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  1. If you really don't want to put 3 formas on your stuff this week, just don't do it As a LOT of threads already talked about, you need to do about 60-65% of nightwave missions' total to get to rank 30
  2. Ohhh right, i literally forgot this one existed as i never used it probably never will
  3. For what i undestood about delux skins they're something far from the original warframe design (not always), but they maintain some aspects of the original one, like nezha's ring, nidus' evolving armour, atlas' incoming skin without neck etc.
  4. There's no punchtrough mod for secondaries The only way to get punchtrough on the tombfinger would be using a riven
  5. Yes it does .-. The original nezha has a ring on his back as well.
  6. He/she's on Mars. @Nishachara As you probably know, you're at the very beginnig of the game and there are so many things you should learn, that proceeding step by step is the only way to survive the game. Here is a list of advices that might help you out: 1 - level up every warframe/weapon you get to level 30 before you get rid of it for any reason; by levelling up stuff you get mastery points and when you have enough of those you can do a test to level up your mastery rank, unlocking more and more stuff you couldn't use before 2 - use platinum wisely, as at the moment you may have difficulties gaining it (unless you buy it of course) 3 - craft as many warframes and weapons as possible to get more mastery point 4 - get to uranus as soon as possible, there you'll start a chain of cinematic quests very important for the Lore of the game and you'll unlock a big part of warframe mechanics i'm not spoiling to you 5 - don't upgrade flawed mods, just don't 6 - get into a clan, don't start one on your own; lots of weapons and other things can be obtained trough clan's laboratories, but some uncommon resources are often needed to make a project for them and you, being where you are now, don't have those resources, plus, depending on which clan you enter, you could find people to play with and help from veteran players
  7. I don't want any more generic dual-pystols to be primed, we have more than enough of those imo. So, akzani prime (if DE just raises up some stats) are a NO NO for me. Same goes for any prime type of weapon se already have a version of, such as tipedo and stradavar prime when we already have orthos and tiberon prime.
  8. I am making no excuses for DE, whose game surely has issues, but a wider vision might be needed. Warframe has been existing for 6+ years, but how could a game last for such period of time without a way to keep players intertained??? NEW CONTENT BABY DE uses new content to keep us playing and i see nothing wrong about it, in fact during the "content drout" many players take a break from warframe and return when there's something new to do. About "quality of life" updates, we (pc players) just received one... "Qol" updates don't get released often, that's for sure, but hey, we just received one... During devstreams DE said multiple times that they're finally working on new player experience, so saying that they basically don't care about old content seems to me to be far from reality, even though they take their long time to change old content for the better. About Baro's speed dial, i'm ok with how things are right now... Travelling to the relay where he appeared is not that much effort for me, so i don't don't really need "TennoDelivery" to be a thing, plus, a shortcut to baro's relay has been added months ago so players can visit him without even knowing on which relay he actually is on.
  9. I hardly see something like this coming in the future. It could be fun to try, but i wouldn't really use a mod like that because specters are not reliable and the actions you can do as Venari seem very restrictive to me, especially on movement.
  10. This should have been posted in General discussion, not in art/animation bugs
  11. I'd spend more time marking the not-to-be-dissolved mods than those i actually want to dissolve, that's why i wouldn't use this dissolving method.
  12. True, but for me this game mode feels out of context and that is the reason why i classified it as an arcade mode. I also have a few questions about some mechanics: 1 - do targets have a life pool? 2 - can targets be affected by warframe abilities? 3 - how many times could this game mode be played per day/week? 4 - rewards?
  13. Indeed, i wouldn't use it but why not. That one is being builted right now so no, i don't know, and probably don't want to know 🤤
  14. It feels more like an arcade mode than a mission, something like Wyrmius, flappy zephir or frame Fighter. I'm also afraid it would bore people straight away...
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