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  1. There's plenty of threads here about where stuff's wrong, so I'll just throw this in about what's great: whoever who put in a Quiver duration icon for when it is Helminth infused, thank you so goddamn much. I've been using Quiver for survivability on super squishy frames on top of rolling guard and not knowing the duration of the ability was terrible. Now, it feels great! I can finally bring out all those squishy warframes for high level play!
  2. Railjack is tons of fun! I don't mind the crafting resources thing, as I've actually found myself always in surplus. Its certainly a nice challenge that I've rarely seen in Warframe. However... All of my Railjack missions I've failed, till now, was because of one of two things: 1. Pilot stopped piloting, no new resources. 2. Someone pressed Refine in the forge, reducing the resources we could have used to save our ships into mission drops. So, for the love of god, plz do one of the following: -Explain what refine does beside the button -Remove it, and inste
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