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  1. Why would people choose to have an improved (for example) viper instead of any improved meta weapon, so that it would deal even more damage than it does already??
  2. Isn't that what rivens are for? I have a few rivens for non-meta weapons that make them work well with high level enemies (sortie 3rd stage level).
  3. Devstream is coming very soon and the troupe should be talking about the mainline release date, so don't miss it
  4. My emissary suit is white/light grey for the most and it looks fine to me
  5. I did some math and with a 200% power strength build, every enemy hit by Amplifier and then Cosmic blast will charge 28% of Cosmic energy's bar, so 4 enemies hit would fill the bar from 0 (without the help of other warframes abilities that could improve damage output) Idk if the general idea was to use Blast many or just a few times to fill the bar, so i thought some math could be helpfull
  6. Amplifier amplifyes damage received by enemies hit from Cosmican's abilities, like Cosmic blast, and that alone increases the amount of cosmic energy restored with the use of the ability. I just want a clarification: amplified enemies hit with cosmic blast give additional cosmic energy to what cosmic blast would do anyway (considering the higher damage from Amplifier)? Numbers about cosmic energy in general?
  7. It doesn't say how much cosmic energy is required to cast cosmic storm. Cosmic link can be attached to more than 1 enemies, but it doesn't say if it could be attached to more than 1 ally and it could be to both allies and enemies at the same time.
  8. Some numbers for abilities would be greatly appreciated
  9. DE said that atm they're trying to figure out how to add crooss-savings between consoles and that afterwards they might think of cross-platform possibilities
  10. I don't think you can turn the "feature" off...
  11. Steru


    Ik, i was just thinking that nezha's chakram is basically a big launchable disc (similar to glaives) and @DonderVuist said: and that reminded me of chakram when holded.
  12. Steru


    So... something like Nezha's 2nd ability?
  13. I don't play form ps4 so i might be wrong, but maybe you can change that in the controller's options
  14. More like the entire community tbh Empyrean ?! The next update should bring something not too distant from what you are suggesting
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