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  1. Treadlight

    Warframe Builder

    I went to a page for a build I felt content with, and went through the process of logging in, attempting to save the build, attempting to search for builds, and closing the "Search Builds" popup, as the log does include the request for the darker close button image that appears when hovering over it. Here is a complete log of everything in the Firefox Developer Edition browser console. Note that the browser console formats things in a way I can't display in plaintext, nor can I display it in the extremely limited BBCode of these forums. I went ahead and made it human readable after copying it, but it's still a little bulky simply due to the uncompressed URL's. The browser console logs have left-aligned and right-aligned contents on each line, so this was really annoying to format without any macros. Here is the log with the right-aligned contents all pushed to the same tab stop. You need to copy this into a proper fixed-width text editor with word-wrap turned off to view it properly. Here is the log with the right-aligned contents all preceded by 3 tabs. This is easier to read on the website, but not great for comparing lines. There's some weird things your website does that don't quite make sense to me. I don't understand why you put the full details of the build into the URL, and offer use of a URL "shortener" redirect hosted by a third-party (a highly suspicious one at that), rather than compressing it. I can understand & relate to wanting to make the URL human-readable at a glance, but it's so cumbersomely long that it still currently fails in that respect. It's alarming that you seem to have no security systems to speak of in place to protect user information & behavior from being tracked or stolen without their consent. I know HTTPS is very fiddly, but even just that helps. I really hope you only store hashed passwords server-side, use trustworthy RNG for key generation, and make sure keys are sufficiently long. Perfect forward secrecy is more involved, but kind of necessary to stop MitM attacks. Even without perfect forward secrecy, just making sure you don't reuse encryption keys is really good. I know ideal security is really annoying to get right, but even these relatively simple things would help. The more attractive your website becomes, the more people are going to use your website. You may not ever see the day when someone has their credentials stolen, or their metadata leaked, but the chance of it happening gets slightly higher with each new unique visitor to the website. Currently, your website is the only remotely usable tool for quickly assembling and planning prospective builds in Warframe, and that advantage means everything you improve about it can create an influx of new visitors, which is amplified by how many existing users feel inclined to tell their friends about it. Equipment is frequently added to the game, with equipment's stats changing from time to time. I think relying on end-users to report changes to the game is too slow to keep up with new content, especially as brand-new content is what everyone wants to try to build for. I know (not encrypted, unfortunately) is usually up to date, and I know it has something that would be rather ideal to query automatically, but I don't quite know how you would go about doing that. I can barely navigate the place aside from the normal wiki pages, so all I could find was this: Line 8 looks cut off at the beginning. Thank goodness those scripts seem completely unrelated to this issue.
  2. Treadlight

    Volume sliders don't do anything

    Actually, my original plan was to increase the volume of Warframe in the mixer after reducing the SFX, but I didn't even bother since the sliders didn't do anything in the first place. I'm very much aware of how Windows handles things, I only have one audio output device anyway. I have none of the "effects" turned on, and the equalizer is totally flat. I have tried restarting Warframe after changing the sliders, and it didn't really change anything. The login screen was rather loud, but that's always rather loud. UPDATE: I don't know if I'm allowed to double post after this amount of time, but I found something strange. The volume sliders work only in certain areas. They work fine in the Plains of Eidolon, but they don't do anything in the orbiter, relays, & Orokin derelict. There's likely a lot more than this, so definitely look into more than just those places. I'm getting the impression it's a problem with object inheritance; I think something's overriding the settings somewhere.
  3. Treadlight

    Volume sliders don't do anything

    After messing with them for a bit, I can only conclude that not only is there no way to preview the slider volume much like there is in every other game, the volume sliders themselves don't actually do anything. I noticed that my mandachord was really quiet, and various sound effects were just totally overpowering any music playing—mandachord or not—and it even seemed like the mandachord just went nearly silent when in a relay. I went and turned everything that isn't music way down, and that didn't change a thing. I have Music, Master, & Ally Mandachord set to max, with no SFX slider above 65%. Not only is the Master volume slider too quiet at max, none of the sliders had any effect on the game's actual volume in the first place. I shouldn't need to set master above 50% in any game, what's going on here?
  4. Treadlight

    Warframe Builder

    I've only started using this tool recently, but I can't save or search builds under any circumstances. I'm using Firefox Developer Edition 60.0b8 (64-bit). Searching builds gives me " No builds found. Why don't you create one ?" regardless of whether I'm logged in. If I attempt to save a build, I get: Save impossible. Check the errors. Identical build already exists. It says this in spite of any rivens, and even if I attempt to save it as a private build. Additionally, I'm not given any link or info on the build that allegedly already exists. I have a friend who has almost exactly the same addons with identical settings who does not have this issue. She uses Google Chrome 64.0.3282.186 (Official Build) (64-bit). I get this warning message in the debug console when jquery.js is loaded. "Source map error: SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data Resource URL: Source Map URL: [Learn More]" She does not get this warning. At one point it said that "//@" is deprecated, and to use "//#" instead. before you ask, I have tested this with various parts of my addons disabled or enabled in a bunch of weird ways, and none of it worked. Both of us are on Windows distributions. I'm on 7 SP1 64-bit, and she's on 10 64-bit. EDIT: If you want the full log, please ask over PM.
  5. Treadlight

    Celebrate Warframe at the Game Awards!

    Sigh... I suppose this was predictable... Even though the Twitch "drops" thing was a horrible idea, I suppose it happening again isn't too much of a surprise. Still, I'd have thought DE would have been better than supporting TGA of all things. It makes me wonder what DE has to gain from this, as TGA is not really well regarded by anyone I know. Either way, I will not be attending this "event".