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  1. It seems one of the recent updates broke the game again.
  2. X_96

    Shawzin chat bug

    If you open chat while you go into shawzin you wont be able to get out of either one.
  3. You got it from one of the racnoids(the middle big spider things).
  4. Still D.R.E (it's the best I got for know. It's not exactly easy.) 10AF0AL0AR0AX0Ad0Aj0Ap0AvyA1yA7yBAyBGBBGyBMBBMyBSBBSyBYBBYyBeBBe
  5. I farmed about 1.5h in total and the only toroids I got was from racnoids. Normal enemies stopped dropping toroids after the new update. Instead of a toroid I got a orokin cell, happened only once tho.
  6. https://youtu.be/gVTN0K8mJaY i have no idea how to make this into a playable video my entry into the contest
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