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  1. Still no fix for Clan Research XP lost after building Cyanex and Komorex? Arbitration drones are still getting affected by Infested Swarm Mutalist MOA armor buff. Tis just a reminder, you know.
  2. Same here. Clan: Ethereal Shadows. Cyanex and Komorex are researched, gold trophy statue started, not finished.
  3. Good day. Today I've noticed that Arbitration drone can get Infested Swarm MOA's armor buff. It was mentioned in Fortuna: Update 24.0 Fixes part. Happened today in Infested Defense Arbitration.
  4. Bugs so far: 1. Ropalolyst and my Warframe went invisible (only health bars were showing when aimed at randomly) when grabbed me. 2. Ropalolyst got stuck for a few seconds a hundred (I guess) meters from the middle pylon. Jump-grabbing him fixed it.
  5. Boss fight design feedback: 1. There's no visual indication of inhibited Operator abilities. 2. Ropalolyst grabbing a Warframe mechanic can go 5 times in a row. Especially in the last phase. Stunlocks are more annoying than 1HKO. 3. There's no clear instruction for what we actually need to do. That's for all 3 phases. 4. Transmission from Natah is obstructing half of the screen.
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