmoon, or other similar weapon is great for killing the drones. Melee is pretty effective against most of the elites (Nox being a notable exception). The rest of the enemies can be killed with warframe abilities or your remaining weapon.

    On 2020-12-31 at 9:47 PM, Berzerkules said:

    Might help if you share your builds you think should work so people can give advice. 

    On 2020-12-31 at 9:57 PM, (PSN)N7_Dredgen said:

    Try using a melee builds that relies on speed, heavy status and condition overload.  Silva and Aegis works nicely for a Heat/Corrosion.  That in itself will 1-2 hit everything but the bosses if built properly - it's actually great against all the bosses except the Nox one, he is probably your biggest nuisance regardless of what method you choose.   

    On 2020-12-31 at 10:00 PM, fo3nixz said:

    what i used: saryn + kuva nukor + telos boltace + operator with magus lockdown... 

    On 2020-12-31 at 10:20 PM, 16Bitman said:

    Shoot the Nox boss in the head, do not melee him.

    On 2020-12-31 at 10:50 PM, -AncientWarrior- said:

    Saryn with Proboscis Cernos then melee them made this easy run. 

    On 2020-12-31 at 11:28 PM, Graavarg said:

    Some good info here: 


    On 2021-01-01 at 12:50 AM, ES-Flinter said:

    Can you please show your build/ mods on your Mesa, peacemaker+ your other weapons? A Screenshot or a simple list would be enough.

    On 2021-01-01 at 2:28 AM, -CdG-Zilchy said:

    Try and understand, I am happy to help you pass this test, I have asked MULTIPLE times for you to show me your builds and so have others. If you're too lazy to even do that, I'm not helping. If I show you all my builds and you simply copy them, then like a previous poster mentioned, you aren't going to get any better and you still will probably fail. IF however I look at your builds and EXPLAIN to you why they're not working, you might actually learn something and improve as a player as a result of gaining game knowledge. If you can't be bothered even doing that, then yeh... good luck with it. All that happens if you copy someone else's build and limp through the test barely, is that you'll meet yet another brick wall in say a few months time and have to ask for help again instead of learning how to mod, how frames and game mechanics work and becoming a better, more knowledgeable player that can adapt and solve his own problems. 

    On 2021-01-01 at 3:51 PM, Slayer-. said:

    Use Viral as the main damage you'll get further, I practiced with corrosion but that was slow and a huge fail. switched to viral and did it a lot faster.

    ...gonna stop here, ok?^^ (I hope that shows how much helpful ideas you alrady received)


    • Did you try some of the ideas? What worked for you? What kind of ideas/tips did you prefer?
    • What did you use in the mission? What is your current build? Important questions.
    • Please take a Screenshot and how us your Warframe/Weapons you are using. Why are here 3 pages but still no Screenshot or exact details about your personal builds?

    It is literally the easiest way to help you out and improve your gameplay-style with more ideas that head into a direction you are already familiar with. 

    btw my Feedback about the MR30 test:
    I personally had a challenging time with the MR30 test when I did it last year at the end of October. Almost no oxygen at the end. Only a few seconds left. But it was the right type of challenging and "difficult", specially because I decided to use excalibur😅
    Here a youtube clip that shows my succesfull attempt: 


    (no audio)

    The O2 spawn can be tricky and the strong enemies take a few more hits, but nothing is impossible.

    Cheers & good luck!

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  7. 4 minutes ago, Thehumanflame said:

    Whoops, should I delete this post?

    Normal players do not have the option to delete their own thread. Only an Admin/Staff/ForumModerator can do that^^
    For the future:
    If you think a thread of yours does not serve any valuable function, or if you simply want to delete/close it, you can just report your own first post in your thread:

    1. Click on the 3 "..." in the top right corner of your comment:
    2. Select "Report"
    3. Choose a sorta fitting point and fill in a friendly request where you explain what you want

    A Forum Mod will take care of the rest^^

    1 minute ago, Thehumanflame said:

    I just edited it to say nothing, will I receive a warning or ban? If for how long?

