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  1. Again you guys nerfed Rubico. With all my mods on it, stacked for damage and quiet kills, my Rubico Prime deals 2200 damage a shot and has a crit rate of about 130% with a crit multiplier around 8x. The balance to this is that it only gets 7 shots and the reload time can get you killed. My Hek, with no riven and stacked for damage, deals over 20000 damage with a single shot. I'm just sayin', maybe you should keep your balancing act restricted to PVP... I would also like to point out, that I emptied my Rubico Prime's clip into the Wolf's face with full zoom and it didn't kill him. So my riven mod, which when the disposition was maxed boosted my Rubico Prime's crit rate to ~145%, wasn't really overpowered.
  2. The Rubico riven mod was my first one. I had it for months before Rubico Prime was released. I remembered that I had the riven, so I rerolled it a few times and got the crit boost. Then after I crunched the numbers, I spent 4 formas to build it into a weapon that had a crit rate of about 147%. Then they nerfed it. I wasn't happy but I rolled with it. Now they've nerfed it a second time. So sorry if I'm a little salty.
  3. Man you guys are killing me with this. My Rubico Prime went from practically a 1-in-2 red crit to about 1-in-4. Can't ya'll let a man have his anti-dropship rifle?
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