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  1. Can we please get Kuva in this weeks Nightwave shop please?
  2. The Achievement Joyride is still bugged for the people who unlocked it before it was introduced in Steam. Is there a way to fix this or will this Achievement forever be locked in Steam? Come on DE 🙂
  3. Can we please have more Rivens in our Possesion then only 90? There are so many guns and yet we only have place for 90?! Would be Awesome to Raise that to like 150 ;)
  4. I think you forgot to patch a thing tbh, the Nakak Prices are still Insanely High 🙂
  5. Same here. I have spoken with Support but they assume i want to delete my account for some reason when i mention the joyride achievement... Well i guess we have to wait... 😞
  6. Pls do a full Codex Hotfix. -Some Codex entries are unscanable. -Some Entries don't appear at all when full scanned. -Some Things that are scanable don't even exist in the Codex. P.S Yes i much rather prefer a good and flawless Codex than Hotfixes for Wukong... seriously the Codex is much older than Wukong and still has bugs in it. But i still lova y'all DE ;)
  7. Ahm and the Codex fix for the conservation animals in the plains DE no?.... :(
  8. Thank you for the update. Still no fix for all Plains of Eidolon conservation targets missing from the Codex. PLS DE this is getting ridiculous now...
  9. We are still waiting on that PoE Animal Scan Codex Fix DE.... come on pls ;)
  11. What about fixing the Codex for the Plains Animals.... :(
  12. CODEX Problem The new Animals from the Plains are not being registerd on the codex despite my helios scanning them all the time.
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