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  1. Hi there @(PS4)AbBaNdOn_ ^^

    The answer is pretty simple:
    The lich has the ephemera equipped on his/her own body. So when it shows up, after you killed a larving ling, and you see a visual effect around it = you will get an ephemera later 😄
    Here 2 examples:



    Hope this information helps. Just take a look in your codex when you have a lich. You should see it there.



    ninja'd <.<'

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  2. vor 50 Minuten schrieb dyewithasmile:

         you Clearly have no idea how upsetting it is to be returned to your frame from operator without knowing why. when a new person uses quicthinking how are they supposed to know that being in operator while your frame has an ongoing power will allow that frame to recive dmg? how does this game convey that when in operator your frame is invulnerable? i dont use umbral excal becuase your bot gets him and me killed (i refuse to umbral cheese) Now! Just Now!, thanx to iwolply youtuber did i find all this out... im mr 27 and Curse everytime i use my melee only excal in floods when apparently some flame or toxin proc keeps returning me to my frame and i have no way of knowing why, even now knowing i wouldnt know specifically at that time what the dmg source was... or will be again...How is that acceptible to you as a person?... i then go to semlar.com death logg to find out why becuase i CANT IN GAME but it dosnt log quickthinking "deaths" and i never thought to check that mod... HOW WOULD I have thought to check??? this is 1 of many ways DE chrolls. Convince me to trust you!! why would having a power on change dmg done to a frame while in operator? is there or will there be a Major in my face story explination so as not to obfuscate this? you know whats similar is hitting an enemy melee user and having them parry 100% success and while vitrified and while blinded and while frozen and... the only way i know about that is i saw a dev stream when it was asked of scott and he said that it was so they dont spin 2too much and have to think... OK fine... BUT WHERE DOES THE GAME OUTLINE PARRY RULES? if it dosnt is that chrolling?????? sooooo i have to hold f ahead of time now then hold right click when they swing? and if im using a combo like shattered village or cleaving whirlwind and they have melee im just supposed to accept that i cant avoid their parry ?  SCOTT???? hello your attitude is showing!!! and i have HAD IT with how often im trolled in this game... BEyond had it

    *Lotus voice*
    Tenno, there seems to be an incoming message. I will try to decrypt it:

    [NOTE: The following is a rough "translation" of the stuff you wrote so people might understand your problems a little bit better. I hope I get most of it right...because even for me it is hard to understand everything^^')

    dyewithasmile message:
    Dear people who are reading this thread,

    You are not aware of how upsetting some situations in this game can be. For example:
    I am MR 27 & did not know that my Warframe can be damaged when I am in Operator-mode and activated an ongoing-ability of my Warframe before switching to my Operator.
    I personally do not use Umbral Excalibur because i do not like the pathfinding and actions of the AI. 
    Thanks to the youtube "iwolply" I found this out. 

    Furthermore I get damaged and sometimes even killed when I am with my Excalibur Warframe in an Infested Mission because some flame or toxic procs seem to hit me out of nowhere.
    But I did not know at all which enemy exactly killed me or what exactly hit me. There is no way in game to find out right away what the source of the dmg was. 
    This is for me not acceptable.

    I have to use external sites like semlar.com to see what killed me because I could not see it ingame. But even there not every cause of death is listed.

    To come back to my earlier topic: Why can my Warframe be killed while I am in Operator mode? Will there be a future explanation for this situation in an upcoming story quest or are there any other reasons for this in game? 
    I have another similar problem in mind:
    The enemies have a 100% chance to parry while vitrified/blinded/frozen and so on. The only way I know about that is because I saw multiple Devstreams and Scott was asked those questions. The reason behind it was so people wouldn't use the "spin2win"-tactic so often. Ok i get this.
    But where does the game outline parry rules?
    It seems like i have to use a specific key-combination but when i use certain melee-weapon stances i get blocked/stucked during the combo. So all that is left for me is to accept this?

