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  1. I think there's nothing we can do about it at this moment. We have to wait until something actually happens, then deal with it as it comes.
  2. I think you're overestimating the relationship between DE and Founders.
  3. You can just take off the mod that makes them shoot.
  4. Lol you actually bought 1 Oxium for 10 plat?
  5. They've said "when it's done" a million times. Asking more is just spamming.
  6. Damn, not first. And is Snowglobe still affected by Duration?
  7. If the globe can be killed, then it shouldn't be able to be killed by a timer.
  8. Frost still defends; he is just slightly worse at it now.
  9. No new primes? Or Prime Access, for that matter?
  10. Will be disappointed if Hawkframe doesn't have 1.5 base movement speed and can fly.
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