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  1. WAR-3012604 Starting Taranis in Void..did not even get to see orbitor flying to planet...crashed to white screen...Alt F4 to get out...s Have just started getting new Video lag playing all missions with the last update... newest nVidia Driver did not help with lag either... at start of map i just stand and turn around to get the lag over with and then start playing... this latest crash actually came as surprise as only had the video stutter of late Intel I7-9700k MSI 2080 Supra 32 gig ram BenQ 32 inch 4k monitor also
  2. Latest crash joining ESO to rank 2 new infested weapons... WAR-2984704 startting ESO going through first portal Many of other issues have gone away...stuttering and video lag..
  3. WAR-2976715 Crashed when tried to exit the game.. After playing the game for 10 minutes or so there is very little stutter and longer played no stutter at all. Actually the Eye Candy is amazing in 4K. will take some getting used to.. sure all will get even better in time Thanks You DE Mike (groundpounder55)
  4. thanks helen.. II already submitted a bug report... change a couple settings in options and CRASHED when tried to restart as was needed for settings to take... fyi... 8700k 2080 supra ... run game in 4k ...allot of initial lag when joined map but smooths to 110 fps... colors are rather bright have to figure out how to dim it down thanks again groundpounder55
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