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  1. Not continuous. 25 rounds total, by that I mean round completions. Pretty easy to farm imo, hook yourself up with magus lockdown and redeemer prime and you’re set.
  2. Totally agree with your insight on arcanes, I think once the event launches and all the price drops on all arcanes, I’m just going to buy whatever I’m looking for and never gonna bother with them again.
  3. Either run a tanky warframe (inaros is the best since he doesn’t need abilities), or warframes with invincibility/invisibility (rhino, loki, revenant, nezha, etc.)
  4. Doesn’t seem like it. They’re not too hard to get anyway, took me about 25 rounds to get both.
  5. Sony and Microsoft need to verify the update before they allow it to go out, so best guess is that the update will come out Saturday- Monday.
  6. All archguns are bad in railjack, the Grattler especially, AND its also bad against the profit taker. Basically not worth buying. also I agree with the last part, those packs are much better overall.
  7. If only Arch-guns had any use... other than MR points...
  8. Adaro on Sedna, once the lights flicker kill as many enemies as you can, Guaranteed spawn. Would recommend to run Saryn with max efficiency and range, and just spam miasma.
  9. To farm plat u can try vault runs with all 4 keys on u, very easy and most mods are worth 20p~ not that big of a profit but pretty dependable. once you get more familiar with rivens, try buying unrolled ones for popular weapons, then farm kuva and sell the best roll you get.
  10. MR12 with 24 Rolls +153% Dmg +142.9% CC +58.5% Fire Rate -34.6% Dmg to Infested is that considered a god roll? Also looking for estimated price
  11. My man you seem to really enjoy putting forma on stuff, thanks for the builds, definitely going to try Khora and Wisp.
  12. Seems like it is time to farm for Khora lmao, I’m always lazy when it comes to farming warframe parts.
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