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  1. if they dont want to remove self damage they should atleast buff the weapon to compete with other primaries that dont have any drawbacks like self damage. the combination of having to deal with projectile travel time and delayed explosions that one shot you makes it one if the least "usable" weapons in the game giving it the highest risk with no real reward. thats why in almost every game the shotguns, grenade/rocket launchers and projectile weapons like bows always do the most damage, to make up for its obvious drawbacks.
  2. balance wise this thing should have some of the highest damage output in the game. i was always ok with the tigris having basically the most per shot damage because it has the drawback if having to reload after 2 shots and losing damage over a range. zhuge prime has to deal with both projectile speed/travel time and a self damage mechanic that is better at killing yourself than the other self damage weapons. imo arguably the most functional drawbacks on a weapon when it doesnt really excel in any other areas and doesnt even compete with top teir weapons that have little to no functional drawbacks.
  3. exactly, and because of the delayed explosion youre discouraged from moving forward while shooting which slows down killing enemies. if the self damage just didnt one shot you it wouldnt be as bad and it just feels awkward since this weapon really isnt anywhere near as strong as most of the other primed (even non primed) primary weapons that dont kill you faster than it kills enemies. they took a weapon with super low reward and gave it the highest risk of any weapon in the game without really buffing it.
  4. i think it should get even more of a buff than what you suggested but one thing is wukongs clone doesn't damage you when he shoots, its actually one of the only real uses for it but there are muuuuch better weapons to give to the clone lol.
  5. Wow that is so much worse than i originally even thought it was... so this is a downgrade to an already bad/mediocre weapon that also is set up perfectly to kill you if you move forward while shooting. i think they should change it so the explosion heals you instead of hurting you if you can be within range while it damages an enemy, with the dps it can do it still wouldn't be op it would be slightly worse than the furis with the life steal mod and still nobody uses that thing lol.
  6. I don't understand why so many people are arguing against removing the self damage. If this weapon was good enough to compete with other top tier primed weapons i would be totally down with it killing you i like weapons with strengths and weaknesses thats why im ok with the tigris doing the most damage, it has its obvious drawbacks (that are still nowhere near as bad as delayed self damage explosions.) As it stands this is a side grade to a mediocre weapon at best that now requires you to not move forward while killing enemies which lowers both the speed you can kill enemies and how fast you can progress through the level because the explosion is delayed which is a big part of warframe, always moving forward and killing enemies. Every crossbow in the game is already on the lower side of dps for primarys combined with having to deal with projectile speed making it harder to land shots and now the one that seems like it might almost have comparable damage (still doesn't really) to other powerful primary weapons... it kills you. They have all the drawbacks without having positive trade offs to make them worth using over other weapons like the tigris or almost any other prime rifle/bow.
  7. they should make it so the explosions heal you a small ammount if they hit an enemy and you at the same time. it would reward forward movement and be a fun reason to actually use a crossbow without being too op.
  8. i think they should make the explosions heal you a small ammount if they damage an enemy nd hit you at the same time, it would reward forward progression and add a reason to actually use a crossbow without being too op.
  9. people are saying you just have to play around it and you can but playing around it means you cant move forward and shoot because the explosion is delayed and moving forward while killing enemies is a key part if playing warframe. not to mention there are tons of weapons with way more damage potential that dont have any self damage so it seems fair. plus all the crossbows are pretty weak and this was a chance ti finally have a good one.
  10. if your damage is high it does one shot you lol. and the main problem is the delayed explosion causes you to kill yourself if youre moving forward while killing enemies which is what youre supposed to do for like 70% of mission types.
  11. the only thing with a sidegrade is that this weapon wasnt very good to begin with along with all the other crossbows so this was a chance to finally make a good one. powercreep is already in the game so i like when they use primes to help crappy weapons cach up to the already good ones.
  12. its a minor upgrade at best, sidegrade/downgrade to an already super mediocre weapon with the self damage. plus as many have mentioned since its a delayed explosions it is hilariously timed to kill you if you progress forward while shooting which is the most effective way if playing the game. if you wanted to go further and make it actually a good/fun weapon to use you could make the explosions heal you a small ammount if it damages an enemy and hits you at the same time, rewarding forward progression instread of punishing it. i think that would make it a very unique and fun but not too overpowered ofva weapon. maybe make mod that does that even to balancecit further towards being bad lol.
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