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  1. I think the price is pretty good where it's at now, and same for the option of NOT having it as a free reward. Why ? It's a new mechanic with LOTS of customization and depth in terms of changing Warframe Abilities PLUS the fact that you gain additional abilities by levelling the system up. I'm gonna get to rank 3 tomorrow, and i'm not even mad that i have to wait another day for this since it opens up a lot of possibilities. (And for your information, it's normal that you only get 750 instead of 1000 : They've reworked the mastery system, so check that out in previous patch notes to
  2. I don't understand : I've managed to get 3 in a row easily, and the 3 of them were common birdsies. It's actually easy to get them if you turn up the volume... Step 1 : Call the bird a first time Step 2 : Listen for the bird's call to identify the place he's gonna spawn in "Approximately" Step 3 : Call the bird a final time Step 4 : Get your Tranq Gun and look in the general direction of the sound Step 5 : Find the bird and Archwing up to its face to tranquilize him For me, this change to the number of tokens required was absolutely not necessary and just b
  3. TYPE: Crafting DESCRIPTION: The items required to create an infested Kavat or Kubrow are bugged. The picture represents an Otak Token and the name tells of Fass Residues. I have each of them and none is counted in the inventory. VISUAL: None, i can't figure out how to join an image in the forums. But it's pretty easy to reproduce REPRODUCTION: Attempting to craft the objects EXPECTED RESULT: Crafting the item OBSERVED RESULT: You cannot craft the item as the Fass Residue ou Token is not couned in the inventory REPRODUCTION RATE: Everytime
  4. I know i might be kicking an ant nest, but i must ask : What if the nerfs on these abilities are actually justified and not so important ? I mean, yeah, they are gonna be extremely popular and more powerful than other options, but a little nerf to be able to use them on every single frame is not as bad as i think the community sees it. Moreover, i think putting a little bit of a nerf on those abilities is still a good thing because you can go back to the original Warframe to get the full effect of this ability. The only change that made me confused is for Wukong's Defy, and i still think
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