    Feel free to check out the forum rules/guidelines. There is no need to panic, everything is fine :)

  8. Welcome to the Forums @Thehumanflame^^
    It is refreshing to see a new Tenno with a lot of energy, sharing their personal ideas and whatnot.
    However, please try to use the search function in the future! Sometimes there already exists a thread about the same topic.

    e.g. here a thread about free Promocodes for Warframe:

    It is even pinned in the Subforum!
    Annnnd it is, sorry if this sounds harsh, in a much better format and not just a copy&paste of a different website~
    (here a screenshot of how your thread looks when I use the dark-theme of the Forum)


    just....no... 😂

    Hope you have fun playing Warframe!

    edit: ninja'd~

  9. 2 hours ago, (NSW)Glaive-012 said:

    Almost a hybridization between graffiti and brush strokes, reminiscent of Japanese ink paintings depicting mythological figures. I especially appreciate the Frost image, reflecting the pronounced horns and the striking cyan markings. These are really amazing!

    Thank you so much for your nice words! XctPENl.gif
    And yes, that is pretty much the "style" I wanted to try out. Glad you like it 😄 (btw, "Japanese ink graffiti" sounds pretty awesome too, hehe)

    I did another quick one.
    Mirage Prime: (1920x1080)

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  10. Wow, those skins look unreal

    No, srsly:  I really love this small "fun" addition, thank you! Unreal Tournament was a blast in my personal past. Maaaaaybe we can hope for some more skins like that in the future? Pretty please? :)

    Oh and I am probably not the only one who is gonna
     uninstall and never use epic game store again (for launching Warframe) after I claimed those fancy skins 😅




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  11. Hi there Spaceninjas^^

    After a very long time I thought today: why not try scribbling Warframe-stuff again? So I did that!
    Here it is ( feel free to use it as a desktop background)
    Excalibur (1920x1080)
    I hope some of you like it~

    Maybe I am gonna do some other Warframes/NPCs.

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  12. Hi there @The-Primordial-One^^
    Since you are sharing some interesting Dojo-Decoration ideas here, I wanted to take the opportunity to remind you of this thread:

    So in short: DE is already looking into different Dojo QoL improvements (e.g. NPC-decorations, more Skybox options) and so far it already looks pretty promising imo! That said, I wouldn't mind to have even more options when it comes to filling an empty dojo with a little bit more flair&life :)


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  13. Hi there @PhreazerBurn^^
    This sounds.....strange. 
    Feel free to create a Support-Ticket about this issue. They should be able to look at your platinum and how it was spent. Also make sure you change your password and enable 2-FA (in case someone else is messing with your account)

    Link to Support:
    Link to your user-page (for changing your password)

    Hope this helps!

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  14. Hi there @lukratos^^
    You are probably right: You will receive an answer from support, buuuut your coupon will already be expired.

    So here a few tips you could try out: (all of them are...welll...sorta "quick-try" and maybe you already tried them out, but still)
    - Clear your browser cache (can't hurt to do that)
    - make sure you are using the correct account on the website (maybe you got multiple and did use a different one out of old habits or whatnot)
    - log out/log in again on the website (hurrdurr I know, sorry for stating the obvious^^')
    - try a different browser! (Maybe GoogleChrome/Firefox would work?)
    - try it on your smartphone (because why the hell not?)

    ...okay, those are the first ideas that come to my mind. I admit that this is not much, some of them probably don't even have an effect on your account....and there isn't really a lot you can do otherwise in my opinion.

    The only good option is to wait for a reply on your support ticket.
    I hope this helps :)

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  15. Thank you for this information!
    A good decision, very reasonable imo. Stay safe&healthy. Try to get your mind a little bit away from the usual work stuff!
    Enjoy your vacations, all of you at DE! Let us all begin the next year with high hopes & full of energy!XctPENl.gif

    Oh and did I hear "remember 2013 survival stuff" ? I do, and I am really looking forward to see this way of implementing new ideas again! 

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  16. Hi there @Sylvexis^^

    Don't worry, you won't pay 200 Platinum if the Name-Change is not succesful! 
    In other words: If you try to change your name on the website and the name is already taken, this message will appear:
    The name you typed in will automatically vanish. Your platinum-balance remains the same. The payment is only made after a succesful change.

    Hope this helps! 

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