    I have the feeling that I am getting "trolled" by the game. I also think that Scott is accountable for this situation
    Overall I would appreciate it when I find more information about certain Dmg&Death-situations ingame.

    Thank you for your time.
    *Lotus voice*
    That took longer than calculated.
    *Lotus out*

    Okay, all the fun aside, I hope this translation helps to get your point across^^'
    @Sajochi , @Melanholic7, @(XB1)EternalDrk Mako maybe you can now start to discuss this or maybe you now understand what op wanted to say? still not 100% sure about it tbh xD

    Now my opinion on this matter (all the other written stuff was, again i want to say that, not my point of view - just a translation of the stuff OP wrote):

    DUDE, wtf is chrolling? I really do not know what you mean by that. (no clue at all...internet wasn't a big help on that word aswell 😕 )
    try to calm down when you write things. Breaaath. And if you are breathing: Try to make your text look more fluid and natural. You got a wall. Noone will read that. You will just get comments like...well...like you can already see in your thread so far. Do not rant. 🙂 

    I personally would like a more "on point" death-notification ingame too! Like you might know it from other games - most of the time pvp games like Battlefield: You see what player killed you with what weapon.
    For Warframe I could imagine a similar message upon death, but maybe with more details
    (So on Kill:  Enemy that caused the Death, Elemental-DMG active during Death, Distance between the thing that killed you and yourself)

    That's all so far ❤️ 

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  3. vor 44 Minuten schrieb -PoisenIvy-:

    Can a support on my ticket please answer?

    I'm waiting for more than 1 week and I have my account not back because there is only 1 German support and only answered tickets if he likes




    Hi there @-PoisenIvy- ^^

    let me assure you that the german support consists of more than only 1 male person. (edit: e.g. Molly is a female german support - just as another example ^^)
    Furthermore the response time to a ticket can be different from case to case. It is 'normal' to wait for a Support-answer sometimes a week, sometimes a month. Please be patient.
    Soooo...yea...no need to be passive aggressiv about the current situation^^' (srsly, the 2nd sentence in your thread is..like..not helping you at all - no need to spread false information + trying to bash the support...You are not funny. This is not helping.)

    Nobody here in the forums will be able to help you. You will not receive an official answer to your support ticket here in the forums.
    You can only do the following: 
    Wait. Be patient. Be calm.  ❤️ 🙂 


    Please also keep in mind that there is a lot going on for the support (no matter where you are from) - specially right after a big update.

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  4. Hi there @(PS4)bunnyrebellion ^^

    like D20 already mentioned as the last comment in your other thread:

    It is not about how long you played, it is about the way you provide feedback.
    I get that you have the feeling that a major thing of the game you love so much is now being reworked and changed to something else. You spent a lot of time&effort in this game and want to enjoy it in the future too! ^^ Now you might be a little scared and do not know how things will go. It's okay, a lot of players have been there. No worries.
    Your other Thread:

    In this thread you express your personal feelings. Everyone can do this in the worldwide inernet, sure.

    However, here are some points that might lead to the conclusion that you did not provide proper feedback:
    - you sound very frustrated.
    The existence of this thread alone makes it look that you just want to vent a little bit - sorry if this sounds harsh, it's not my intend.
    - you only say things that bother you but do not suggest a way on how to change it
    "DE nerfs it now it's bad! Do not do that!!" is not feedback. Try to bring examples for a different way to deal with something ingame that you do not like. Give ideas for workarounds. Do not just say "X sucks" 
    - You created a thread about an ingame change that is not ingame atm.
    This is the main thing that is bothering most of the other players here. You did not experience the change. You do not know how exactly the weapon will change. From my experience: If you put a lot of forma and maybe a riven in any weapon, it will be great for the majority of the game. No special weapon-nerf will change that with the current dmg-sytem imo^^'

    So all in all:
    Next time, choose wisely how you create a thread. Try to get a better structure and just cut all the personal "OMG THIS IS SO BAD I WORKED SO HARD. WHYYYYY". Wait until you get a glimpse of the changes on your own and then give a proper "This was changed -- I had this feeling/experience now with the weapon -- here some ideas on how to improve it so I and other players can enjoy the game better"
    Do not try to validate your feedback by having "x amount of hours ingame" or "I have spent so much money so here my voice!". A lot of players do that. It changes nothing imo...

