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  1. What about the option to trade in Sevagoth & Epitath parts for Corrupted holokeys. And what about early adopter like me who has killed allreay 15 sisters and 90% my tenet weapons are at near max elemental bonus i have no reason to hunt sisters again.
  2. I total disagree with Arbitration shop because those vitus essence drops are insane bad. So much time was spend for 2* grendel farm. back then there is lock down is no problem. Now iam back to work & real life obligation this will drop my average play time just enought to finish sorties & steel path incursions. Why dont you give the Galvanized mods both in Steel path and Artbitration so all player have the choice.
  3. What is the efect of the bonus Kavat Incubator from the Gara Prime accessories ?
  4. its the hovering helminth thats buged try to find him in the map, after killing enemies could respawn normaly
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