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  1. Them mofos made me half blind already
  2. https://imgur.com/gallery/1fRxvRh The syandana is just clipping through her. Looks perfectly fine with any other Warframe, including the regular variant of Saryn.
  3. The First: 32.1 Dmg to Infested 121.6 CC 71 CD 6 rolls Second: 157.7 Multishot 101.1 SC (100% status is achieved) -33.7 Fire Rate (kinda fixed with lethal torrent) 0 Rolls Thired: 55.2 Dmg to grineer 171.7 CC +46.2 Recoil (works as a -) came back to the game after more than a year so I’m a little rusty, thanks guys
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