    Do not vent & do not rage if you are writing feedback. ^-^

    Hope this helps. Keep it cool and calm and try to wait until the update arrives on pc / on consoles 🙂



    Thank you @(XB1)R3d P01nt , I almost forgot about the very important thread you linked!
    Just to make sure, here it is again: 


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  5. Hi there @Fr3shBoi ^-^

    Kickbot still appears purple for me. So nothing changed there 🙂 
    Maybe it was a small Server-hiccup or a behind the scenes restart or something like that. who knows~


    edit: do not be confused about the time in the screenshot. I guess I am in a different timezone compared to you^^'

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  6. vor 5 Minuten schrieb ES-Flinter:

    Danke für die Übersetzung

    Meintest du ,,Konsumierte"? So hört sich das ein bisschen komisch an. Aber mein Deutsch ist eh nicht das beste.

    Die Mod heißt  "Infektion: Konsumieren". Das passt also  🙂 
    (auch nach dem Fix, finde ich persönlich das Set ganz praktisch^^)

    Danke für die Übersetzung, find ich mal wieder klasse, Lasse! 

  7. Thank you for this really nice devstream ❤️

    Specially the upcoming 2 Warframes seem really interesting!
    "RunningMan", or in other words: Sonic
    (srsly, the Warframe has even sorta similar colours ^^')

    And a Kirby Warframe, which was first shown on a Monitor in the background during a different Livestream from Steve!


    Here a little bit closer:
    on the left side of the screenshot. Not on the right 😄 


    And oh boy, new war stuff...Jupiter is here and I am already getting hyped for the next thing ^^'
    Keep up the great work!


    Dear God, the picture from Kuez is even better xD (you need to scroll down a little bit to see his comment)

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  8. vor 2 Stunden schrieb Ephemiel:

    So the thread that said it'll come out last week or the one that says this week.

    Thanks man!! *slowly looks at the name of my thread*

    yeeeeeaaaah i know i know xD
    Still: i wanted to give you the obvious information ^^' 
    We all have to wait, this is not the first bigger update and it won't be the last for sure. There is always the possibility for DE to change the time an update arrived.
    I just wanted to show you 2 places that already exist where you can go instead of creating a complete new thread about it :3
    Because I have to agree with this comment:

    vor 2 Stunden schrieb TheAntiFish:

    I mean... Did a thread need to be made for this? It's something most of us are innately doing anyway.

    or in other words:

  9. Hi there @Ephemiel ^-^

    If you want to know when the next bigger Update will hit the PC-version of Warframe I suggest you take a look at this thread:

    or maybe even this one: 

    You probably already know about those threads, but they are the best place to get early information on "is it there yet? is it there yet? is it there yet?" 
    There is no real need for another anticipation Thread - even if it is always nice to share that sort of feeling with others :3


    edit: riiight, I almost forgot the hype gifs!



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  10. vor 13 Minuten schrieb Radagosh:

    I mean, I don't wanna be an ungrateful C***, but why not also release some new skins along with these old ones?

    Also, any ETA on the Jupiter stuff would be appreciated, am really hyped for the new content.

    here you go ^-^

    Probably the reason behind those 7day-long Lotus-alerts ingame.

