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  1. There's plenty of threads here about where stuff's wrong, so I'll just throw this in about what's great: whoever who put in a Quiver duration icon for when it is Helminth infused, thank you so goddamn much. I've been using Quiver for survivability on super squishy frames on top of rolling guard and not knowing the duration of the ability was terrible. Now, it feels great! I can finally bring out all those squishy warframes for high level play!
  2. I tried swapping my Config A and Config C of a Warframe that had an ability added (Radial Blind replacing Banshee Primes's Sound Quake for A, and Quiver for C). It doesn't work. Easily reproducible, I think.
  3. I never seem to have enough Loadouts. Warframe is so diverse. I hope to get a: Stealth Healer Tank (Trinity) Cheater (Rhino + Boltor P) Leveling Up (for leveling up things) Can't Touch This (Volt) Dont Move (Vauban) Explosives (Nova) World On Fire (Ember with her 1, DoT AoE ability and her Ult) Temp (for temporary things) Sniper (Banshee or Volt, depending) PvP etc. YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH LOADOUTS And loadouts are loadouts. It doesn't make you carry another weapon. Those were 'item' loadouts. Now, we have loadouts for Warframe, weapons, consummables and etc ALL TO
  4. It's like most frames. Take a few abilities, and recycle/sell the others. Though having most abilities sucky kind of is discouraging to get her...
  5. Look at the colors.... Corrupted People. New drop from Corrupted Vaults.
  6. Totally not off topic in any way... EDIT: But I agree to your point, anyways.
  7. God, we have Space Ninjas. Space Dogs. Space Pirates. Space Zombies. Space Knights. Space Ships (no duh). Space Stations (dojos) and now, Space Trains? DE, you're going overboard!!!! +1
  8. I just wanted to ask if anybody knew if DE was going to do anything with Silva and Aegis? Like changing it's blocking stamina cost or a buff?
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