    Still: Thank you DE for the free stuff (I like the new Sigil, the 2 skins are already in my collection^^')


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  11. Yay, Mesa Prime is around the corner~ (SOONTM)
    But like most of the other players here already mentioned: The current Operator-Accessoires are...well, okay...yea...just okay imo :s 


    edit: In Case people want to take a look at the complete Mesa-picture from the 1st comment in this thread:
    @NightmareT12 (since you asked for the full pic - here you go - it's 1920x1080 🙂 )

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  12. Great Devstream, I really liked the first look at Mesa Prime:



    and the Wukong-Skin...just wow



    (can't wait for the rework too!)

    Thank you so much for this Devstream, the only thing that was missing imo is this:
    But hey, we already got 1million Nintenno out there, that's nice 😄

    MAKE IT HAPPEN DE..well... that's more on Nintendo but still xD (and keep up the good work 🙂 )


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  13. hya,

    nice devstream, great stuff to look forward too! Thank you at always for keeping us informed and for putting so much work&effort into this great game.
    I like the 1st 3 abilities so far a lot...4 looks compared to them a little bit "just use me when you wanna kill and you don't care about the other 3 abilities", but let's see how it goes and feels when it's done 🙂

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  14. vor 46 Minuten schrieb [DE]Megan:


    Here's what you have to do:

    • Take a screenshot of your Operator in the "Customize Tenno" window and post it in this thread. 

    Previous request for reference: 

     Resulted Promo Video for The War Within:


    Yay, I remember the video, that was really really awesome to be in it!

    Love those contests, here is my Operator:



    more/different Screenshots:







    Good luck to all - show your Fashion-Operator!^^ XctPENl.gif





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  15. vor 33 Minuten schrieb matze85:

    Ich stell mir aktuell Banshee Prime zusammen unter anderem brauche ich die Mod Ätzende Projektion.

    Laut Wiki soll die in Alarmierungen kommen. Gut dacht ich mir schaust halt mal bei Twitter wann und wie oft die Mod kommt. Siehe da die letzten 7 Tage kam die Mod nicht.

    Jetzt stellt sich die Frage wie ich an die Mod kommen sollen?

    Hi @matze85 ^^

    Da bleiben dir grundsätzlich 2 Möglichkeiten:

    du wartest weiterhin bis eine Alarmierung auftaucht, in der die Modkarte "Ätzende Projektion" als Endbelohnung angegeben wird. 

    Du versuchst dein Glück und erhandelst dir deinen heiß ersehnten Mod von einem anderen Spieler im Spiel.

    Beides natürlich nicht "ideal" wenn man an diesen Mod in der Theorie schnellstmöglich ohne größere Probleme oder größeren Zeitaufwand bekommen möchte, aber naja^^'

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  16. Regarding Sacrifice:

    annnnd If I remember correctly, a few devstreams ago we saw this:

    soooooo mayyybe:


    Thank you for the Overview <3 Nice Khora changes imo!
    Keep up the great work, I can't wait to see what will really happen in the next bigger update(s) ^^

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  17. Hiho^^

    Wow, I never would've imagined that a contest like this one would happen again. There was one a feeewwww years ago (2014...xD) iirc too^^
    Love a lot of the t-shirt designs people made for this contest, so many great things - and still so many great artists in this community!

    I didn't participate in a contest in a long time now...but I had to try this one out again^^


    Soooo yea, I just used the same design I used all those years ago (Stalker Pic made in Sourcefilmmaker, and the rest a little bit of photoshop~)
    I don't think I have a chance against some other submissions out there, I just hope some people like it! - maybe some of you wanna rate it too :3 (no matter if you think it's good or bad, feedback is always nice to have imo :) )

    Keep up the great work fellow Tenno, and keep up those great community-events/contests DE <3

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  18. Spoiler





    Hypehypehypehypehype! o3o'



    and thank you for sharing a lot of information about sooooo much stuff at once <3
    There are probably still a few suprises left, but the way the Harrow hype/teaser-site is build & contains already tons of interesting&usefull information (even pre-stats for the weapons)... I like it ^-^


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